RNMG Ch. 61.2

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At this time, Si Huang was surrounded by several men and women who were doing her makeup.

The main facial makeup was handed over to Yu Ling.

His makeup was handled by four people, and it took a full half an hour to complete it.

After Yu Ling and the others stopped, even the only male stared at Si Huang, feeling that his heart needed to be slowed down.

“Si Huang, you can open your eyes when the makeup is finished.” Yu Ling said softly.

As soon as Si Huang opened his eyes, he saw the mirror in front of him, and a monstrous and lonely face came into his eyes.

This was the thickest makeup she had applied since she came back. The flawless skin had been modified to be even more like icy jade, the eyebrows were elongated, the eyelashes were longer and enviable, and a dark red pattern was drawn at the end of his right eye. The delicate and magnificent cheeks were Yu Ling’s masterpiece, creating an invisible glamorous and enchanting aura from a face that was so delicate and perfect that it seemed to be ruthless. The long black hair remained unchanged, what changed was a pair of simulated fur ears covering Si Huang’s original ears, with pointed ear tips and flawless white fur.

Her pupils were still blood red, and her previous makeup could still be said to be a bit human, but now she was completely a monster that could harm the world, like a masterpiece of God.

The four makeup artists including Yu Ling stepped aside, exposing Si Huang in front of other’s eyes, and it really caused a silence where only sounds of breathing could be heard.

“Ahem, let’s start when you’re ready.” Xu Wanjun clapped his hands.

The boys immediately turned their heads and concentrated on doing their own things. Fuck -! If I watch it again, something will definitely happen! The clear figure of the goddess in my mind will fade away, okay??

The girls reacted very tacitly. One by one, they took out their mobile phones and took pictures of Si Huang, and then they were satisfied without delaying everyone’s time, and started working immediately.

This neat movement made it hard for others to train them.

When Si Huang entered the field, it was the place where the car had just overtaken and landed.


This sound seemed to turn on the switch of her play soul. When her eyes opened, she was no longer Si Huang, but Yue from “Red Moon”.


It hurts! So hot! My heart seemed to be burned to ashes—!

“Hoo hoo!” The panting sounds sounded like thunder piercing into his ears, and rang in his mind, making him dizzy.

Yue’s legs lost strength and he knelt on one knee. He stared at his hand with bloody eyes burning with anger, watching it demonize with his own eyes, as his fingertips became sharp and hard. However, the fingers that could draw deep marks on the concrete floor with a little force on weekdays had become extremely fragile and was turning weaker and weaker.


Why am I here? Why am I being controlled and useless in front of a disgusting human being! Not reconciled!

After running out of a certain range, Yue felt the changes in his body. As he got farther away from the human girl, his body became more painful, and his heart seemed to be burned to ashes.

Die…Even if you die…won’t be controlled by others…


Sharp fingers pierced into his heart fiercely, and the blood immediately stained his clothes and palms red.

Yue raised his head and smiled, ruthless and unruly.


The pain temporarily overwhelmed the burning feeling in his heart, allowing him to regain a little strength and spirit.

“Ah!” The pedestrians on the side of the road saw this scene, and some people screamed.

Yue bluntly turned his head to take a look. Beads of sweat slid across his smooth forehead and lingered on his eyelashes for a long time. In these blood-red eyes, one could see the panic, surprise and astonishment of being among strangers. Some of them were stunned, some were obsessed, and some had complicated faces, wanting to get close but not daring to get close.

“Heh.” He sneered disdainfully, but then his body hit the ground with a “bang”.

This time, it hurt people’s hearts. They stared wide-eyed at the struggling figure on the concrete floor, as he was clinging to the ground with sharp fingers that didn’t look like a human being. Even though his body was covered with cuts and bruises, he dragged his painful body and moved little by little.

This demon, who was as proud as a god, had fallen into such a state of embarrassment. Someone in the crowd let out a hoarse cry, and one after another slowly approached him and surrounded him.

“Hiss.” The evildoer who thought he had passed out suddenly raised his head, his scarlet eyes stared ruthlessly at the person who wanted to reach out to touch him, and his teeth were bared like a beast that was on the verge of death and would pull people to death at any time.

His lips were already bitten and bleeding, his two canine teeth were sharp, and even the center of his brows was wrinkled, a wild threat.

“Ah.” The person who wanted to touch him was frightened and took a few steps back.

With his precedent, no one dared to approach him casually, but no one left, they were all looking at him with all kinds of eyes.

“Do you really want…to use the shower?” On the filming team side, the male student holding the artificial rain tool asked Xu Wanjun and the others hesitantly.

Si Huang did a great job too! They couldn’t bear to see him hurt a little bit! Do you really want to drench this evildoer with water? He won’t be killed in the end, will he?!

With such an extremely complicated mood, the several people heard Xu Wanjun’s voice: “Lin, Si Huang’s performance is so good, and we have an appointment to cooperate with him!”

A word reminded everyone.

Yes indeed!

If they hesitated, the consequence would be to make Si Huang suffer again.

The several people moved quickly, then the artificial thunder sounded, and the water truck was not far away. The students held the artificial rain-making props and poured water on Si Huang.

It took only a few seconds to go from hazy light rain to heavy rain.

The rain soaked Yue’s hair and the clothes behind him in a short while, the black hair and the fluff of his ears became wet and sticky, until they were hanging down and winding, his body trembled slightly, but the fingers clinging to the ground were never relaxed at all, his phalanges were clearly visible. He was on guard at all times, only his bitten lip could be seen on his face, which were bared lightly from time to time, and his sharp canine teeth threatened the crowd around him.

