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Due to the wind brought by the younger generation, many of the previous generation who were no longer chasing stars also got to know about “Red Moon” and Si Huang.

Parents with children were more sensible than young people. They had experienced more and could see things more clearly. The more they got to know Si Huang, the more surprised they were—the entertainment industry was not without inspirational stars, but generally inspirational stars were people who were not good enough to go up with their own strength; or they faked their background, talking about their hard work and pitiful childhood, how they had to be strong and hard for their dreams, tears would fill their eyes when they said it, and in this way they won people’s sympathy with the image of a poor child.

The former was too young to understand, and the latter found it too much to know who was real and who was fake, which made people feel tired.

There had never been anyone like Si Huang, who had an amazing appearance which could attract both men and women, and her acting skills could be seen from the few videos. He had been hacked so many times and had been hacked so badly, but he had never pretended to be weak. Or acted poor to win people’s sympathy, whenever he appeared in front of the audience, he always let people see his strong side.

Just as Yu Xi and Five Treasure once said, Si Huang’s arrogance could be endearing and dazzling enough to evoke what people desired most, fearless courage. Her arrogance did not make people feel vexatious, her dandy appearance seemed elegant and noble when she was arrogant, they also saw that she noticed the details of female reporters being pushed by others, and she was a gentleman who solved this problems for her, showing good manners.    

When a group of parents started paying attention to Si Huang, the more they got to know, the more they felt that this child was simply too dazzling. Compared with Si Huang, what they used to call “other people’s child” was still weak.    

Every time they talked about ‘other people’s children’, their own children would fight back and get angry. Now this perfect “other people’s child” was liked by their own children, and it also aroused the passion of their own children. It was simply the best positive teaching material!    

Jiayou! Jiayou! Must pay attention!    

It is great to have a conversation with my rebellious daughter (son) in the future without arousing their resentment!

In the future, I will never talk about ‘other people’s children’ to motivate my daughter (son), just take him as an example, it can’t be any better!

Wow! This kid is so handsome! Why didn’t I have this kind of idol when I was young! Otherwise, I would definitely be a fan of him too! ——All the mothers howled inwardly.

Everything was going on silently while Si Huang was asleep, and the next day when she woke up and went to have breakfast, she saw Yu Xi looking at her with a smiley expression.

Si Huang glanced at him, then turned to look at Yu Ling, “Your brother didn’t take medicine today?”

Yu Ling was startled, and then realized that Si Huang was joking, “Pfft, I think it might be irregular menstruation.”

Si Huang nodded and said in his usual lazy and elegant tone: “There is brown sugar at home.”

Yu Xi twitched the corners of his mouth, and handed her the tablet, “Congratulations, now you not only have the Knights, but also a Mother support team.”

Si Huang: “…”

She took the tablet and looked at it, and it turned out to be a morning program called ‘Mom’s Morning’.

A kind-looking, well-dressed middle-aged beautiful woman smiled at the camera and said, “I think the situation on the Internet is understandable.”

The situation on the Internet? A trace of doubt appeared in Si Huang’s eyes. What happened to the internet?

Ever since he discovered that Yu Xi was capable of dealing with many jobs, Si Huang no longer paid attention to his own fame all the time, as he was confident that Yu Xi would notify him whenever something happened, such as now.

“Even Professor Lin thinks this is normal?” the host asked in surprise.

A slideshow appeared on the screen behind the pair.

Si Huang saw her Weibo address at a glance.

On the slide was a cropped image of her Weibo address, each comment and the fan account of the comment were marked with a red paintbrush. After the host’s explanation, Si Huang got to know that a group of women came to her Weibo overnight, expressing their support and love for her. Their comments were not as bold and unrestrained as the girls, and they showed the prudence and gentleness of being a parent everywhere. For example, some commented that Si Huang was a little too thin, and asked her not to be too tired from work, but to eat well.

