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The spaceship from Lyra to the Capital star usually needed two hours. It stood to reason that since Benjamin personally drove the mech to send Li Xin, his smart mech would travel faster than passenger spaceships. So, they should have reached there in an hour.

However, the voyage unknowingly had passed three hours.

Li Xin didn’t know that the general was driving the most advanced smart mech, he thought it was just an ordinary hover car, so he didn’t mind if it was an hour slower than usual, he just felt that, staying alone in a closed space with General Alpha, was somewhat uncomfortable.

He narrated almost everything about Qin Yize and Xiao Zhuo since their debut, until his mouth became dry and he really didn’t know what to say, so he had to drink water with his head down, then he changed the subject while drinking: “General, how long will it be?”

Benjamin looked at him with a smile: “Are you in a hurry?”

Li Xin shook his head: “That’s not…”

Benjamin adjusted the route of the smart navigation calmly and said: “It will take about half an hour.”

Li Xin said “Oh”, thinking in his heart, I shouldn’t let the general send him off in the future, it is obviously faster to take the commercial spaceship. As a result, in the next moment, Benjamin said in a very gentle tone: “You have talked so much about Qin Yize and Xiao Zhuo. It seems that the relationship between all of you is very good?”

Li Xin nodded: “I am their senior, looking at them is like looking at my own younger brothers.”

Benjamin said: “Generally, managers and celebrities are in a business cooperation and seek common profits. People like you are rare who really think about his artists. There are not many agents like that. However, you worry about Qin Yize’s affairs everyday, wishing to arrange all the details for him, what about you?”

Li Xin was stunned: “Myself?”

Benjamin pretended to be casual and asked calmly, “You never thought about finding a boyfriend?”

“Boyfriend?” Li Xin’s eyes widened, and he quickly waved his hands with a smile, “No, no, no, even if I look for it, I will find a girlfriend.”

“…” Benjamin continued to ask calmly: “Then do you have a girl you like?”

Li Xin scratched his hair in distress: “I haven’t met one yet, mainly because I’m too busy. You know, I’m an agent, so what’s going on with Yize here? I have to be the first to know and solve it as quickly as possible. Plus, things are not going well recently, and there are a lot of annoying things.”

“Oh?” Benjamin raised his eyebrows slightly, “Is something wrong? You can talk to me.”

Li Xin hesitated for a moment: “This…”

“It’s okay.” Benjamin encouraged him gently, “We are friends, and I don’t know much about the entertainment industry, let alone people in it. If you tell me, just treat it as a confession, and you will feel uncomfortable if you keep on holding it back.”

Looking at his gentle eyes, it seemed that he just wanted to be a listener.

Li Xin gradually put down his guard, sighed and said: “Actually, it’s not a big deal, it just makes me feel very aggrieved. Some time ago, I helped Yize negotiate a TV series with 50 episodes, which would have taken half a year to shoot. The filming remuneration was 50 million yuan. Yize liked that drama very much, and the director really wanted Yize to play the male lead. Everything was negotiated well, and our studio wanted to stamp the contract and send it over, but it turned out that the producer suddenly repented and said that another male lead had been finalized.”

“Have you been cut off?” Benjamin asked thoughtfully, “With Qin Yize’s status, he can still be robbed of the show. The background of the other party is not simple, right? “

Benjamin was not from the entertainment industry, but he saw the key point at one glance. Li Xin also admired the general’s sensitivity, nodded and said: “Yes, the person brought capital into the team and is said to be the nephew of the investor.”

“Are you very angry?” Benjamin looked at him and asked.

“Of course I’m angry! I’ve been preparing for such a long time, all my work was in vain! Damn… cough cough cough!” Accidentally swearing, Li Xin sensed that the situation was not right, and immediately braked sharply, his face flushing from coughing.

Benjamin saw how cutely he was blushing, and he couldn’t help stretching out his hand and gently wrapping his arms around Li Xin’s shoulders, as he said, “Don’t get mad. This kind of thing is common in the entertainment circle, right? It’s yours after all. If this drama was robbed, there will be another one. With Qin Yize’s popularity, he doesn’t have to worry about not having a good script.”

Li Xin was stunned and blurted out: “Luo Ning also comforted me like this.”

Benjamin smiled slightly: “Really? It seems that he thinks the same as me. Instead of caring about what other people do, it’s better to think about how to work yourself.”

This was quite reasonable. Li Xin lowered his head thoughtfully, and Benjamin asked softly: “Are you still angry?”

Li Xin smiled: “I’m not angry anymore, now I just need to do a good job in the aftermath. As for Yize’s new drama, anyway, there are a lot of scripts that have been delivered recently, so I will choose slowly, and I can always pick a good one.”

Benjamin looked at him appreciatively: “Qin Yize is lucky to have an agent like you.”

Li Xin was embarrassed by the praise, then he stretched out his hand and scratched his head, and said: “Actually, I don’t have much ability, and I don’t have much background. I can only rely on this mouth to say more good things. The key to Yize’s success now has been his own talent. He works hard, I just push the boat along and help him pave the way.”

Benjamin smiled slightly: “You are too modest, you are really caring.”

Li Xin was embarrassed to be praised by him again, so he changed the subject: “General, can I ask you a question? It may be rather abrupt.”

Benjamin said: “Ask.”

Seeing that the general was so easy to talk, Li Xin mustered up the courage to speak out his inner entanglement: “What are your feelings for His Highness Luo Ning?”

Benjamin looked back at him, and raised his eyebrows slightly: “What do you think?”

Li Xin avoided his eyes in embarrassment and said with a dry smile: “I know that the Behe family has a very good relationship with the royal family. General Benjamin, you and Luo Ning are indeed a good match in terms of family background. However, Yize and Luo Ning are already married. He likes Luo Ning very much and is very gentle to Luo Ning. I think, General, you are a sensible person, you will probably not……”

Realizing that Benjamin had been staring at him, Li Xin blushed slightly, and said, “Don’t be angry, I was just guessing, because Yize and Luo Ning have a good relationship, if you really love Luo Ning. I mean, what are your thoughts about Your Highness? I’m just afraid you will be sad in the end.”

Benjamin chuckled softly: “Don’t worry, I never had any other thoughts about Luo Ning. I am five years older than him. When I was running around in the palace, he was still crawling on the floor. If I had feelings for him, I would have acted on them long ago, would I have waited until now?”

That’s right, if Benjamin really liked Luo Ning, he would be able to marry Luo Ning when he turned eighteen years old and became an adult. He could have proposed the marriage and the elders would definitely have agreed with the relationship between the two families, why wait until Luo Ning was married and then grab him from Qin Yize?

This sentence was a reassurance for Li Xin. The Beta man who was originally nervous immediately laughed, and his smile was very bright: “The general is really a straightforward person, so I am relieved! Our Yize is usually very polite. Probably because he regards you as a rival in love, that’s why he had a somewhat hostile attitude towards you. Don’t take it to heart, we are all adults, I will wake him up when I get back.”

Benjamin looked at Li Xin’s “old hen guarding his weaknesses” posture, and sighed lightly, as he said: “You have been talking about Qin Yize all day long.”

Li Xin smiled: “Yize pays me a salary, and I have a community of interests with him, so I can help him think more. It should be like this.”

Benjamin raised his eyebrows, didn’t say anything, but suddenly felt a little upset in his heart.

Well, Qin Yize was jealous of him before, and now he seemed to be jealous of Qin Yize.

Sure enough, there was a natural mismatch between two Alphas, between him and Qin Yize.

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