KHSW Ch. 221

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“Xiao Nuo, the teacher told you that a child who lies is not a good child. If you hadn’t bullied your classmates, why would Yang Fei have sand all over his body?”

“Teacher, he fell down by himself, Xiao Nuo will not lie.”

The teacher frowned, but decided that he was lying, “Okay, I’ll call your father or mother.”

“Teacher…” the little guy yelled softly, her shadow reflected in his dark eyes, “Can you not call mom and dad?”

Looking into his eyes, she felt as if she was possessed by a demon, and her heart softened for no reason, and she agreed to him in a strange way.

But when she realized what had happened, she was a little regretful. If Yang Fei told his father about being bullied in the kindergarten, Xiao Nuo would probably be expelled from school, and of course she would have to bear part of the responsibility.

It’s fine if it was an ordinary kindergarten, but it was different here. This was a gathering place for nobles, and the slightest bump of the children might lead to complaints from the parents.

She thought to herself, it’s better to wait until after school to discuss with his parents!

Finally, she waited until school was over.

Mr. Xu had been waiting for a long time, and he couldn’t wait, “Will my little great-grandson miss us?”

Su Zhiyan also watched carefully from the side, for fear that she might miss Xiao Nuo.

As soon as Xiao Pangdun saw his own car, he ran forward quickly, said a few words to the people in the car, and then a stylishly dressed lady with a slightly bloated figure who looked a little aggressive, stepped out of the car.

“Xiao Nuo, have you seen your parents?”

The teacher held Xiao Nuo’s hand, planning to tell his parents what happened after seeing his parents later.

Xiao Nuo saw a familiar figure outside the school gate, “Teacher, over there.”

Then he took the teacher’s hand and walked out.

“Grandma.” The little guy shouted crisply when he saw Su Zhiyan.

When the old man saw this little guy for the first time, he felt kind, he looked very much like Yizhi when he was a child!

He was just about to stretch out his arms to hug him when she saw him running into Su Zhiyan’s arms, “Come on, let grandma kiss.”

Su Zhiyan placed a kiss on both sides of Xiao Nuo’s cheeks.

The old man felt a little lost in his heart.

“So cute, did Nuonuo listen to the teacher in the kindergarten?”

The teacher asked awkwardly: “Hi, I’m Xu Nuo’s head teacher. Are you Xu Nuo’s parents?”

“Yes, I am his grandma.”

“Hmm…” Hearing that she only introduced himself, Mr. Xu coughed on purpose to remind her that there was another person here!

“Oh, this is Nuonuo’s great-grandfather.”

Only then was the old man satisfied, and he kept looking at Xiao Nuo.

“It’s like this…” The teacher had just finished explaining what happened in school today, when the little fat man led his mother over.

“Is it your child who bullied my Feifei?”

The woman’s voice was harsh, making it extremely uncomfortable to hear.

“Hello, auntie, I didn’t bully him.”

The woman ignored what Xiao Nuo said, and asked Mr. Xu and Su Zhiyan aggressively, “How do you educate the child? Do you know who my husband is? He dared to bully us.”

Seeing this, the teacher had no choice but to step back silently.

Su Zhiyan looked around in confusion, “Are you talking about us?”

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