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Angrily, he held Ye He’s hand comfortably, but seeing the other party’s easygoing appearance, he was a little suspicious…he accepted it so easily?

Then, Hei Yu held out his hand to Princess Black Bear, and Jing Yi hooked up with a beautiful sister.

Seeing more and more people dancing together, the people in the arena looked at each other in blank dismay… and began to look for dance partners one after another.

The couple who received the most attention were swaying slowly to the music, and people saw that although His Highness the eldest prince had started to dance, his face was not happy at all, and he was talking to the little prince of the bird family with a serious face.

The little prince of the bird tribe in turn responded with a worried face, and his attitude was very cautious.

Sure enough, there were still some emotional problems, right?

Moreover, the big prince of the wolf clan and the little prince of the bird clan were too far apart in status, so problems between them were inevitable.

Maybe even if their relationship was announced today, it may not be able to go on in the future.

As soon as someone thought about it, Jing Yan’s face changed little by little.

Then the two got closer and closer, and even closer and closer. Jing Yan touched the tip of Qiao Xi’s nose, and finally there was a smile on his lips. He even turned his face slightly, as if he was about to kiss… and the atmosphere gradually turned smoky.

The person who was still making a few guesses just now: “…”

“Dear,” Qiao Xi said with a blushing face, “If you want to kiss me, do it, then people won’t look at me!”

“Really kiss? Won’t you be embarrassed? “Jing Yan’s heart felt so sweet at this moment.

Qiao Xi glared at him: “Am I ashamed to be like this now?”

Jing Yan smiled, then he lowered his head and “tweeted”.

People around: “!!!”


Qiao Xi felt that Jing Yan was really jealous so he had to do it even though he didn’t want to attract so much attention!

Hey, look! He had been forced by Jing Yan to become more and more narcissistic!

Qiao Xi sighed.

The starry sky outside the banquet hall was shining.

There was melodious music in the banquet hall.

After the wolf king and queen left the stage, they never appeared again, so they must have gone to rest early.

Bird King and his party saw that there was no chance to get close to Qiao Xi, and the eyes of the people around them had been becoming more and more sarcastic, so they finally couldn’t sit still, and stood up to leave early in desperation. After so many years of hard work, they were finally able to marry into the wolf clan, but they couldn’t be happy at all. Thinking of the things they did in the past, they became even more disturbed.

And Jing Yan and the others returned to the forest at nine o’clock.

Another cake ordered by Princess Black Bear had been delivered there, and everyone started to smash the cake.

This group of people were at the craziest age, and they played very crazily. As the birthday star, Jing Yan was naturally the one who got hit the most, and his body was covered in cream!

And the two children, Chris and Jing Yi, were not much better, and their bodies were full of a creamy fragrance.

Everyone also agreed that nobody was allowed to escape in animal form, and today they must fight to the end in human form.

Seeing Jing Yan’s appearance of becoming angry from embarrassment because he couldn’t dodge around, Qiao Xi smiled holding his stomach in his arms, and even leaned in to give another blow to his old Gong.

Facing Qiao Xi, Jing Yan was speechless, but unable to resist, he was beaten silently.

It was past ten o’clock, and everyone was tired. Princess Black Bear and the others were going to rest here tonight. Everyone huddled together in the several wooden houses, but Jing Yan’s room was naturally uncrowded.

Seeing Qiao Xi enter the room following Jing Yan, everyone winked at each other.

Hei Yu asked seriously: “Should we all retreat tonight?”

Jiao Yue said calmly: “I think Jing Yan has no guts.”

Others laughed mercilessly: “Hahahahahaha!”

The wolf entered the room with his ass seemingly on fire and closed the door.

Jing Yan had already given up on wiping off the cake on his face, and felt that the more he wiped his face, the more disfigured he must look. He walked to the bathroom and said, “Qiao Xiaoxi, I’ll take a shower first.”

Suddenly, he was hugged from behind.

He stopped, turned his head in surprise, and hurriedly said, “Stop hugging, your body will also be covered in cream, it is very dirty.”

“It’s not dirty, it’s delicious.” Qiao Xi tilted his head and said with a smile, and then he leaned forward and licked the cream on Jing Yan’s chin.

Jing Yan was surprised, and his whole body tensed up immediately.

He said in a hoarse voice: “… Qiao Xiaoxi?”

Qiao Xi stood on tiptoe, as he licked the cream seriously, bit by bit.

Jing Yan turned around bluntly and supported Qiao Xi’s shoulders, while his breathing gradually became disordered.

“Xiaoxi…” His Adam’s apple rolled down.

Qiao Xi’s mouth had turned sweet, when he finally reached Jing Yan’s lips.

The sweetness instantly diffused between the lips of the two.

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