GLR Ch. 17

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Although Su Yemu promised to take the test for the chef certificate, it was a matter for a later time. After the ingredients were delivered, Su Yemu began to prepare them.

Old Chen rolled up his sleeves with a smile, and followed Su Yemu into the kitchen.

“Carrot? Yam? What is this?” Mr. Chen took a piece of unattractive-looking, wrinkled fruit peel and sniffed it under his nose: “Is this orange?”

“Yes, it is made of tangerine peel.” After Su Yemu took out the things to be done, he said to Mr. Chen: “I want to start a live broadcast, do you mind?”


“No, it’s just…”


“You stick too close to my brother.” Su Xiaonan took a chair and sat at the door of the kitchen, staring at Mr. Chen, motionless.

Old Chen laughed twice, took two steps back, touched this and that with his hands, and laughed, with cold sweat on his forehead, this little sister, why was she worried about her brother’s heart.

“Hi everyone, I’m the host Su Yemu, welcome to the [Gourmet Live Room], today I’m bringing you yam and spareribs porridge[1] and corn and carrot dumplings[2].”

I want to get on my favourite star ship and let Bobo take me to travel the universe of stars.

Yesterday’s fresh shrimp buns were so delicious, I licked all the soup that flowed on my fingers, and I almost gnawed my fingers.

I didn’t win, drawing a circle to curse you, drawing another circle to bless me, I must win today.

Huh! I found a strange man, it’s a man, Bobo, how could you do this? Woo…woo…, cry.

The corner of Old Chen’s mouth twitched, the fans in Su Yemu’s live broadcast room were too lively! Coughing twice, straightening his collar, he was going to introduce himself decently to Su Yemu’s fans.

“This is Mr. Chen. He came to my house as a guest today, so I invited him to help.”


Inexplicably familiar.

+1, inexplicably familiar.

I’m going, isn’t this the vice president of the General Association of Neptune Chefs? Bobo, you have to be careful, this old man is very bad.

Yes, yes, the anchor, I also remembered, isn’t this old man calling the ‘Universal Chef King’ a bad old man? Too bad, anchor, you have to be careful.

The barrage suddenly frantically brushed up, and it was basically just this line: This old man is very bad.

There was also an explanation of why Mr. Chen was bad. The reason was that the gourmet anchor of the TV platform “Universal Chef King” was scolded and made to cry by him in a culinary open competition because he couldn’t knead the dough well when making buns. Poor thing, he was only sixteen years old. The boy kneaded the dough while crying, which made the whole empire cry with him and feel heartbroken.

Since then, Old Chen had carried on his back the famous saying ‘this old man is very bad’.

Su Yemu had never met the ‘Universal Chef King’, and he didn’t know the situation at the time, but seeing Mr. Chen’s smiling face, he couldn’t tell whether he was happy or not, so he said: “Respect the old and love the young, and don’t call them bad.”

Yes, anchor, Chen Lao is very bad.

Observe, Bobo, Chen Lao is very bad.

Bobo, I love you, I am Erha! Thank you!

Su Yemu was baffled by Erha’s sudden thank you, looked away from the terminal, took out the casserole, and the bullet screen frantically swiped again, all happy to finally be able to eat the legendary casserole porridge.

“Is this a casserole? What is it for?” Chen Lao stretched out his head and touched the casserole in Su Yemu’s hand: “It’s a strange material, it’s made of soil, why use this kind of pot? Where did you buy this kind of pot? How is it different from other pots? It…”

Mr. Chen asked one after another, and when Mr. Chen took the casserole away, Su Yemu could only stop and tell him: “On earth, we use this kind of pot to cook. The porridge that comes out will be more refreshing and delicious.”

Su Yemu poured out the flour, ready to knead the dough first, and asked Mr. Chen to continue studying the casserole; the audience was not happy, did Mr. Chen come to make trouble?

The audience expressed their opinions one after another, but Chen Lao was still smiling and didn’t care at all.

You have too many questions.

Although they were complaining, fortunately there was no swearing; the audience said: Bobo said, respect the elderly.

After Su Yemu kneaded the flour into dough, he put it aside to let the dough rise; Mr. Chen had studied the casserole by now and brought out the carrot to help him prepare. Su Yemu asked him to cut it into cubes, and also brought the corn to him to help make it granulated.

After a lot of work, Mr. Chen didn’t have time to ask questions. He was going to perform well in front of Su Yemu. After all, he was also the vice president, so he still had some knife skills with him.

It was a pity that Su Yemu was already concentrating on cooking porridge at this time. He washed the rice and added it in the casserole, then he added in the tangerine peel, and boiled it on high heat.

He put the spareribs in the pot and blanched it, then he kept the bloody water aside for later use, after that he sliced the ginger; cleaned the yam, and cut it into thumb lengths and soaked it in water to prevent it from turning black.

Bobo, what’s that crumpled together?

“This is tangerine peel, a medicinal material made of citrus peel. It is used for spleen deficiency, diet reduction and indigestion. You can also use it to soak in water to drink on weekdays to treat vomiting, appetite and fatigue. The taste of tangerine peel is sweet, fragrant and mellow. Add some honey to have a better taste.” Tangerine peel was hard to find, and Su Yemu found it in a Chinese medicine store after searching all over Xingwang. The monthly sale of that Chinese medicine store turned out to be zero, which showed the decline of Chinese medicine materials.

Hehe…, these days, for the sake of money, you dare to do anything, and you are not afraid of causing problems.