Professor Lin waited for the host to ask questions before answering with a smile: “I didn’t pay attention to Si Huang before. I only went to find out about him when I received a call from my best friend yesterday. I have to say, the more I get to know, the more surprised I am by this kid. He is really outstanding. It is unbelievable that this kind of excellence could appear in a child of this age. My first reaction was that this must be hype in packaging.”    

“However, when I read his articles, got to know about his background and his experiences, and after seeing his videos and photos with my own eyes, I can’t deny him out of jealousy. His excellence is unquestionable and true. As long as you pay attention to everything about him, you will definitely exclaim how could it be possible to have such an outstanding child, this must be a fake, and at the same time, I already believed in my heart that all this is true.”    

Professor Lin stopped, took a sip of the mineral water on the table to moisten her throat, and continued to use her light words to say in a slow and gentle voice: “When I was invited to do this interview on ‘Mom’s Morning’, I was very happy because now I am a member of Xiao Si Huang’s mother support team. I also have a daughter, she is also a fan of Si Huang, if there is such a star, I am very happy for her to continue chasing him and supporting him. Because of this, my daughter smiled at me when I went out today. For the first time, I felt that the generation gap with my daughter seemed to have disappeared. This makes me feel very happy, I think many mothers in front of the TV have the same idea as me, and this is one of the reasons why they pay attention to Si Huang.”    

After Professor Lin finished speaking, there was a second of silence, where neither the host nor the audience below spoke.    

“Listening to what you said.” The host thought of her responsibilities in time and said with a smile: “I can’t help being curious about Si Huang, and I want to get to know this kid better.”

Professor Lin said humorously: “After the show is over, we can do that together.”

“Haha, good.” The host also laughed, and then said: “Now let’s enter the lucky guest segment, the audience in front of the TV can call at this time, as long as you are lucky enough to be connected, you can get a set of ‘Mrs. Yun Nourishing Skin Care Products’, please call the contact number on the TV screen, thank you everyone.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a series of numbers frantically rotated on the screen behind her.

The host said “stop” and the screen stopped, and a phone icon appeared, indicating that the call was being connected.

Host: “Hello, this lucky viewer.”

“Ah? Hello, hello!” The lucky audience member was recognized as an elderly mother as soon as they heard the voice.

The host smiled, “Are you watching this program now?”

“Yes, yes, I watch it every morning, I am your loyal viewer.”

“Thank you very much for your support. So what do you have for today’s program. What do you think?”

“Are you talking about Si Huang? In fact, I made the phone call just because of this kid! I think what Professor Lin said is very reasonable. A kid like Si Huang is really rare! When I saw him, I immediately fell in love with him. Thinking about when I was young, why wasn’t there a boy like this? If there was, I think I would have become his fan too! Haha, but it’s not too late now, host, I look forward to you joining His Majesty’s Mother support team!”

There was a burst of good-natured laughter, and the host was dumbfounded, “It can be seen that you really like Si Huang, thank you very much for your participation, and I think your expectations will be realized soon. ”    

“Okay! Since I discovered Si Huang, I feel that my mentality has become younger, and my husband doesn’t stop me from chasing stars, haha.” Amidst a burst of laughter, the mother hung up the phone.

At the end of this morning program, there was an off-camera tidbit. In the tidbit, Professor Lin and the host left together. Professor Lin smiled at the camera and said: “I seem to be praising Si Huang all the time in this interview, maybe it will make many viewers think that it is false, but I have said everything that needs to be said, everything is to see it with your own eyes, and to experience it with your heart, and you can find what is most real.”

After the show ended, Si Huang’s cell phone rang.

She took it to see that it was actually An Yiyuan’s call, and she answered it without any thought.

“Brother, hurry up and check out your Weibo! You are famous now, a friend of women and a treasure of mothers! Hahahahaha——” An Yiyuan laughed regardless of his image.

Si Huang smiled and said, “I’ve made a recording of this call. Do you want your fans to hear the hilarious and wild laughter of Master An?”

