KHSW Ch. 224

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Hearing Xiao Nuo’s soft voice immediately aroused Ling Xi’s distress, especially the English sentence of “I love you”, Ling Xi’s heart was very moved, “Baby, how can mother not miss you? What about it? Mom misses her baby the most, ‘I love you, too’. Did you behave in the kindergarten today?”

Xiao Nuo hesitated for a moment, and Xu Yizhi took the phone, “Don’t worry, he was very good today.”

Xiao Nuo cast a grateful look at his father.

Hearing Xu Yizhi’s voice, Ling Xi instantly felt relieved, “Honey, are you at your parents’ house now?”

“Well, mom and grandpa went to pick up Xiao Nuo today. Is your filming going well today?”

“The filming went smoothly. I’m in a small mountain village now. After finishing the task tomorrow, I think I can go back the day after tomorrow.”

“I’m not around, you must take care of yourself and be safe. If you suffer from insomnia at night, just listen to the voice I recorded on that phone…”

He still recorded his voice on the mobile phone he gave her?

“Okay, I’ll listen to it in a moment… I have one more thing I want to ask for your permission.”

Xu Yizhi didn’t make a sound, quietly waiting for her next words.

“Can I do a little… charity in your name.”

Xu Yizhi curled his lips slightly, which time didn’t she cut first and play later?

“Just do whatever you want, just remember that I’m behind you.”

Ling Xi’s heart warmed up, she could never resist such a warm man, “Okay, I see, I still want to say a few words to Xiao Nuo.”


“Xiao Nuo baby, mom will be back in two days, you have to listen to dad at home.”

“Hmm~ Mom needs to be well outside alone, Xiao Nuo loves mom the most.”

“Mom loves baby Xiao Nuo the most too, hurry up and go to bed with daddy, good night! Mua!”

“Good night, mom, Mua!” Xiao Nuo also imitated Ling Xi’s voice and kissed into the microphone.

Ling Xi bathed in the blissful night…

After hanging up the phone, Xiao Nuo thanked Xu Yizhi gratefully, “Thank you, Dad.”

“Why didn’t you fight back today?”

After Xu Yizhi learned the ins and outs of the matter, he pretended to be calm on the surface, but in his heart there was a factor of anger hidden in his heart. Xu Yizhi’s son was not so easy to bully.

“Xiao Nuo promised mother that he would obediently listen to the teacher. Xiao Nuo didn’t want to disappoint his parents.”

Xu Yizhi’s heart was a little moved, Xu Nuo, he really deserved the name…

Ling Xi tiptoed back into the house, lay down on the blanket that Liming helped her lay, plugged in the earphones, and listened to the voice Xu Yizhi had recorded for her on the phone.

“Waiting for the world of love, I miss your picture, all the Aegean Sea is in front of your eyes, in the dark, the time we fell in love with each other has become forever…” The magnetic singing voice lingered in her ears, as if it could make one’s ears pregnant.

This was the first time she had heard Yizhi sing, was it his original creation?

She never knew he had this talent, so she wanted to keep everything about him private.

In the dark night, Ling Xi couldn’t help thinking of her previous life. Her rebirth inevitably changed the direction of certain things. The people she met and the things she did were all brewing hurricanes.

She was very satisfied with everything she had now, only her father was missing, and their family could be reunited, but she didn’t know if she would be able to see her father because of the “butterfly effect”.

Dad, where are you…

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