I think it’s a secret collaboration with that store, right? I haven’t heard of it, so I have to @Chef Association and @Health Authority.

By the way, report the store that sells tangerine peel, thank you! /

The sunspots suddenly appeared on the barrage, although there were not many people, but the way they acted, it was appropriate to say that they wanted Su Yemu to be banned and investigated.

The audience got angry, rolled up their sleeves, and prepared to fight!

“Do you want me to make a call for you?” Chen Lao, who had been lowering his head to cut carrots, raised his head, chewing and swallowing, and stretched out his hand, then another piece of tangerine peel fell into his mouth.

Damn, I saw, he ate it.

I saw it too, is this tangerine peel ready to eat now?

I just saw that there is still a small bowl, why there are only a few pieces left now, I want to eat too.

Dumplings and porridge were not yet cooked, and everyone was already scrambling. The tangerine peel was sweet and a little sour, and it was very appetizing when chewed.

Delicious, can be used as a snack.

Bite it down, it’s slightly sweet, chew it again, it’s sour, the salivary glands are out of control, so hungry.

The sunspots in front of the hologram saw the barrage full of praise, and the full frequency of sour words made them salivate. Anyway, it was hologram, and it was just data they were eating.

Before the hard tangerine peel entered the mouth, the sour-sweet taste had already spread, and the mouth was lightly sweet at first, but the toughness was good after biting down, chewing, they thought: Hey, delicious!

Really edible.

At this moment, the rice in the casserole was boiling, Su Yemu opened the lid, and a unique aroma of rice came out, rich and tempting.

Su Yemu poured the spareribs and ginger into the casserole, brought it to a boil on high heat, then turned to low heat and simmered.

Sunspot 1 in the sunspot group: I need to wait before hacking.

Sunspot 2: I can eat a pot of that rice fragrance just now.

Sunspot 3: I want to get my money back for no reason.

Sunspot 4: Drag the boss in!

All the sunspots said: This idea is good!

Su Yemu didn’t know what happened on the holographic side; he had already started rolling the dough here, and the dumpling skin was rolled thinner than the buns, only a few tenths of a millimetre.

Seeing that Su Yemu was flexible and able to produce such a masterpiece with just a stick, Mr. Chen’s eyes almost popped out, hehe, he had dug up a treasure.

“Su Yemu, teach me?” Mr. Chen rubbed his hands, eager to learn. After learning this skill, he would definitely shock the fellows of the association.

The corners of Chen Lao’s flattering mouth and glowing eyes attracted barrage of complaints.

Bobo, he is an evil man.

Successfully earning a fanboy.

Pick up the male god and sprint for a hundred meters, Bobo is mine.

“Let me finish the live broadcast first, and I will teach you later!” The porridge was cooking, and the dough would harden if left for too long, so teaching was not suitable at this time.

When Chen Lao heard this, he giggled and nodded.

Su Yemu rolled out the skin, only to find that the carrots and corn were not finished.

He picked up a kitchen knife, and chopped the carrots directly, broke the corn with kitchen utensils, then he kept it in a large basin, and added a little minced pork, because it was supposed to be mainly vegetarian, so the amount was not much, it was used to draw out the freshness of carrots and fragrance of the corn.

He added salt, oil and other seasonings, and stirred it well together; it was not difficult to make dumplings. He spread the fillings on the center of the dough, butted the sides of the dough, and pinched it gently, then he put it at the mouth of his fingers, he put both hands on the edge of the dough, and pinched it hard, the crescent-shaped dumplings had a full belly, and they looked pure and cute.

The food made by the anchor is always so cute, like a crescent moon.

Contract Bobo with a pair of beautiful hands.

He kept the dumplings on the steamer, and added cold water in the pot, then he let it boil on high heat, and it would be out of the pot after ten minutes.

At this time, the porridge was almost ready, Su Yemu added the yam and stirred it, and after fifteen minutes, the fragrance of the dumplings and the aroma of the yam and spareribs porridge overflowed, whetting the appetite.

Su Yemu put the dumplings out of the pan first, and Chen Lao who was at the side couldn’t wait to eat them. The skin was thin and the filling was fresh. After one bite, he became even hungrier.

Transparent, it turned out to be transparent, you can see the red and yellow inside, so beautiful.

Eat first.

The previous one, I have already entered it, the dumplings are delicious, and my life is complete.

I want to rebel, no one can stop me.

Dumplings were eaten very well, and casserole porridge was not too much to grab. The emerald green onion was sprinkled on the porridge, and the salty smell lingered on the tip of the nose, which could make people suck out all the internal organs.

I’m going to cry, good porridge.

It tastes completely different from fish porridge, both are delicious.

I’m so hungry and crying, I hope time will not pass, let me keep eating.

Hey, hey, you eat too much, there is the lottery that Bobo will draw for us.

Chen Lao couldn’t stop eating, he was self-sufficient and served a plate of dumplings and a bowl of porridge; then under the glaring eyes of everyone, he took a mouthful of porridge and a dumpling, which was so fragrant and delicious that it made him cry.

This was real cooking, did he eat dirt before?

Old Chen complained frantically in his heart and kept talking, completely ignoring the anger of everyone in front of the hologram who were about to burn him to death.

This guy had to be signed into the Chefs Association.

At this time, Sunspots in front of the hologram also cried, because they were about to betray their duties and become one of Su Yemu’s fans.

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