MGSGW Ch. 157

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“Hehe, is that piece of broken knowledge in books still a treasure? That’s right, the current top student only knows how to study hard.” Fang Tianyong replied disdainfully.

Lin Mumu smiled without saying a word, and looked at Fang Tianyong quietly, making him feel a little nervous.

Fortunately, there were always people who couldn’t hold their temper.

“How dare you talk like that?” An Xiaoqin had a strong temper and went into a rage on the spot.

“It’s nothing, I’m just curious if the world of the school bully is different from ours.” Fang Tianyong curled his lips.

Lin Mumu smiled shyly: “If you hate the school bullies so much, your grades must be poor, right? It’s like the poor who like to hate the rich.”

Fang Tianyong’s face suddenly turned ugly: “What’s wrong with me having poor grades, I relied on my true ability to enter Yanda, if Professor Pei hadn’t begged me, I would still have looked down on Yanda, this sour and rotten place. Do you think you are great if you passed the exam? I’ve seen a lot of people with high scores and low abilities. Still it has to be noted that the scriptures that are popular in your religious studies are useless when used in cultural relics appraisal.”

“Then why don’t you tell the teacher? Or tell President Lin of Yenching University? I’m just an ordinary student. Listen, I don’t understand these principles.” Lin Mumu tidied up her notes and replied leisurely.

“That’s right, why don’t you tell the principal? Aren’t you very awesome?” An Xiaoqin stood in front of Lin Mumu, and almost got into a fight with Fang Tianyong.

But An Xiaoqin was a girl with a hot body and enchanting facial features. Fang Tianyong really didn’t have the courage to confront her face to face. If he encountered something he shouldn’t, he couldn’t tell.

Fang Tianyong took a step back, looked at Lin Mumu with displeasure, and said “nerd” and returned to his seat sullenly.

So Fang Tianyong, who didn’t intend to attend the class, stared at Lin Mumu the whole time.

Lin Mumu was also very helpless, other people’s eyes were on her body, but she couldn’t cover their eyes.

“Yo, that kid won’t have a crush on you, will he?” An Xiaoqin teased Lin Mumu, and she still didn’t forget to turn around and playfully give Fang Tianyong a shock.

“Sorceress!” Fang Tianyong avoided An Xiaoqin’s sight, then stared at Lin Mumu and added: “Nerd!”

Who did I provoke? Which school rule of Yanda stipulates that one cannot be a nerd!!

Lin Mumu was angry for it.

But speaking of, there were really not many people attending this kind of theoretical class. Because the basic knowledge was in books, the teacher was just taking them through it, which was similar to a high school class. So, it was not as lively as other university courses.

Even Ma Zhe had learned to tell all kinds of jokes, and even the English teacher had changed his career to be a disseminator of English songs and English movies. Their theoretical classes were a bit boring. Except for Lin Mumu and Liu Yuanyuan, no one else listened to them.

Halfway through the teacher’s speech, Fang Tianyong finally got a chance.

“Teacher, the method of authenticating copper coins you mentioned is very interesting. I would like to ask you to help me find out whether these two copper coins in my hand are real antiques or old ones?” It was Fang Tianyong’s buddy Du Xiaozhou who spoke.

Seeing that the teacher’s face was not very good-looking, Fang Tianyong made a timely rescue and successfully dismissed the blame: “Or, you can please ask Lin Mumu to take a look? I think she is very serious about her studies, and she may be better than us all.”

“Fang Tianyong, don’t be too excessive! This is not Lin Mumu’s specialty.” An Xiaoqin was furious.

“Either way, let me try.” Liu Yuanyuan rescued Lin Mumu with her actions.

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