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When Lin Xin returned to Shen Lou’s courtyard, the guard Huang Ge was diligently pouring the decoction in the sweet-scented osmanthus trees in the courtyard.

“Brother Huang, the prince doesn’t want to drink medicine anymore?” Lin Xin was very concerned about Shen Lou’s sudden coma last night, so he asked Zhu Xingli just now, but the old bastard started pretending to be stupid again, saying if he must know, he must acknowledge him as teacher before he would be willing to talk about it.

“Yes.” Huang Ge scratched his head sadly, but Zi Shu didn’t follow them and he was too clumsy to persuade the Prince.

“Has the Prince’s body been like this since he was a child?” Lin Xin broke off a sprig of sweet-scented osmanthus and played with it in his hand, “I heard that the Northern Territory has to fight the barbarians in Beimo every year. With such a weak body, the Shen family…”

“No!” Huang Ge rightly corrected Lin Xin’s guess, “The Shizi was physically strong when he was a child, and it was only two years ago… Well, don’t think that the Shizi has to take medicine every day, his spiritual power and swordsmanship are far superior to those of other clansmen. Above all, no one can take away his position as the son of the world!”

Huang Shiwei, who was not good at words, praised Shen Lou as the son of the world, he talked endlessly, and even blushed because of excitement.

Two years ago? Lin Xin frowned, because Young Master Zhao and Zhong Changye died one after another, and the day of death was also the day of his rebirth. This made him have to connect the death of the two with his own rebirth. So what about Shen Qingque? His body was broken two years ago, and it seemed that his rebirth had nothing to do with it.

In the room, Shen Lou seemed to be fine, he was cleaning the short spirit sword, when he saw Lin Xin with half of his head protruding, he beckoned him to come over.

Putting the sword back into its sheath, he put a piece of Luli the size of a pigeon egg in the deer trough, “Can you use a sword?”

“A little bit.” Lin Xin took it and held the hilt with one hand. The sword seemed to be shrouded in a faint fluorescence. Now that he had already told Shen Lou about his life experience, there was no need to hide the fact that he could use a sword.

Shen Lou was not surprised, “Give it to you.”

“Really?” This was the first time Shen Lou had given him something, and Lin Xin immediately felt that the little sword in his hand had become cute, as he held it tightly, “This is a promise of love. Is it a love token?”

“…Where did you hear that?” Lin Xin, who was twenty years old, opened his mouth for this kind of specious teasing, but when he heard it from Lin Xin, who was eight years old, it was too shocking.

“Mr. Storyteller said it,” Lin Xin said nonsense without changing his face, “You show you are you in love by giving a Luli with fallen flowers?”

Oh, after all, his memory had been wiped out, and now Lin Xin was still a child who didn’t know anything.

“Oh,” Lin Xin replied nonchalantly, and lowered his head to stroke the little sword. “But, I have nothing to give you.” He only had a piece of jade pendant left by his father, so he could only give the newly broken sweet-scented osmanthus branch and stuffed it in Shen Lou’s hand.

He had already made up his mind to leave with Master, he originally wanted to ask Shen Lou for something, so that he could take it out to remind him of the old days when they met again after years.

He was the son of the late Xunlu, if he revealed his identity, it would be impossible for him to be Shen Lou’s attendant again. With the integrity of the Shen family, the news would surely be sent to the capital. In a few days, the royal chariots and horses would arrive at Mount Mogui to pick up the orphan of “Xunlu” back to the palace, where the emperor would personally raise him.

“Father said that you have excellent aptitude and wanted to teach you the ice-breaking swordsmanship.” Shen Lou pretended not to know that Lin Xin had met Zhu Xingli, “This sword is suitable for you to use now.”

Shen Qirui actually said that he would teach him. What did he mean, that he was not planning to hand him over to the emperor?

Lin Xin was quite surprised, and there was a little struggle in his eyes.

Shen Lou just pretended not to see it and took him to visit the brothers of the Zhong family.

In the previous life, there were many legends about why Lin Xin killed his teacher. Zhong Youyu, who couldn’t keep his mouth shut, was the mainstay in providing information to Shen Lou.

“It is said that Lin Xin’s father was killed by Zhu Xingli. It is said that Lin Zhenghan asked him to raise Lin Xin before his death. Think about it carefully, if Zhu Xingli did not do it, how did he meet Lin Zhenghan before he died? Tsk tsk, it was not easy for Lin Xin to live up to the revenge of killing his father and the kindness of raising him.” At that time, Zhong Youyu still felt that Lin Xin was pitiful.

“Bah, do you think that Lin Xin did it out for revenge? He wanted to take Zhu Xingli’s ten thousand books, because Zhu Xingli loved his brother even more, and he thought he had a tyrannical temperament, so he became angry from embarrassment!” By the time of this second version, Zhong Youyu was already very disgusted with Lin Xin. After all, Lin Xin treated everyone else the same, except that he charged 30% more for selling Luli to his family.

