6CRRM Ch. 107

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At this moment, Kang Xing Luo felt that Kang Lai Yin should not be here.

Paradoxically, he was very much looking forward to Kang Lai Yin appearing in front of him.

He looked at Kang Lai Yin, this handsome and powerful cat evolutionary species, and he was looking at him nervously, as if a little bit of pain on his body would be magnified countless times on him.

If he was sad, his Xiao Shizi seemed to feel even sadder.

The sourness in Kang Xing Luo’s heart overflowed, and he didn’t blame Xiao Shizi for appearing rashly, but plunged into Kang Lai Yin’s arms.

Kang Lai Yin firmly hugged Kang Xing Luo’s body, jumped off the railing, and carried Kang Xing Luo into the shadow of the balcony against the wall.

“What happened, who told you what?” Kang Lai Yin’s voice was cold, heralding that a storm was coming.

If Kang Xing Luo said that someone had bullied him, Kang Lai Yin would undoubtedly explode on the spot.

Kang Xing Luo shook his head, but didn’t speak, he just obediently nestled in Kang Lai Yin’s arms.

The two fit together, even though Kang Xing Luo didn’t say anything, but Kang Lai Yin could feel all the fear and sadness in his heart.

If he knew it earlier, he would have never left Xing Luo’s side even for a moment.

After hugging like this for a while, Kang Xing Luo calmed down his confused thoughts, and said slowly: “Just now, Mr. Li said that he wanted me to introduce a girlfriend.”

Kang Xing Luo’s words rolled back and forth in his heart for several times, and he was about to say the decision he made and the reason he had just experienced a huge mental shock.

But he didn’t expect that before he had time to say it, Kang Lai Yin was caught off guard and interrupted: “Introduce you to a girlfriend?”

Kang Xing Luo was startled: “Ah, yes, and then…”

Kang Lai Yin interrupted him again, with an impatient tone: “Did you refuse?

Kang Xing Luo paused: “…not yet. “

Although he missed the opportunity and didn’t refuse, but with Li Hongming there, this old friend had probably already talked to Mr. Li for him by now, so there was no need to worry about the blind date ‘date’.

Kang Xing Luo said: “Xiao Shizi, that’s not important.”

Kang Lai Yin was anxious: “What’s not important! This is very important!”

Kang Lai Yin’s face changed obviously, he was a little annoyed, very angry, but facing Kang Xing Luo, he couldn’t say anything, and after a long time of silence, he still couldn’t say a single sentence.

“You, you…”

Kang Lai Yin gritted his teeth angrily, then feeling aggrieved, he turned his head and jumped off the balcony.

He came as soon as he said and left as soon as he said as well, Kang Xing Luo panicked after being surprised.

But before he could react and go out to search, Kang Lai Yin, who had left, quickly returned to the balcony on the second floor with the sound of the wind.

Kang Lai Yin didn’t know what he ran to do just now. After appearing for the second time, he pinched Kang Xing Luo’s face and stuffed something into Kang Xing Luo’s mouth.

Kang Xing Luo closed his mouth, and then his face changed suddenly, and his delicate face twisted instantly.

……very sour!!!

The thing in his mouth was on the tip of his tongue, and Kang Lai Yin didn’t allow him to spit it out.

Kang Xing Luo had no choice but to endure the extremely sour taste and swallow the food, even so, his mouth was still full of sourness.

That was a slice of lemon.

Xiao Shizi… put a slice of lemon in his mouth!!

Seeing Kang Xing Luo’s face wrinkle into a ball because of the sourness, Kang Lai Yin felt so distressed, but he was also angry and aggrieved, and maintained an angry tone: “This is what I feel in my heart now!”

Kang Lai Yin said harsh words, but his facial expression was pitiful, and there was a bit of regret in his eyes.

Kang Xing Luo wasn’t angry at all, but looking at him now, he covered his mouth and laughed out loud.

He laughed, then he couldn’t help hugging Kang Lai Yin as he said, “Xiao Shizi, why are you so cute, I haven’t finished my words yet.”    

