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At three o’clock in the afternoon, Li Xin packed up his things and hurried out.

Qin Yize’s “Infinite Space” was cut off halfway, and the studio’s early preparations were all in vain. Recently, it was a mess. Li Xin had to go back to the studio to stabilize his position, and at the crew’s side, because in the next few days, all the filming will be carried out at the base, Li Xin was very relieved to just leave an assistant there.

Li Xin followed the two soldiers sent by Benjamin all the way to the tarmac, boarded the suspension car, and said politely: “Thank you for sending me off.”

The two soldiers saluted him very seriously, and said: “You’re welcome, the general asked us to send you here.”

Li Xin smiled and said, “Then thank your general for me.”

As he was speaking, he heard a deep and gentle voice behind him: “Why don’t you thank me in person.”

Li Xin’s back stiffened, and when he turned his head, he met the man’s deep blue eyes. Li Xin was stunned: “General, General? Why are you here?”

Benjamin’s eyes were gentle: “Anyway, I’m free this afternoon. I will send you off personally.”

Li Xin was flattered: “This… this is too much trouble for you.”

Benjamin said: “It’s okay, I really like listening to your stories.”

Li Xin was stared at by his gentle eyes, so feeling uncomfortable all over his body, he couldn’t help but take a step back, and say awkwardly: “General, what I’m talking about is just… boring gossip from the entertainment industry, can you really listen to it?”

Benjamin smiled gently: “It’s okay, I am very interested in things in the entertainment industry circle, and I just want to learn more from you.” After finishing speaking, he stretched out his hand with a very gentle attitude: “Let’s make friends.”

Li Xin was flattered: “I, I’m just a…”

Benjamin’s voice became even gentler: “I know. You are just an ordinary Beta, an agent who runs errands for Qin Yize, so what does that matter? I want to make friends with you, do I still need to consider your identity?”

Li Xin was very embarrassed by the words. In fact, he really felt that the generals in the military department were all from prominent backgrounds, especially Benjamin, who was the Alpha that the Behe family focused on training. It sounded weird to be friends with such a General.

Seeing that he didn’t answer, Benjamin joked: “Or, you think I’m too difficult to get along with and not worthy of being your friend?”

Li Xin quickly waved his hands and said with a smile: “No, the general has a very gentle personality. In fact, just now, at the beginning, when the director said that he would bring us to the base to shoot, we were all under pressure. We always felt that the soldiers would be very serious and indifferent. Maybe we would be reprimanded if we made a slight mistake. Unexpectedly, the general has such a temper. Well, almost all the requirements put forward by the crew can be met. I am actually quite surprised that you are young and have no airs at all…”

Li Xin, as a manager, had long been trained to speak nonsense to people and to boast, so his mouth was quite sweet, otherwise he could not have helped Qin Yize get so many resources smoothly.

Seeing him chattering and starting to boast, Benjamin couldn’t help but deepen the smile on his lips. This long-winded Beta couldn’t get to the point. He obviously didn’t know that the general he thought was “easy to get along with and very gentle” was actually a big-tailed wolf with bad intentions.

Hearing him say good things with various words, Benjamin couldn’t help but smile slightly, and said, “So, are you willing to be friends with me?”

Li Xin’s face brightened: “This… the general doesn’t dislike me, of course I will, yes.”

Benjamin smiled: “Why would I dislike you? I really like to hear you tell stories about the entertainment industry, why don’t you continue yesterday’s topic and continue to tell me about the years when Qin Yize and Xiao Zhuo debuted. Let’s do it.”

Looking at the general’s gentle smile, it seemed that he was really only interested in gossip in the entertainment industry, Li Xin felt a little more relaxed, and said: “At the beginning, neither Yize nor Xiao Zhuo were famous. I took them around to try out plays. Both of them had good talents, and they were quickly spotted by directors. The second male…”

When Li Xin talked about the past, he was really eloquent.

Benjamin smiled and listened to his experiences. The more he listened, the more interesting he found it.

Li Xin’s face was actually not that handsome, it was just a very ordinary Beta face. However, the expression on his face was very rich and wonderful. When he talked about happy places, his face was full of joy and his eyes were bright; when he was angry, he puffed up his face angrily, and turned on the fighting mode all over his body, as if he wanted to tear into the star who deliberately slandered Qin Yize.

That day, he saw him gesticulating with his hands, whispering a lot to Qin Yize, his mouth kept talking non-stop, and several expressions changed on his face in an instant, such a lively Beta, inexplicably attracted Benjamin’s gaze.

At this moment, listening to him talk about those past-hard-working and serious years made Benjamin find him very cute.

He was a Beta with ordinary looks, ordinary genes, and an ordinary family background. Betas accounted for more than 70% of the current population of the empire. Hundreds of years of genetic inheritance had also destined Beta’s genes to be inferior to Omegas. Therefore, when choosing a mate, many Alphas were more inclined to choose an Omega, so that they could also experience the fun of pheromone fusion when marking.

But Benjamin felt that the Beta in front of him was cuter than all the Omegas he had ever seen.

Li Xin talked for a long time, until his mouth turned dry and his throat was almost hoarse.

Benjamin smiled slightly, handed him a glass of water considerately, and said, “Drink some water to moisturize your throat.”

Li Xin looked at the water glass handed in front of him, blushing slightly: “I, am I talking too much.”

Benjamin smiled gently: “It’s okay, you don’t have to be too restrained in front of me, you can say whatever is bothering you. For example, you hurried back to the studio this time, it is Qin Yize right, then something’s going on over there, isn’t it?”

Li Xin blushed and said, “Wouldn’t you be annoyed if I complained to you like this? Otherwise, you might think he would annoy me sometimes by talking too much.”

Benjamin said softly, “Why? We are friends.”

Li Xin’s heart suddenly felt warm. He never thought that there would be such a gentle and good-tempered general in the world. He never thought that a General Alpha with a prominent family background would be willing to be friends with an ordinary Beta like him.

He didn’t realize at all that the general’s fox tail could hardly be hidden.

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