A girl couldn’t stand it anymore and took out a folding umbrella from her bag and opened it. She trotted to his side and opened the umbrella to protect him from the rain.

What she got was Yue’s fierce resistance, “Hiss!” He raised his head, and his scarlet eyes were so fierce that under his wet black hair, his momentum was still frightening.

The girl was really taken aback, but she still didn’t run away, and said cautiously: “I, I won’t hurt you, I just want to help you.” She held up her umbrella expectantly and stretched it towards Yue’s side.

“Go away!” The two words were hoarse and rough, as if he had exhausted all his strength.

Seeing the girl with a pale face, still wanting to get closer, Yue jumped up suddenly and tried to scratch the girl’s neck with sharp fingers.

“Ah!” The girl backed up screaming, fell to the ground, and then backed up continuously with her hands and feet.

Yue who was in front of her did not succeed in injuring her but fell to the ground again halfway through as if her body was falling apart.

Bang – he fell hard, splashed water, and the sewage stained his flirtatious face.

“Cough.” A mouthful of blood foam spit out from his mouth.

Countless people lost their words, stared at him tightly, and almost forgot whether it was Si Huang or the real Yue, only the pain from the bottom of their hearts was so clear, the sourness filled their mouth and mist appeared in their eyes. How many female classmates covered their mouths, wailed indistinctly, and had to warn themselves over and over again: This is fake! fake! Your Majesty is fine and unhurt! Don’t trouble Your Majesty! But… so uncomfortable! Your Majesty vomited blood, how could it seem so true, so heartbreaking!

They hoped that this scene could be finished as soon as possible, so that Si Huang would not be tormented anymore. It was raining. Your majesty should be beautiful. Why did he have to suffer so much! On the one hand, they were eager to watch more, and then watch more, wanting to know what would happen next and what kind of experience Yue would have.


Amidst the dull atmosphere, a soft voice came suddenly, easily attracting people’s attention.

A young kitten with pitch-black hair except for pure white limbs and soles had come out of nowhere. Its weak body walked tremblingly. Its hair was soaked by the rain, which made the body seem small and thin. It staggered after a few steps, which made people’s hearts tremble, for fear that it would stumble and be unable to stand up accidentally, and it would approach Yue on the ground after a while as it walked.

“Ah!” A slight exclamation sounded.

Everyone’s heart was raised, and they shouted in their hearts: Don’t go to him again, if he finds out, you will be crushed to death! Most definitely!

It’s just that this weak creature couldn’t hear people’s inner cries, nor could it understand people’s words. It shook off the water on its body, lost control of its weight and tilted its body to one side and was splashed with more sewage instead.

“Meow~” The trembling voice was so pitiful that it made people’s hearts go limp.

A pair of round emerald pure cat’s eyes looked up and looked around, reflecting the countless surrounding crowd. The cat’s eyes became more moist and filled with a trace of fear, and finally fixed on the figure lying on the ground.

It moved and walked towards Yue with unsteady steps.

“Don’t go.” A girl shouted impatiently.

But the black cat had reached less than ten centimeters in front of Yue’s head.

It wasn’t killed!?

Everyone was surprised. Because this evildoer had no strength? Was he already unconscious?

“Meow ~” the black cat shook its head, the tip of its nose had already touched Yue’s furry ears, and then… it stretched out its moist red tongue and licked it.

Yue’s ears trembled slightly, and then the person on the ground moved. He turned his face sideways, and his pale face became colder in the rain. The wet hair slanted, revealing the blood-red right eye… what kind of eyes were those eyes!?

Everyone who saw it clearly was shocked.

The bright color of blood red, the numbness and hollowness among the lifeless pain, without a trace of luster.

How did this kind of eyes that seem to be lost, soul torn and close to death and ashamed, be deduced? Was this really the look that could appear in the eyes of an inexperienced teenager?

Fortunately, what he was facing at this time was not a human being, but an ignorant weak creature, who didn’t understand the meaning of this look, and didn’t know how to be afraid. Maybe it should be said that it didn’t feel the danger of being hurt from him.

“Meow~woo.” The black cat shifted its position, touched his cheek with the tip of its nose, and licked the sewage on his face with its small tongue.

Yue’s pupils trembled, and the faint luster slowly recovered.

The black cat let out a happy “meow meow”, turned over, and rubbed its soft body against his cheek.

With one hand, he grasped the weak point of the back of the kitten’s neck.

“Meow?” The black cat was caught, its limbs were weakly bent, its tail was between its legs, and its round cat eyes were staring at Yue in a daze.

What will he do? What is he going to do?!

Everyone’s hearts were raised.

As a result… Yue still looked at the black cat with empty blood eyes, and it took two seconds before he moved slowly. Lifting the black cat into his arms, he moved half of his body slowly, just enough to block the rain.

“Meow? Woohoo?” The black cat struggled to get half of its head out of his embrace and looked around. Maybe it still didn’t understand why there was no rain? Why did it suddenly come to a warm place? It didn’t know why, so it instinctively lay down in this rare warmth, closed its eyes and fell asleep.

There was silence and only the sound of heavy rain hitting the ground could be heard.

No one in the crowd spoke, even standing in the heavy rain and getting wet, they didn’t respond. With water droplets on their faces, they didn’t know whether it was rain or tears.

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