Kang Lai Yin frowned and said with a hum: “You tell me.”

Then Xing Luo said calmly: “I told you before, the two of us should take our time, I have changed my mind.”

Kang Lai Yin fell silent for a long time.

When Kang Xing Luo looked at his face strangely, Kang Lai Yin said in a trembling voice: “Xing Luo, do you want to go back on your word?”

Kang Xing Luo didn’t say much, but Kang Lai Yin’s spirit had already reached the edge of the limit, and his heart was experiencing violent vibrations, he didn’t know how such a sudden change happened.

When Xing Luo acquiesced to being close to him and agreed to develop in the direction of his partner, how happy he was at that time.

Now that things were coming to a head, did Xing Luo suddenly want to tell him that he was unwilling?

Why?? Why!!

Kang Xing Luo said: “The old man just said something, I think it makes sense.”

Kang Lai Yin’s pupils shook violently: “What did he say?”

Kang Xing Luo said: “He said that until now, the issue of reproduction and lifespan of the evolutionary species has not been settled. Therefore, humans and evolutionary species have no future after all. I thought about it, and what he said makes sense.”

Kang Lai Yin was shaken all over, and finally understood the reason for Kang Xing Luo’s disappearance just now. He hung his head, feeling very sad.

He had never thought about these questions, but he liked Xing Luo, loved Xing Luo, and no matter what, he wanted to be with Xing Luo.

Kang Lai Yin was dying: “I told you before that I will not leave you alone. I will try my best to live. Even if my lifespan is up, I will not die…”

Kang Lai Yin stopped talking by himself.

He knew in his heart that although he insisted on it sincerely, he couldn’t guarantee the truth at all.

He knew that Xing Luo had love for him, and because of this, it was extremely difficult for him to start this relationship.

After being together, if he died early, Xing Luo would be even sadder.

Kang Lai Yin liked him, respected him, and loved him dearly. Kang Xing Luo was always his number one priority at all times. If Xing Luo really decided to only maintain the current relationship with him, then Kang Lai Yin could only take a step back.

He couldn’t help it.

He could try his best to impress Xing Luo, but he couldn’t force him, not at all.

Kang Lai Yin lowered his head, his big eyes glistened with water, which was about to drip down.

Kang Xing Luo suddenly held his face tightly, and said helplessly and distressed: “What are you misunderstanding, I haven’t finished my words yet.”

Kang Lai Yin trembled his lips and tried to insist: “Say it.”

Kang Xing Luo took a deep breath, and finally said solemnly: “Mr. Li is right. There are too many uncertainties in the future of humans and evolutionary species, so every minute and every second of our time together is precious. I thought of the two of us suddenly, our feelings came too fast, but now I have figured it out, love is often just felt in a moment, so why shouldn’t I accept it when it comes.”

Kang Lai Yin was already stunned, he stared at Kang Xing Luo obsessively, but he couldn’t believe Kang Xing Luo was saying this.

Kang Xing Luo had a gentle expression on his face: “I am sure that I love you, and I will never miss you because of the fear of your longevity. If this is the case, why should we waste time, Xiao Shizi, let’s not take our time, we will be here tomorrow only. Let’s start, no, let’s start now….Stay with me, okay?”

Kang Lai Yin was stunned for a long time, but the distressing tear still flowed out of his eyes after all.

His nostrils moved, he exhaled a long breath, and then said in a very low voice: “Okay.”


It really couldn’t be better.

The long-awaited happiness came suddenly, and Kang Lai Yin’s mind was so blank that he couldn’t even tell the difference between north and south.

He had never been happier in his life.

In the past, he was very happy when he was carried back by Xing Luo and raised and taken care of by Xing Luo, but now, the joy he felt now was far beyond the comparison of past memories.

Kang Lai Yin was so happy.

He was so happy that he couldn’t wait for time to stop here.

However, time did not stop, and his happiness would only increase.

Kang Lai Yin rubbed Kang Xing Luo into his arms forcefully, trembling instantly. Kang Xing Luo hugged him tightly, and murmured: “Xiao Shizi, don’t leave me.”

