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Fan Chen hung up the phone, turned around and met his assistant Quan Juncai’s playful gaze.

Quan Juncai was a fox demon. He looked extremely coquettish and charming, but he had become a big male demon who did not have to rely on his beauty for a living. After the transformation, he named himself Quan Juncai[1], aspiring to become a talented fox as the name suggested. Every hundred years, he would go to an anthropology institute to study all kinds of knowledge. He just came back from abroad recently, and it was said that he even got a doctorate.

“Why haven’t you left yet?” Fan Chen asked.

“My lord, I haven’t finished reporting on my work yet.” There must be something wrong with this demon hunter named Mi Wan. His ascetic demon king was so obsessed with her that he even forgot about his work in just one phone call, Juncai thought.

“What else is there?”

“Just now Hua Jing, the elder of the Hua clan, came here instead of their patriarch to plead guilty, saying that she failed to complete your assigned task and kill Mi Wan, the demon hunter.” Quan Juncai said with a little worry, “Even the report has to be made by the elder. It seems that the patriarch of the Hua clan was seriously injured this time.”

“Mi Wan came from five hundred years ago, and her cultivation and skills are far above the patriarch of the Hua clan. It is normal for the patriarch of the Hua clan to be defeated.” If not for the fact that Mi Wan had just woken up not long ago, and her spiritual power was restrained by his Qiankun Vine, a peak seventh-order demon hunter probably couldn’t even have defended a single sword strike from her.

“My lord, although Mi Wan has the ability to heal demon poison, there are very few big demons above the eighth level in our clan. The patriarch of the Hua clan is the big demon who is most likely to break through the eighth level.” Although Quan Juncai did not dare to question the demon king’s decision, he also knew that the demon king did this to show Mi Wan’s strength to the world, so that the other party could continue to open her pet hospital smoothly for a relatively long period of time. But even so, there was no need to sacrifice Hua Yanru, he sent a seventh-level demon clan who might no longer be able to break through.

“The patriarch of the Hua Clan has been stuck in the bottleneck of the seventh-order peak for a hundred years.” Fan Chen said suddenly.

“Almost.” Quan Juncai nodded.

“It is estimated that she will be break through this time when her injury is healed.” Fan Chen said again.

“My lord, you are… this subordinate admires you.” Quan Juncai finally understood. Advancement in cultivation often encountered bottlenecks, some of which were due to insufficient accumulation of strength, and some due to insufficient understanding. The solution was generally closed-door practice or travel and enlightenment. These two kinds of solutions Hua Yanru had all tried in the past hundred years, but she couldn’t break through anyway. Then the only solution left was a life-and-death battle. His lord’s move not only saved the demon hunter from the human race, but also helped the patriarch of the Hua clan to break through. It was really a good strategy which killed two birds with one stone.

“Didn’t the group just acquire a piece of land in Mobei?” Fan Chen asked.

“Yes, we just acquired it, and I’m planning to find some demons for the land environment.” Quan Juncai said, “However, the desertification over there is too severe, and it is estimated that it will not be able to meet the standards for building a forest park within two or three years.”

“The Hua clan patriarch was injured this time, so she must retreat to recuperate, it so happens that there are few people there, so it should be suitable for seclusion.” Fan Chen reminded.

“!!” Quan Juncai was taken aback for a moment, and then he shouted, “Your Excellency is wise~~”

The patriarch of the Hua Clan was from the Plant Clan, which was closer to nature than their Animal Clan. In addition, she was a seventh-level peak demon. After seclusion, she may directly break through to the eighth level. The power she would release after cultivating for a year, might require the upper and lower level demons to cultivate for dozens or hundreds of years. If the patriarch of the Hua clan was taken to Mobei, the land would be repaired by the demonic power of the patriarch of the Hua clan in less than a year. At that time, they could plant anything they wanted there. Normally, it was not easy for them to let a big demon come out to purify the land, but now the patriarch of the Hua clan was not doing well, and had not completed the task assigned by the demon king. If she was allowed to pass at this time with this request, she would definitely not refuse.

After counting this point, this was not killing two birds with one stone, it was obviously killing three birds with one stone. Sure enough, as long as they live for a long time, the tree demon could be smarter than the fox demon.

Fan Chen ignored his subordinate’s rainbow farts, he got up from his office chair and was about to leave work.

“My lord, are you going back?” Quan Juncai asked knowingly.

Fan Chen looked at his subordinate with his standard foxy smile and couldn’t help raising his eyebrows. Although Quan Juncai was a fox demon, he rarely showed such a calculating smile in front of him.

“What’s wrong?” Fan Chen asked.

“Hey… my lord, I do have a small matter and I would like to ask you for help.” Quan Juncai said with a chuckle.


“This subordinate would like to ask for help in jumping the queue.” Quan Juncai looked embarrassed as if he knew that his request was not in line with the demeanor of the demon king.

“Jump the queue?” Fan Chen frowned, what kind of queue did he want to jump in, couldn’t he go by himself if he wanted to buy something?    

“This…” Quan Juncai carefully took out an egg from his bosom. This egg was the size of a cantaloupe, and its appearance was as white as jade, very beautiful. “This is this subordinate’s nephew.”

It could be seen from the eggshell that was as white as jade that it had a high-level seal placed on it. This kind of seal was impossible to be placed by anyone lower than a ninth-level demon. As far as he knew, his assistant Quan Juncai was the one with the highest level of cultivation in the fox clan. He had just reached the mid-eighth level of cultivation. And the last ninth-level fox demon seemed to have been Hu Qingyun, the last head of the fox clan, who had been dead for almost three hundred years.