“I heard from the Golden guards who went to Yanqiu to pick up people, that when they reached there, Lin Xin was pointing his sword at his master with his clothes dishevelled, his eyes were red, and he looked like…” as if he had said something disgusting, Zhong Youyu stopped suddenly, “Bah, I heard it from others. It can’t be true, it can’t be true.”

Although Lin Xin was his father-killing enemy, such a statement was too nasty, and Zhong Youyu feeling that he shouldn’t slander him like this, stopped in time.

Lin Xin had never mentioned the reason to anyone, and it was definitely not a good reason. He couldn’t hand Lin Xin over to Zhu Xingli, absolutely not.

Zhu Xingli, who sneezed three times in a row, didn’t know that Shen Lou was muttering about him behind his back. After finding the son of that old man, he was rubbing his hands in the yard excitedly. The Shen family’s father and son were all elm-headed. If they know about little A Xin’s life experience, they must tell the emperor, so he had to take him away right away.

Now there were only two ways, either let Zhu’s family come forward and say that the child was Zhu Xingli’s illegitimate son, and take him away shamelessly; or steal, pick up Lin Xin and run away, so that they couldn’t find him.

Both paths were feasible, it depended on whether Lin Xin was willing to go with him. Zhu Xingli found a pen and paper, wrote a letter to his eldest brother, and then swaggered away to find the clock and follow the wind.

Zhong Suifeng was counting Qiugong’s account books, when his head was suddenly hit on the head by a sprig of sweet-scented osmanthus, “Who?” Looking over while pinching the sprig, he saw Zhu Xingli who was sitting on the window sill shaking his feet

“Suifeng, lend me some Luli.” Zhu Xingli smiled and reached out to him.

This person, just after scolding him, how dare he turn around and ask him to lend money? Zhong Suifeng held back for a while, and said, “How much do you want?”

“Not much, ten catties.” Zhu Xingli jumped off the window sill, picked up the Zhong family’s account book and looked through it, “This year’s harvest is not bad.”

Zhong Suifeng snatched the account book and said slowly, “What do you want so much Luli for? You are erratic and might leave Mogui Mountain anytime. Then where can I go to collect debts?”

“Tsk, look at you, have you forgotten my surname? Our Zhu family, can we still owe you ten catties of Luli? My elder brother will definitely pay you back.” Zhu Xingli said, grabbing a handful of Luli from the Luli box.

“Hey, you…” Zhong Suifeng was already hesitant in doing things, but he was fooled by his few words, and when he wanted to say anything else, but the man had already run away like the wind.

Zhong Changye’s funeral was held for seven days, and all major families sent their direct descendants to express their condolences. The head of the Lin family in the Eastern Region had important matters and couldn’t leave, so he sent his son over. The Patriarch of the Zhu family in the Southern Region was not so polite, and directly said that he had a bad relationship with Zhong Changye and pointed to his younger brother Zhu Xingli who happened to be in Mogui Mountain to replace him.

Regarding this situation, Shen Qirui had expected it a long time ago, “Do you know why they didn’t come?”

“Because my father is here.” It would definitely cause dissatisfaction with the emperor.

Zhong Youyu, who was still a little angry at first, immediately understood when he heard Shen Lou’s words, “Wait, Wumo and I will return the gift to all uncles after the filial piety is over.”

Shen Qirui nodded in relief, “That’s right. I’ve already asked Your Majesty to let your uncle take care of the affairs of the Western Regions temporarily, and you two will return to the Northern Regions with me.”

“Is that okay?” Zhong Youyu’s eyes lit up when he heard that he could go to the Northern Regions and poked his younger brother with his hand. He was also worried that after his father’s death, no one would teach them how to practice. It would be great if they could follow Shen Qirui.

Zhong Wumo didn’t respond.

At this moment, there was a sound of a trombone whistling outside, and the expressions of the people in the room suddenly changed, and they got up and walked out quickly. But seeing several golden lights coming from the sky, they were the emperor’s Golden Guards.

Lin Xin hid behind the pillars and looked at the golden flag waving in the wind. He quickly turned around and ran towards Zhu Xingli’s yard without looking back.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Zhu Xingli caught the little guy who was rushing towards him, seeing his pale face, he asked quickly.

“Let’s go, let’s go! The Golden guards are here, they must have to come to pick me up!” Lin Xin tightly clutched the front of his bright red robe, “Master, I recognize you as my master, take me away!”

There was no need to elaborate , Zhu Xingli already knew what must have happened, “Don’t be afraid, let’s go.”

After he finished speaking, he took out the “borrowed” Luli, inserted it into the spirit sword, and made a magic formula. It twirled flexibly in the air. Holding the child in his arms tightly, Zhu Xingli jumped up, stepped on the spirit sword, instantly turned into a red light, and flew away.

The author has something to say: Note: How to form a relationship, beautiful jade embellished with fallen flowers.

———From the small theater of Han Fanqin’s “Poetry of Love”:

Lou Lou: If you don’t pay attention, your wife will be gone

Master: Let A Xin sing a song for you

Lou Lou: What?

Master: La la la la, sad people don’t listen to slow songs!

Lou Lou: …

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