The laughter on the other end of the phone stopped abruptly, “…Are you bored? Why are you recording phone calls!”

“It’s not as boring as you calling me early in the morning about this matter.”

“…You are cruel!”

The call was cut off, and Si Huang pursed her lips and smiled, and said to the Yu brother and sister: “Get ready, let’s go shoot the scene.”

Both Yu Xi and Yu Ling said that they were already ready.


Demon Yue guarded Ding Hong in the room all night. He didn’t want to do this, but a mysterious force urged him to stay and protect the harmless human girl.

When the blood moon gradually disappeared with time, Yue felt that the danger that threatened the human girl had been lifted, and he was no longer controlled by the mysterious force. His first reaction was to leave the room and stay away from this human girl who made him feel uncontrollable.

Yue jumped out of the window of the room and sprinted on the street in the morning.

The sunlight between early morning and noon was not strong, and the passers-by on the street were all wearing thick down jackets. When they suddenly saw Si Huang in thin clothes, everyone was stunned.

“Ahhhhhhh!” bursts of screams rang out, full of shock and surprise, this was exactly in line with the plot, and were captured in the camera.

There were usually no cars on this section of the road, and it was early in the morning, and there were even fewer cars. Therefore, it was easy to communicate, and everything within tens of meters was designated as a temporary shooting scene.

The passers-by were not expelled, as the presence of passers-by was needed in this scene.

Si Huang, who was dressed in a black robe, ran very fast, his long hair flew backwards with his speed, he easily climbed over the railing, but thin sweat was already breaking out on his forehead, his cheeks were bright red, and his cold lips were bitten into a bright red color, until his pair of eyes became more and more cold and cruel. It seemed to be the struggle of a beautiful monster, and the unruly attitude that never bowed its head made the passers-by around stunned. Many women ran after Si Huang panting.

Everyone could see that he was working hard, his trembling body and abnormal face were already exposed.

A car drove over suddenly, and everyone’s hearts were raised. Even if the car was not driving fast, it was enough to hurt people. Now there was no wire on Si Huang’s body, but he didn’t dodge, instead he greeted the car by running faster.

“Ah!” Even Xu Wanjun and others, who had known about it a long time ago, couldn’t help but raise their hearts in their throats when they saw this scene.

They still remembered what Si Huang said before preparing to shoot: “It’s too troublesome to use wire equipment here, and I can handle it.” It was one thing to believe him, but another thing to see it with your own eyes.

This was filming, not risking your life! Half an hour ago, why on earth did we agree to such a thing with Si Huang?

Yu Xi, Xu Wanjun and others looked regretful, but it was too late to stop.


Si Huang took off when the distance between the car and him was just a few meters, and he just happened to step on the front bonnet of the car, and then he leaned forward, jumped onto the roof with agility, rolled to the rear of the car, and let go of the strength after landing on both legs.

The set of movements was real and vigorous, and everyone was dumbfounded.

It was only then that Yu Xi remembered that when he was filming RB’s promotional video in Huaxing Art School, Si Huang showed very good athletic skills, and his jumping ability was comparable to that of a professional athlete.

“Cut!” Xu Wanjun also came back to his senses, and quickly ended the scene.

A group of people rushed towards Si Huang as if waking up from a dream.

The girls handed her a towel, mineral water, and a thick coat to put on, and the boys yelled at each other.

“Fuck, Si Huang, you are too ruthless, you dare to do this! Amazing!”

“You must have practiced it before? This skill is better than the soldiers I have seen!”

“I really admire you, from now on, you will be my boss, and I will not be ashamed to call you Your Majesty!”

Many girls among the passers-by on the road wanted to come over, but they were stopped by members of the student union organized by Zhang Nianmeng, and they said with a serious and polite attitude: “We are currently filming, please be safe, everyone.”

Everyone knew the reason behind this, and Zhang Nianmeng and the others are young, and they looked very good, so it was easy to arouse people’s goodwill, and they very simply appeased passers-bys.

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