RCFS Ch. 152: Entering the House 1

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“So you think I should listen to a girl in her teens, huh?”

Wang Zaihao gritted his teeth. In fact, if it was Ye Junpo who came today, he would have done whatever he said!

But, a little girl who was underage wanted him, Wang Zaihao to submit to her?

Wouldn’t it make those two bosses laugh out loud if they said it?

“It’s only when she’s young that we can attach ourselves!”

Brother Zhuang hurriedly said, “She’s still young, and it’s time for us to become her men. If she becomes full-fledged, can she still look up to us? Brother, we are not at a loss. I heard that the Ye family has already let her be the heir, even if they can’t get in the sword of the empire, being an aide will better than be what we are now!”

The sword of the empire, the symbol of honor of the Yan country, even if they couldn’t get in, being a subsidiary of one of the families was enough for them. These brothers had been eating and drinking hard rice for several years, and they didn’t have to do any black meetings anymore, maybe they could still be cleansed and respected by others!

Wang Zaihao obviously listened to all these words, and looked at the “corpse” on the ground, they were still unconscious.

Thinking of the end, Wang Zaihao could only spit and dial the phone.

“Hello?” Ye Yunxi’s voice was as quiet and indifferent as ever.

“Miss Ye, I apologize to you for what happened tonight, and I have decided to cooperate with you!”

From now on, I will be attached to the Ye family!

Ding! Trigger task: Create a company! Reward Awesomeness XP: 5000! Stamina: 50!

The host is great~~~ Only by forming a new company can the host one day make a fortune and rebuild Ye family into a wealthy family. Please think of a cool name for the new company!

The system fan was happy.

The studio was nothing, his host was already able to create a company!

After all, the movie’s profit was 700 million box office in seven days. With such a sky-high income, it was not overkill to form a company!

If it weren’t for the system setting the road to go step by step, it would have taken the host to create a group company, and it would have reached its peak in an instant!

Hey, now that he thought about it, what the host said was indeed true, not only was it a system with loopholes, but the person who developed the program was also a fucking idiot!

Why not soar into the sky!


Even it wanted to help the host and beg loudly!!

The programmer who broke in at this time: ……………

Damn it, blaming me?

“Really?” Ye Yunxi hooked the corners of her lips: “But you have found the wrong person, my dad will be the boss!”

She might agreed to nothing about tonight’s matter, but after finding faults, he still wanted to cling to her?

Hehe, if she didn’t hang up a few times, how could Brother Hao be obedient?

So wait and go!

After hanging up the phone, Ye Yunxi knew that this company could definitely be established!


“Company name?”

Ye Yunxi tilted her head and thought for a moment, then curled her lips for a while: “Yehuang.”


“Yes, Yehuang Group!”

The smile on Ye Yunxi’s face became even wider: “My Ye family will one day be reborn like a phoenix from the ashes and return to the throne!”

Therefore, it is called Yehuang!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!!!

The system couldn’t take it anymore!

It felt like every cell from its head to toe was clamouring with one word: cool!

The host is great!

It’s called Yehuang!


Then when shall we register the new company?

Mr. System couldn’t wait to see Yehuang’s name be registered!!

“Don’t worry, wait until the movie’s run is over, and we’ll talk about it when we’re physically strong. Besides, it’ll be the start of school soon.”

She also had to prepare the things she needed for the start of school.

“By the way, when will you get your black card back?”

This thing was still in her hands. Although she still owed money, she would be able to repay it soon, after all, the movie would finish its run soon.

At that time, there would be only ten million yuan in this area, which was really not enough to see.

It felt so good to be rich!

Ye Yunxi hooked the corners of her mouth, feeling quite refreshed.

The black card is now the host’s property, and its consumption amount will increase according to the amount of property the host owns, and vice versa! But the repayment period is still three months!

In other words, if her property was 100 million, then the consumption limit of this black card is also 100 million?

Ha…, do you want to be so cool?

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