GLR Ch. 16

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Neptune, “Master, urgently send the encrypted message.”

The old man Bai’s terminal rang, and with the old man’s permission, the terminal’s electric wave was connected to the electric wave of old man Bai’s light brain, and the information was transmitted to his consciousness. Immediately, the old man’s complexion changed drastically, and he stood up in a hurry: “I have to attend to something urgent, so I have to leave.”

“Go slowly.” Mr. Daim waved his hand, looking at his leaving back, he felt thoughtful.

After the old man Bai left, he connected to Ryan’s terminal: “Got it?”

Ryan was already on the mecha, and the huge fuselage flew out from the TV headquarters: “Mr. Bai, I’m on my way back to the palace.”

“Good news.” After saying that, old man Bai hurriedly boarded the small airship and set to return to the imperial capital. He was an old man, but unlike young people, he could still drive around in a mecha.

When old man Bai came to the gate of the palace, the head of the guard beside the emperor was already waiting for him, and the two left to enter the palace on a suspension car.

In the hall, the queen was sobbing softly, and the emperor frowned while talking to Prince Lane.

“Your Majesty!”

The old man Bai saluted to His Majesty the Emperor, and was lifted up by His Majesty: “Teacher, don’t be too polite, sit down.”

The old man sat down opposite the Emperor, and asked worriedly: “Didn’t you say everything went well before? How could it be in the second dimension? Did they have a problem during the jump?”

Zuo Lun, the senior guard, replied: “General Allen sent back a secret telegram. Before returning to Neptune, Marshal He’s mental violence alarm had already been upgraded to level four. No one expected that during the second space jump, he would directly break through the spiritual fortress and reach the peak of level five. Marshal He was afraid that his mental power will cause a mental storm, which will cause the mental power of other soldiers to collapse. So, during the second jump, he flew out of the star ship with the ‘air wing’. After that, his whereabouts become unknown.”

The marshal was the only soldier in the empire and the federation with SSS-level spiritual power, and the high-level spiritual power made him very dangerous.

He couldn’t be matched with a therapist at all, and Marshal He refused the therapist’s spiritual tentacles from entering his spiritual world, and he had been drinking inhibitors to suppress his spiritual power, which had made his mania worse.

“We can’t let the outside world know about Marshal He, otherwise the empire will become unstable,” the Zergs were eyeing the empire, always wanting to make a comeback; inside the empire also, there was a dark tide, and once it was reported that the marshal was missing, the consequences would be disastrous.

“Zuo Lun!”

“Your Majesty!”

“Lead a team and go to the planets to search secretly, you must find the marshal.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Zuo Lun took the order to leave, and the queen finally took him in under the persuasion of Prince Lane, “Do you want to inform Xiao Wen?”

His Majesty sighed: “No, he is in the kitchen, and it is useless to inform him. Trust Yun Ting, he will definitely come back safely.”

Compared with His Majesty’s optimism, the old man Bai couldn’t let it go, mental outburst was not a small problem, not to mention that Marshal He’s mental riot has reached the critical point, reaching level five, he might even have died violently because of it.

Su Yemu’s biggest gain from a trip to District 1 were the three brushes and ink. Regarding the matter of land reclamation, Boss Hei chatted with Su Xiaonan directly, then looked up at Su Yemu, and it was considered a success.

When they got home, Su Yemu asked Su Xiaonan what she had said to Boss Hei, and Su Xiaonan replied, “Boss Hei said that we should give him two extra bottles of rice wine. He hasn’t drunk rice wine yet!”

“12 bottles of wine, leave two bottles for cooking, and give him the rest!” After seeing Boss Hei, Su Yemu felt that although he looked fierce, he had a hearty personality and seemed upright, and he had indeed taken care of Su Xiaonan for many years, so Su Yemu was grateful to him.

After chatting with Xiaonan about Boss Hei, Su Yemu thought of A Sha, and how on the way back, he asked A Sha how he came to the first district, and how did he get there? But A Sha still didn’t speak, and he left directly after the hovering speed car stopped.

After returning home, Su Yemu placed an order for the ingredients to be used today on Xingwang, and checked the status of the seeds on Xingwang. It was surprisingly complete.

In the great migration of human beings, the seeds were the things that were most taken away. Especially in Huaxia, where the farming culture had been passed down for thousands of years. It was the emphasis on food engraved in the soul, and it could not be changed. He had never planted a field, but when he saw the open space, he always had the urge to plant something on it.

Although the seeds were all there, they were known to be one of the food ingredients, but due to the loss of cooking methods, many dishes and ingredients were not able to be used. Su Yemu felt that it was time for him to use them.

After moving the frequently used vegetables, ingredients and seeds into the shopping cart, Su Yemu found some agricultural tools on the star network, and learned about the architectural design of the interstellar era.

What surprised him was that it only took three days to build a house in the interstellar age, because they used all synthetic materials.

Su Yemu withdrew from the terminal, ran to the wall and tapped it twice, it made a dull sound. It was really not built with bricks.

“Who are you? Where did you get my address?”

“No, my brother won’t take the test.”

“I told you, my brother won’t take the test. You guys go.”

Su Yemu was listening to the Xiaonan’s voice coming from outside. It sounded a little harsh, she was angry.

Su Yemu hadn’t seen Xiaonan get angry since he had come to the Interstellar era; his face darkened immediately, and then he picked up a kitchen knife and rushed out of the door.

