TBVSR Ch. 62: The Clown!!!

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As soon as she saw the result, Jiang Yu couldn’t wait to call Qiu Li: “Boyfriend! Guess my score!”

Qiu Li’s voice rose: “Is there any reward for guessing correctly?”

“Guess first.”



Sure enough, this guy checked her score before her.

She asked again: “How much is my boyfriend’s score?”

Qiu Li paused, and said, “I haven’t checked yet.”

“Hey, it’s been half an hour since the score came out, still my boyfriend didn’t dare to check?”

“No, the Internet is not good.”

“The Internet is not good but you can still find out my score.” Jiang Yu broke through his excuse in one go.

This guy just didn’t dare to check.

“Don’t be afraid, I have great confidence in you.” Jiang Yu comforted: “My boyfriend is always fine!”

“Don’t hang up.” Qiu Li said calmly: “Stay with me.”


Qiu Li turned on the speakerphone, and the sound of typing on the keyboard came from the other end of the phone, and Jiang Yu’s heart also rose.

Qiu Li was very nervous, but Jiang Yu was no less nervous than him.

The college entrance examination was the first major hurdle in life.

He worked so hard, wasn’t it just for getting good grades, and to fulfil his longing to meet his mother.

“Found it.” Qiu Li’s deep voice came.

“How is it!”

“Not very good.”

Hearing these words, Jiang Yu’s heart suddenly turned cold, guessing that he must have been too nervous, which must have affected his performance in the exam.

A person who usually wouldn’t snort even with a knife resting on his neck, was so nervous during the college entrance examination.

Jiang Yu sighed, trying to comfort him with words: “It’s okay, it’s just a mistake in performance, don’t be sad, it’s not a big deal to review for another year, I can wait for you…”

“Well, there is no need to review.”

“So, how much is it?”

Jiang Yu had already prepared for a score lower than hers, but unexpectedly, he read out the score calmly: “749.”


What’s the matter with this kid?

“749!! Isn’t that a good score?”

Qiu Li said sincerely, “But it’s not a perfect score.”

Jiang Yu was completely speechless, and hung up the phone with a “bang”.

She was a scumbag who had scored more than a hundred points lower than him. She was afraid that he would be sad, so she used words to comfort him for a long time, but she never thought that…, the clown turned out to be herself.

Just when Jiang Yu was cursing Qiu Li a hundred times in her heart, she suddenly heard the entrustment message sent by the app—a reward of 50,000 yuan to help the entrustee regain love.

Jiang Yu looked at the entrusted tasks, she was very happy to accept the entrusted projects of her old classmates, while helping others to build bridges and achieve good things, she would feel very happy.

Most importantly, such missions posed no real danger.

Jiang Yu agreed without hesitation.

The man who added her was named [Cheng Ye]. Jiang Yu looked at the name and couldn’t react in time.

[Cheng Ye]…Could it be the superstar Cheng Ye who was the godfather of the Chinese music scene!

It shouldn’t be such a coincidence, maybe they had the same name and surname.

Jiang Yu: “Hello, is there anything I can do for you?”

Of course, Cheng Ye didn’t talk nonsense, he went straight to the point, and said directly: “I hope you can help me get back my former lover.”

Jiang Yu: “Huh? Can you explain in detail? Tell me about your situation, how you got acquainted, and your basic information.”

She waited for a long time, and finally received a long voice message from Cheng Ye——

“She and I met outside the university, in a bar, she was a resident singer, and I was in a band, we met because of music. In those years, it was not easy to be in music, and we faced a lot of hardships together. I originally said that no matter how difficult it is, as long as we have each other, I can persevere.”

“But she quit first, saying that she felt bitter, and she said that she had a better suitor, and with that person, her life would be much easier.”

The client mentioned music, and Jiang Yu’s heart began to twitch.

This Cheng Ye, in all likelihood… was really that superstar of pop music!


It was said that when the big star made his debut, he played guitar and sang on the main road, and was discovered by talent scouts.

He was very talented, he was a singer-songwriter, and when his first album came out, he became an instant hit.

He was cheerful, humorous, genuine and unpretentious, and came from a rock and roll background, with a rebellious personality. He was very popular among young people when he debuted, and later became popular all over China.

Jiang Yu grew up listening to his pop songs, and even wanted to save money to go to his concert!


[Cheng Ye]: “Are you listening to me?”

Jiang Yu: “Yes! Please tell me, I’m listening!”