“More than three hundred years ago, my sister came back from traveling and had become pregnant. Unexpectedly, after the child was born, it became weaker and weaker day by day. Us siblings searched all over the world but couldn’t find a cure. In desperation, my sister had to take the child and seal it. Not long after that, my sister died in a thunder disaster, and the only thing she hoped before she died was that I could get her child cured somehow.”

When Quan Juncai said this, Fan Chen understood what he was probably going to ask for. Sure enough, Quan Juncai said again: “Isn’t there that demon hunter who can treat the demon clan? And your relationship with this demon hunter seems to be good, so this subordinate dared to think, if you could do me a favor.”

“Her hospital is there, if you want to get medical treatment, you can just take your nephew there.” Fan Chen was speechless, there was no need to bother him about such things.

“My lord, you don’t know. Ever since Master Mi Wan’s pet hospital opened, there are countless demons who have been planning to go to her hospital for treatment. Except for those who can’t afford the medical expenses, there are still a lot of demons.” Quan Juncai said with a wry smile, “The sparrow spirit who is in charge of receiving patients has set up a registration queuing service. I don’t know where the number plate is now. My poor nephew has been sealed for more than 300 years. I really can’t bear to see him stand in line for so long.”

“…” Fan Chen.

“My lord, this subordinate has worked so hard for you for so many years, and have never asked you for anything…”

You didn’t ask for anything, but I didn’t treat you badly, stop sounding as if I owe you.

“It’s just such a small request. When you go home at night, take my little nephew with you, and then make a little request in front of Master Mi Wan.” Quan Juncai said sincerely, holding his hands together, then his little nephew was almost sent directly to Fan Chen’s arms.

Seeing that Quan Juncai’s hand trembled suddenly, and the demon egg was about to fall to the ground, Fan Chen stretched out his hand reflexively to catch it.

“Thank you, my lord. I still have work to do, so I’ll get to work now. Goodbye.” After touching the porcelain, Quan Juncai rushed out of the office, as if he was afraid that his lord would change his mind in a second.

Fan Chen had no choice but to hug an egg the size of a cantaloupe and get off work carrying it.

Back home, Fan Chen looked at the egg he had carried back and began to feel sad. He had lived for so many years, but he had never asked anyone for help. Even if he needed help from others, it was usually an equal exchange. At this time, he had to lower his head to help his subordinate jump in the queue, this was really hard for him to do.

How should he say it? Giving her double consultation fee, will it appear philistine and indifferent? Moreover, the patient numbers of her hospital had reached so far away, so she should not be short of money.

After hesitating until midnight, Fan Chen still couldn’t think of anyway. On the one hand, he was not used to asking for help, and on the other hand, he was afraid of being rejected. He was so entangled in the middle of the night, and Fan Chen knew that if he didn’t say anything, Mi Wan would go to sleep. Sighing, as if making up his mind, Fan Chen took out his mobile phone and walked to the window, intending to repeat the truth, and if Mi Wan refused the request, he would let Quan Juncai queue up by himself.

Just as Fan Chen was about to press the dial button, the light in the opposite window suddenly dimmed, Mi Wan must have fallen asleep.

Fan Chen: …

Forget it, let’s talk about it tomorrow.

In the early morning of the next day, Mi Wan habitually stayed in bed for five minutes before sitting up yawning.

Alas, it’s rare to have three days off. I had one day to review, one day was spent going to Mi’s house, and one day in the Demon Hunters Association. Hey, there seems to be something outside the window.

Mi Wan keenly noticed that there was a demonic force outside the window. She walked over curiously, opened the window, and found a large white egg the size of a cantaloupe on the window sill. There were three big characters written on it with pen: Help me!

The characters were written beautifully, but writing them on the white eggshell made it seem inexplicably joyful, especially thinking of the person who wrote these three characters.

“Puff~~” Mi Wan laughed as soon as she saw it, and there was no one else who could put things on her window sill without anyone noticing, except for the tree demon next door.

Mi Wan picked up the big white egg, touched it carefully, and soon realized that a demon cub was sealed in the big white egg. Mi Wan showed a mischievous smile, then picked up the big egg in her arms and threw it towards the opposite window.

When the big egg landed on the opposite window sill, the familiar vine appeared again and caught the egg. Fan Chen appeared at the window with a dark face, silently staring at the egg that was thrown back.

He thought about it for a long time yesterday, but he didn’t know how to ask for help, so after much deliberation, he decided to put the little fox directly on Mi Wan’s window sill. If Mi Wan accepted the little fox the next day, it meant that she was willing to help. If she didn’t want to, he would just take it back by himself, so that no one would have to be embarrassed. In the end… She threw it back on the spot???

The first time I asked for help, I was rejected! Still in an extremely rough way, thinking like this, Fan Chen was very depressed.

Mi Wan on the opposite side saw Fan Chen standing at the window staring desperately at the egg that she had thrown back, but he didn’t look at her at all, and after waving at him to no avail, she had to pull out her phone and call him.

Fan Chen was not in a good mood at this time, and he didn’t want to answer Mi Wan’s call. Did she want to tell him the reason for the rejection?

Fan Chen thought a lot in his heart, but his usual calm expression had returned to his face. After the phone rang three times, he still picked up the phone: “Hello?”

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[1] Juncai means talent.

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