RCFS Ch. 153: Entering the House 2

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It was rare that the system gave her a good thing!

After putting away the card, Ye Yunxi started to pack her things.

“Yunxi, do you really plan to live on campus?”

Ye Junpo looked reluctant. In the past, his family had no money and she couldn’t afford to live on campus, so his daughter had never left his sight. Now that she had been admitted to Junyao, she actually wanted to live in school.

He was quite worried, Junyao had students with a prominent family background, would Ye Yunxi be bullied if she went to live in school?

“Well, yes, Dad, don’t worry, I’ll be back this weekend.”

Ye Yunxi said while packing her things, “Dad, work hard, and when the movie is finished, we will use the money earned from the movie to start a company. I’ve made up my mind, I’ll call it Yehuang, take the surname of the Ye family, and rise from the ashes of your dreams, Dad.”

Dad’s dream was to film, and now, she also hoped that Dad could become the number one in the industry and the king in the director circle.

Ye Junpo was moved for a moment. To be honest, his daughter had been supporting him all this time. If his daughter hadn’t found the script and actors, this film would not have been able to go on. He would have spent more than two million yuan for nothing!

Not to mention earning back the losses now, the box office of the movie had broken 700 million in just a few days!

He had to say, it was really dreamy.

“Dad knows, you should study hard too. If you need anything, call Dad.”


Ye Yunxi smiled, and walked out with the suitcase.

Passing by the study, Ye Yunxi put down her things and walked in.

The head of the Ye family was now still Ye Jianxing, she should say hello to him no matter what the situation was.

“Grandfather, I’m going to report to school.”

After writing the case, the old man raised his head with a dignified expression: “I think you should know that everyone in this family has the right to snatch the heir’s position.”

Ye Yunxi smiled slightly: “Yes, but grandfather also said before that if I want to win, it depends on my strength, as long as I can reach a height that they can’t reach, isn’t that all right?”

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

Seeing the confident expression and bright smile, Ye Jianxing seemed to have seen himself from back then in a trance.

High-spirited and youthful.

“You’d better keep your words in mind, otherwise, even if it’s your own grandfather, I will mercilessly drive you out of the house!”


Ye Yunxi smiled, got up and left.

She rejected the driver arranged by the Butler, walked out of the villa area alone, and stood on the deserted road in the suburbs.

While waiting, she couldn’t help lowering her head and flipping through her phone. Sure enough, there were all kinds of news about “Latent” everywhere on the Internet, and many people even began to dig into the identities of the two protagonists, but they definitely couldn’t figure out the identity of Di Junxie, and to find her identity was even more impossible. The only information was about the drag racing in Mopan Mountain, and there was no news other than that.


The sound of the brakes sounded, and Ye Yunxi put away the phone and looked up.

In the glamorous sports car, the man happened to raise his eyes. His handsome and enchanting features carried a condensed arrogance that repulsed others, but when he saw her, his thin lips curved slightly.

“I’m here to pick up my fiancée.”

Then he just said the words as a rogue!

Ye Yunxi raised her eyebrows, threw the suitcase into the back seat, and sat in the co-pilot seat by herself.

“I hope you still remember the three articles of our agreement.”

“Well, the third article has been completed, so from now on, you have no chance to regret it!”

Di Junxie smiled even more, three years in exchange for one movie role, worth it!

“Anyway, I also plan to help others, it doesn’t matter.”

Di Junxie said something, and Ye Yunxi replied.

Young Master Di couldn’t help frowning, this little thing just liked to make him angry so much!

But it didn’t matter, he was in a good mood today.

“I have prepared a big surprise for you.”

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