Kang Lai Yin smiled through his tears. “How could I leave you.”

He loved him so much that he wanted to become one with him, to be together forever and ever.

Kang Xing Luo stroked Xiao Shizi’s face, and slowly leaned forward.

Deep in love, their kiss came so naturally.

Kang Lai Yin kissed those lips that he had been longing for an unknown amount of time, wanting to indulge in them forever, but with the slightest touch, a sour taste that had penetrated the cat’s heart penetrated deeply into his palate as well.

Kang Lai Yin’s complexion changed drastically, and he meowed sourly.

… This lemon is too sour!!!

Kang Xing Luo was already numb from the sourness and had already forgotten about being given lemons by Xiao Shizi. This time, seeing Kang Lai Yin cover himself in the sourness, he was so amused that he burst out laughing instantly.

He smiled and rolled on Kang Lai Yin’s chest, and said in a low voice, “It’s okay, it should make you sore, and my heart feels the same way today.”

Kang Lai Yin said: “What did you say?”

Kang Xing Luo didn’t answer, just kept smiling.

He was embarrassed to tell Xiao Shizi that when everyone was watching tonight, he not only realized Kang Lai Yin’s achievements and influence, but also felt a trace of jealousy from the heart when Kang Lai Yin was watched by countless high-ranking daughters.

Xiao Shizi was jealous of him, but he didn’t know that he was even more jealous towards Xiao Shizi.

Kang Lai Yin was so good, how could Kang Xing Luo not see it.

The two were so sweet that they couldn’t help kissing each other again. Kang Lai Yin said infatuatedly, “It’s much better this time, sweet and sour.”

Kang Xing Luo smiled and said, “Where is the sweetness?”

Kang Lai Yin said: “In my heart.”

The two laughed out loud, they were too involved in their emotions, so they didn’t notice that someone had a quick glance in the balcony, and then retreated out in panic.

The person who left was none other than the worried old father who had just arranged a blind date for his daughter.

Second Uncle Li wanted to get rid of his prejudice and chat with Kang Xing Luo to learn more about him, but unexpectedly he came over and saw such a scene.

Kang Xing Luo was kissing someone, he didn’t see the other person’s appearance, but judging by his height and build, he was undoubtedly a tall man.

… This was too much!

Uncle Li paid attention to his reputation, but he had no prejudice against homosexuals, however a person who had a male lover still having a blind date with his daughter, this was unjustifiable anyway.

He looked handsome, but he didn’t expect him to be such a person. Sure enough, he was not mistaken. This was exactly the same virtue as Li Hongming.


The more Uncle Li thought about it, the angrier he became. He felt that both him and his daughter had been insulted, and he took a deep breath.

He sat on the sofa and felt angry for a long time, then he beckoned his secretary and said, “Go find two people, and let them educate Kang Xing Luo well!”

The secretary immediately became serious: “This is not good, according to the old man, the background of that person should not be simple, we shouldn’t provoke him casually.”

Second Uncle Li frowned: “??? What are you thinking? Do you think I’m going to find someone to beat him up?”

The secretary paused, “Eh, no, isn’t it?”

Second Uncle Li didn’t expect his secretary’s mind to be so wrong, and he said angrily: “Who do you think I am, where is the Li family, of course not!”

The secretary flinched, “Well…then you mean…”

Second Uncle Li: “Education! Don’t you understand education?”

Secretary: “…” No, I don’t really understand.

Second Uncle Li thought for a while, then coughed: “Just… find two people to puncture his tires.”

Secretary: “…”

Secretary: “…”

Secretary: “…”

What a way of education.

Fierce enough!

Uncle Li, who was so angry for a long time that he came up with such a method, personally decided the way of revenge, and felt much more comfortable. Seeing the secretary’s complex expression, he said coldly, “Why, you can’t find anyone?”

The secretary replied, “Ah, I can find someone. In fact, I know just the two people who are suitable for this kind of work, so don’t worry.”

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