“Xiaonan, who bullied you?” When Su Yemu came out, he saw a group of people he didn’t know standing at the door of his house. Jiang Xiaoyu was also there, looking anxious. There was a man and a woman standing beside him, also with solemn expressions.

Everyone at the door: “!”

“You are Su Yemu!” The strange obese man saw Su Yemu, his eyes lit up, and he stepped forward a few steps, then ignoring the knife in Su Yemu’s hand, he held his hand, with a smile all over his face: “Hello, hello, I’m the vice president of the Chefs Association, Old Chen, you can call me Lao Chen, I came here uninvited today, please excuse me.”

“Why did you make my sister angry?”

Su Yemu narrowed his eyes, and his face became cold, which really made people shudder.

“Here,” Lao Chen looked at Su Xiaonan who was still angry, rubbed his nose, and said embarrassedly: “I came here uninvited, it might have made your sister unhappy!”

The address of the live broadcast on the TV platform was confidential. Unless it was an insider of the TV platform, no one could know Su Yemu’s address. Even if someone knew, there was no reason to come uninvited.

“Mr. Chen has something to do with me?” Su Yemu pulled Xiaonan over, patted her arm, and comforted her.

“Can we go in and talk?”

Su Yemu glanced at his sister, Xiaonan still looked unhappy, and shook his head.

Now, Lao Chen coulf tell that this elder brother still had to act according to his sister’s wish; but this reassured Lao Chen, this showed that his character couldn’t be bad, and their Chef Association really needed such a talent.

“I am the vice president of the Neptune Chef General Association. I watched your live broadcast on the TV platform. You are a talent, and we need you,” Old Chen said affectionately, with tears in his eyes.

“What can I do?” Su Yemu knew that cooking methods in the interstellar era were almost all lost, and the status of chefs was also very high, but it was too exaggerated to attract the president of the Neptune Chef General Association!

Seeing Su Yemu’s bewildered face, Lao Chen knew that he knew nothing about the importance of his cooking, but after thinking about it, he understood that they hadn’t announced the importance of cooking at present, for fear of causing panic, especially when it concerned the royal family. He couldn’t explain it to the outside world, he could only lure him in slowly.

“Su Yemu, do you know that imperial cuisine is about to be lost?”

“I have heard about it.”

“I see that you are very skilled in cooking, and you are also clear about the use of ingredients. I think if you can join the Chefs Association, it will definitely strengthen our team building, I…”

“I told you, my brother won’t take the test.”

Su Xiaonan pulled her brother back, her face was tight, and she glared at Old Chen angrily.

“Can I know why?” Old Chen could see that this little sister must have some concerns.

Su Xiaonan bit her lip tightly, shook her head, dragged Su Yemu into the room and closed the door with a bang.

Everyone outside the door looked at each other, what was going on? In this day and age, were there still people who didn’t want to take the chef’s certificate? They must know that with a chef certificate, even if he didn’t become a chef in the future, relying on the annual subsidy from the Chefs Association would be enough for him to live a wealthy life.

“Xiaonan, what’s the matter? Why can’t I take the test?” If Su Yemu wanted to open a farm, the chef’s certificate was a must.

At this moment, Su Xiaonan seemed to have thought of this too, so she frowned tightly, and said, “Brother, it’s better if we don’t open the farm anymore.”


Su Xiaonan shook her head, with a sad expression on her face, but she refused to speak.

“Xiaonan.” Su Yemu’s tone couldn’t help but become harsh. Su Yemu, a fool, had limited memory and didn’t know many things about the Su family. Xiaonan must have a reason for objecting to his chef certification.

Su Xiaonan pursed her lips tightly, tears streaming down her face; her brother was not clear-headed before, and apart from making noise with her, he acted like a baby and sometimes begged for money to buy snacks, this was the first time he had been aggressive towards her.

Su Xiaonan’s eyes turned red, and Su Yemu became nervous: “Xiaonan, don’t cry, I’m not trying to hurt you, but I’m your brother, what can’t you tell your brother? If you don’t want to say it, your brother will feel that he is useless.”

Su Xiaonan choked up and said, “Brother, mom said we can’t go to Neptune. I promised her that I would always take care of my brother and we will not go to Neptune. If you want to get a chef certificate, we’ll have to go to Neptune.”

“Did Mom say why we can’t go to Neptune?”


Su Yemu thought for a while and said, “Xiaonan, it’s impossible for us not to go to Neptune for the rest of our lives, and your brother still wants you to go to Neptune to study!”

“I won’t go, I…”

“Brother wants you to go, Xiaonan, brother wants you to realize your dreams; mom won’t let us go to Neptune, maybe she was just worried that we would have a bad life there, now brother has the ability, there is nothing to be afraid of when living on Neptune.”

“Yes, sister, don’t worry, with me there we will only live well, and no one will dare to touch you; we are an official organization appointed by the above, I will definitely protect you.”

The power of the Chefs Association was unimaginable to others. In order to let Su Yemu join the association, Lao Chen turned out all the old stories of the association.

What Mr. Chen said made sense. Su Xiaonan frowned and thought about it. Thinking of his brother’s happy face when he said that he wanted to open up the wasteland and start a farm, she could only nod at last, then she turned to look at Mr. Chen who was lying on the window: “Why are you eavesdropping on our conversation? “

Old Chen: “If I said the wind brought me here, will you believe me?”

Su Xiaonan started to worry again, was this person really the vice president of the Chefs Association? I feel like there’s something wrong with his brain.

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