KHSW Ch. 222

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The woman continued to say arrogantly and unreasonably: “I’m talking about you, if you don’t show some sincerity when apologizing today, I will call the child’s father.”

Su Zhiyan looked at the old man, and saw that his face was also very gloomy.

It was the first time they saw someone who dared to make trouble with them unreasonably.

“You’re talking about it, how can we show sincerity?” Su Zhiyan looked calm.

“Apologize to my son first.” As soon as the woman finished speaking, Xiao Nuo looked up, “Mom said that only those who did something wrong need to apologize, and Xiao Nuo did nothing wrong.”

The woman looked at Xiao Nuo with a look of contempt, “You beat my son and said you did nothing wrong? You have no education at all, Teacher Zhang, does your noble school still accept such children?”

After understanding the meaning of the woman, Teacher Zhang was also very embarrassed, “Mother Yang Fei, this is recruited by the school, and I can’t make the decision.”

“Then you go find someone who can make the decision, and I’ll wait here.”

Only then did Su Zhiyan and the old man understand what she meant. The lady wanted their Xiao Nuo to drop out of school. Was that okay?

The old man finally spoke, “Bring your principal, Qi Lei, and ask him to come and judge.”

After a cup of tea, a middle-aged man with glasses walked in.

When he saw Mr. Xu, he immediately stepped forward kindly, “Uncle, why are you here? My father still misses you often! Are you in good health?”

The old man turned his head angrily, “What’s the matter?”

When Xiao Nuo’s class teacher saw that Xiao Nuo’s great-grandfather knew the principal, she felt a little annoyed. She didn’t handle this matter well, and she might have to be trained again.

Little Fatty’s mother disdained it, but she only knew a principal.

“Uncle, is this your great-grandson?” The principal had already heard about Xu Nuo before he came.

Mr. Xu said angrily, “Just tell me how you will deal with this matter!”

Xiao Pangdun’s mother stood up suddenly, “Are you the principal? The principal has to be reasonable. His child beat my child. If you don’t expel him today, don’t expect my husband to let you keep your job or invest a penny more.”

The principal made a serious face. His mission statement while running the school was “fairness and justice”, so that every child could enjoy high-quality education.

But this kind of unhealthy trend actually appeared in the school.

“Let’s see the monitoring first, and I will reply to you later.”

Little Fatty was having a great time, so he didn’t care what was happening here.

After a while, the principal finally came back and showed the surveillance video recorded on the mobile phone to Fatty’s mother, “We have seen it, it was your child who made the first move, and he fell down by himself.”

The woman’s face was a little uncomfortable, but she still refused to admit that it was her child’s fault, and turned the phone away, “I don’t care about this, you just want to cover for them, since you have to do this, okay, I will give it to you now. I’m calling the child’s father.”

“You don’t have to fight.”

Hearing the principal’s words, the woman thought he had changed his mind, and looked at Xiao Nuo and the others triumphantly.

“Please go back and tell Minister Yang to ask him to withdraw the funds immediately. In addition, if you think my treatment is unfair, you can transfer the child to another school.”

The woman froze for a moment, and followed by raging anger, “Okay, after the child’s father withdraws his capital, let me see how long this run-down private school of yours can last.”

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