KHSW Ch. 223

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Su Zhiyan laughed after hearing this, “You may not know who is in front of you.”

The woman subconsciously asked, “Who?”

“Have you heard of the Xu Group?” She usually disliked showing off her identity the most, but who made the person in front of her short-sighted?

“Yo, so you’re an employee of the Xu Group, shouldn’t you have retired?” the woman said sarcastically.

Principal Qi really couldn’t bear to see it, and said in a cold voice: “I forgot to introduce to you, this lady is the mother of the president of the Xu Group, and this is the grandfather of the president of the Xu Group.”

After hearing the principal’s words, the woman subconsciously didn’t believe it, “Hmph, who are you bluffing? I’m still the eldest sister of the president of the Xu Group!”

Seeing that none of them spoke, the woman’s heart trembled. Her husband had a cooperation project with the Xu Group. If these two were really the mother and grandfather of the CEO of the Xu Group, wouldn’t she…

“Okay, okay, I’m not a fussy person, as long as your child apologizes, this matter will be over.” Seeing Yang Fei at the side still playing with his robot dog, she called him to her side.

The old man sneered, “You should be the ones who should apologize, right?”

Su Zhiyan also came forward and said: “It’s okay not to apologize, but you will pay the price for your actions, don’t blame me for not reminding you.” After speaking, she took out her mobile phone, “Hello? Yizhi, your son has been bullied, hurry up and come to school.”

Since you like to bully others, let me show you what real “bullying” is.

The woman’s face froze. She had heard from her husband that the president of the Xu Group was called “Xu Yizhi”. “Feifei, apologize.”

The little chubby muttered and took a step back, “Mom, I don’t want to apologize to this little monk.”

The woman was so angry that she vented all her anger on the little fat boy, and went straight to spank the little fat boy’s ass, “I told you not to be disobedient, who told you to provoke others?”

If her husband got to know that she had offended the Xu family, he would be so angry! So she would rather be ruthless.

Xiao Nuo firmly tugged at the corner of Su Zhiyan’s clothes, “Grandma, Xiao Nuo doesn’t need him to apologize, let’s go home!”

When Su Zhiyan looked at Xiao Nuo, her eyes couldn’t be any gentler, “Okay, I’ll listen to Nuonuo, we don’t want an apology from this kind of person.” Then she looked at the old man, “Dad, let’s go back first!”

The old man’s original anger was instantly forgotten, and he looked at the little guy kindly, “Nuo Nuo, my little great-grandson, let great-grandfather hug you.”

Xiao Nuo opened his arms obediently and threw himself into the old man’s arms.

The old man threw the walking stick aside, and went to hug Xiao Nuo, “Dad, take it easy, don’t twist your waist.”

The old man blew his beard and said with a stare: “What, twist my waist? My body is not so bad, how can I not even hug my little great-grandson?”

“Grandpa, Xiao Nuo can hold Grandpa’s hand and we can go home together.”

Hearing this, the old man still put him down, “Okay, take your great grandfather’s hand.”

When the night was dark, Ling Xi went to the area without cameras to answer a call from Xu Yizhi.

She lowered her voice, “Hello? Husband, I haven’t seen you for a day, I miss you so much!”

“Mom, I love you, this is what the teacher taught us today. Xiao Nuo misses his mother, but mother only wants father.”

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