[Cheng Ye]: “At that time she broke up with me with such a reason, she was too young at that time, I couldn’t accept it, so I went to Haicheng to develop my career in a fit of anger, and never contacted her again.”

“In these years, no matter how hard it was, I gritted my teeth and persisted, because when I think of my first love leaving because I was poor, I feel a sense of motivation in my heart. I want her to see how good I am now. Many people like me, I want her to regret…”

Jiang Yu replied with trembling fingertips: “You did it, you are really… very popular now.”

Not only was he very popular, in the Chinese music scene, Cheng Ye could already be called a God!

Besides Bu Tanyan, Jiang Yu’s second favourite idol was Cheng Ye! His songs could almost be said to have accompaned her growing up!

However, [Cheng Ye] said: “But when I finally let go of my heart and planned to live a good life, she had already passed away.”

Jiang Yu: “Ah…”

[Cheng Ye]: “She lied to me. She chose to leave, but it was not because she found someone with better conditions than me. In these years, she has not been married at all.”

Jiang Yu: “Then why did she leave?”

[Cheng Ye]: “I don’t know, but I can be sure, when she left, she was pregnant with my child.”

Jiang Yu: “?”

[Cheng Ye]: “She raised my daughter alone without telling me. When I think of this… I really want to kill myself from back then. Why was I so stupid at the time? How could I let her go!”

Jiang Yu didn’t know what to say.

Why was it always this way, there was Xie Yuan back then, now Cheng Ye.

Did girlfriends like running with the ball so much? Leaving the regretful father to come back to find his daughter?

Jiang Yu: “How can you be sure that the child she gave birth to is yours?”

[Cheng Ye]: “It must be mine. She has never been married in these years, and the timeline is also compatible. That child was born when we were in love. It came at the right time.”

Jiang Yu no longer doubted, and asked, “Then how do you want me to help you?”

[Cheng Ye]: “In my timeline, everything is too late, the love of my life, and my baby… both of them died, I will never see them again. But in your timeline, there is still time for everything.”

Jiang Yu said: “In my timeline, would you be willing to get back together?”

[Cheng Ye]: “I used to hate her, but I never forgot her even for a day, even after so long, I have passed the age of 30, but knowing that she is not doing well, I still feel… my heart being pierced.”

“I remember calling her once before, and wanted to ask her if she was doing well, but I heard that she had a child, and I flinched. Her voice sounded very happy, and I dare not disturb her…”

Jiang Yu probably knew what he said when she heard him say this, and she decided to help him: “Then please tell me the basic information, including your lover’s information, please tell me everything you know.”

[Cheng Ye]: “When is your date?”

Jiang Yu: “June 19th.”

[Cheng Ye ] ]: “I have a concert in Haicheng on June 23.”

Jiang Yu: “You want me to go to the concert to meet you?”

 [Cheng Ye]: “Yes.”

Jiang Yu: …

“What misunderstandings do you have about your concert?”

Cheng Ye’s concert tickets were sold out within three minutes of being on sale every time, and there must be no tickets now, even if there were, they would be all sky-high priced tickets being sold by scalpers.

Going ten thousand steps back, even if Jiang Yu bought the concert tickets, and got the best seat in the front row, then only could she see him up close…

She couldn’t talk to him.

Thinking back to the beginning, meeting Xie Yuan was extremely difficult, but at least it was still possible to talk to him.

This Cheng Ye was a real top star! How could she see him.

[Cheng Ye]: “Don’t worry, after the concert is over, you can find any staff member at the scene and give him a password, and he will bring you to see me.”

Jiang Yu: “A password?”

[Cheng Ye]: “Well, this is the promise I made with my first love girl. One day in the future, no matter which of us becomes popular, as long as we say this secret sign at the other party’s concert, we will definitely see each other. There will be no obstacles.”

Jiang Yu : “This is… too romantic!”

[Cheng Ye]: “We also had a very sweet and romantic past.”

As he said this, his voice became much gentler.

Jiang Yu: “Then what is the secret code?”

[Cheng Ye]: “The secret code is the name of our baby in the future, if it was a boy, he would follow my last name and would be named—Cheng Yi, and if it was a girl, she would follow her last name and would be called—Jiang Yu.”

Jiang Yu: “????????”

“Dare, dare I ask your first love’s name…”

[Cheng Ye]: “She is the cutest girl I have ever seen, her name is also the most beautiful name I have ever heard, and her character is also my favourite character …”

Jiang Yu: “So what is her name!”

[Cheng Ye]: “Jiang Manyi.”

Jiang Yu: “…”

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