IHSB Ch. 49

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Gu An’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw the clay doll in Nuan Nuan’s hand, but he still hadn’t forgotten that he was angry just now. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to forgive her all at once?

“Cough…Since you have prepared something for me, I will forcefully not argue with you.”

His look of forgiving you because I’m generous made Gu Mingli’s fist itch.

“You don’t have to force yourself, if you don’t want it, just give me the doll.” Gu Mingli said in a cool voice.

To be honest, he also liked this little doll, but he also liked the keychain that Nuan Nuan gave him.

Gu An snorted, and carefully held the doll in his hands, “This is for me from Nuan Nuan, not for you!”

Gu Mingli still had to go to class, but now they needed to go back to the dormitory to change clothes.

“Fourth brother, I’ll go back first.”

Nuan Nuan bid farewell to Gu Mingli and the others softly.

The boy’s slender fingers pinched the little girl’s cheeks, “Friday will soon be here, remember to pick up brother from school that afternoon.”

When he asked his little sister to pick him up from school, there was no embarrassment on his face.

Gu Nan glanced at him expressionlessly.

The corners of Gu Mingli’s mouth turned up, “I hope you will have eaten yourself fat when you come to pick me up.”

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently, and said softly, “Well, Nuan Nuan understands.”

Why are you so obedient…

Gu Nan picked up little Nuan Nuan with a cold expression, and hugged the soft little girl with one arm.

The little girl was leaning on her big brother’s shoulder, holding his neck with her small arms like lotus root joints, and her big black and white eyes were crookedly looking at her fourth brother and his friends who were standing at the school gate to see them off.

“Fourth brother, goodbye.”

After speaking, her big bright eyes looked at the others, and she said goodbye in a soft, glutinous and milky voice.

“Brother Tang Le, Brother Wu Kuang, and Brother Lu, we will meet again.”

Tang Le waved vigorously, “Sister, remember to come and play often!”

Just as he finished speaking, Gu Mingli elbowed him blankly. She’s my sister!

After returning home, the little girl took her brother’s hand and walked into the gate of the villa with small steps. As soon as Rhubarb and Briquettes smelled her breath, they surrounded her cheerfully.

These two had eaten and drank good food at Gu family house these days, and the flesh on these two had grown faster than Nuan Nuan’s. Not only were they cleaner and neater than when they first came, but they were also a little bigger.

“Rhubarb, Briquettes, Nuan Nuan is back~”

“Wow, woof…”

The big dog, almost as tall as Nuan Nuan, barked loudly, his tail was wagging so much that only afterimages could be seen, and he grinned, and wanted to run and jump onto the little girl.

But when he was less than half a meter away from Nuan Nuan, the big dog stopped, rolled his eyelids and looked at the tall man with some vigilance. This man always gave him a very dangerous feeling, so he didn’t dare to approach.

“Rhubarb, come here.”

Nuan Nuan let go of her brother’s hands, ran over to hug the big dog with short legs, and happily rubbed the dog’s big face with her two small hands.

With a flick of its tail, Briquette jumped directly onto her body. Its fluffy tail hooked her slender white wrist, the triangular ears trembled, and its little head tilted back and forth on the little girl’s neck, which made the beautiful little girl laugh.

Gu An snorted, “My friend’s husky is even more majestic.”

While talking, he petted the black cat with his hands. The soft touch made him a little addicted, but the cat didn’t like him touching it, and he glanced at him proudly and ran to Nuan Nuan’s other shoulder.

Gu An: “…”

He seemed to have seen disgust in the black cat’s eyes!

A big cool hand rubbed Nuan Nuan’s furry head, “Brother still has work, you play by yourself first.”

The little girl hummed obediently, then holding her big brother’s broad palm with both hands, she pasted her little face on it and rubbed on it like a kitten.

“Brother, don’t be too tired.”

After Gu Nan left, the adults in the family and Gu An played with Nuan Nuan in the garden for a while, mainly playing on the newly installed big swing, the two children sat on the swing and Father Gu pushed them from behind, causing cheerful and childish laughter to spread throughout the garden.

The little girl played without restraint for half an hour, and then went to her bedroom with her little brother to start studying.

“Come in, let me show you how luxurious my bedroom is!”

It was the first time for the little girl to enter her brother’s bedroom so she was in a curious mood, and after entering, she was greeted by all kinds of colourful figures inside. There were also some game consoles, seeing this she opened her mouth in shock.

Seeing the surprised expression on his younger sister’s face, Gu An felt complacent, and finally took out the gift she gave him, the little clay doll.

He freed up the collection of One Piece in the middle and put it in other cabinet frames, and then put the clay doll in the most prominent position in the middle.

“These are all your brother’s, my collections. Choose what you want, and I’ll give it to you!”

Nuan Nuan shook her head, “It’s my brother’s, Nuan Nuan doesn’t want it.”

“That won’t work, you already gave me gifts, I have to give you one too, if you don’t like these, then I’ll buy something for you, and you can buy whatever you like.”

In this case, Nuan Nuan took a look at her brother’s dazzling collection, then her cheeks puffed up and she finally pointed at one of the black cats.

“That, that one looks like Briquettes!”

Gu An took off the figurine and gave it to his younger sister without any pain. He usually treasured these things, even if his good brothers came, they were only allowed to look at them and not touch them. But his sister was different.

“Here, it’s called Luo Xiaohei[1].”

Nuan Nuan held the little black cat figurine in both hands, and looked at the delicate and handsome little brother in front of her with crooked eyebrows.

“Thank you, little brother.”

Gu An was overjoyed in his heart, but put on a look of indifference on his face.

“Let’s go, your brother will teach you how to read!”

Two stools had already been placed in front of his desk, and Gu An took out his elementary school books. As for why they were still there, it was all thanks to his mother’s proper preservation.

Both brother and sister were sitting very close to each other on the stool, and their two beautiful and immature heads were looking at the same book together.

“I’ll read it once and you’ll follow me, and you won’t ask me again.”


Under the soft lighting, two different childish voices sounded in the bedroom, with an inexplicable warm atmosphere.

The door opened a crack and closed quietly, and Father Gu and Mother Gu left with smiles on their faces.

“This effect is very good. Both brother and sister just need to interact more to have a better relationship.”

Father Gu touched his chin with some regrets.

“It’s just that Nuan Nuan will have less interaction with me now.”

After finishing speaking, he got a blank stare from Mother Gu, he was not ashamed to compete with her younger son for favour at such an age.

Nuan Nuan and her little brother studied together for an hour. The soft voice following in reading was an auditory enjoyment for the listener. Gu An found the joy of teaching his younger sister to read. When his father came in with milk and they had to stop, he was even a little unsure.

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The Legend of Luo Xiaohei is a flash animation and webtoon developed by Chinese artist MTJJ (real name Zhang Ping). It derives from an animated series that was mainly broadcast online in March 2011.

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