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When he came out of Wanda, Ji Wenfeng was very happy because he skipped half a day’s class to speculate in stocks, and Lu Rong changed into his favorite hairstyle. He even said to Lu Rong: “Your mother is a miraculous woman.”

Lu Rong was not sure whether it was praise or criticism in his words. But after thinking about it, this was not a bad thing, praise or criticism meant a change in attitude, Ji Wenfeng did not have attitude when he said this, and his mood was stable, which showed that at least he no longer opposed his father and Fang Qing’s marriage, including the wedding. There was no objection, no interest, Lu Rong estimated that his mentality at this time was laissez-faire but being a flower boy was still not negotiable. It was impossible for Ji Wenfeng to pull her skirt and throw flower petals for Fang Qing while wearing a suit. Ji Wenfeng was a proud lion, so it was better to tell him to die than to let him do such things.

Lu Rong didn’t want Ji Wenfeng to be a flower boy. His original intention was to let Ji Wenfeng come to the wedding. Now that Ji Wenfeng had accepted the wedding, he could proceed to the second step of the battle plan.

Lu Rong said to Fang Qing: “It’s still early today, why don’t we drop by the vegetable market and buy ingredients for some side dishes.”

He just gave a little hint, and Fang Qing followed his script perfectly: “That’s right! I didn’t have time yesterday, so I’m going to show off today!” Fang Qing did this to prevent Ji Tong from divorcing her when he got to know she was taking the two children to play truant from school and hoped to use her food to tie Ji Tong’s stomach and let him keep her.

Ji Wenfeng had no objection after all, at this moment, he still didn’t know what Fang Qing’s dishes meant.

He would know in two hours.

He was seriously shaken by this marriage, and he also had serious doubts about Ji Tong, who was full of praise for these dishes. He suspected that he was out of his mind or had a bad sense of taste. Maybe his father had been fooled by this woman, and he had to be ready to inherit the Ji family at any time.

Ji Wenfeng excused himself saying he was feeling unwell and left the table two and a half minutes after the meal was served. Both these dishes and this Ji Tong made him feel physically uncomfortable.

Fang Qing asked concerned: “Does he have gastroenteritis? Should we make him see a doctor?”

Lu Rong put down the bowl and chopsticks, stood up and said, “I’ll go and see him.” After finishing speaking, he left and went to talk to Ji Wenfeng about their sea of suffering together.

Fang Qing and Ji Tong looked at each other.

Ji Tong said: “Xiaofeng and Rongrong get along very well, don’t they?”

Fang Qing looked at Lu Rong’s back, with an old mother’s smile on her face: “That’s right. When a group of delinquent teenagers broke into the Internet cafe today, Xiaofeng stood up to protect Rongrong.”

Ji Tong worried: “Delinquents?”

Fang Qing stroked his arm comfortingly: “Don’t worry, they are my friends, a group of rookies in the game.”

Ji Tong: “…”

Ji Tong: “Wait a minute? Internet cafe? Why were you in an Internet cafe?”

Fang Qing hurriedly gave food to him: “…Are you hungry, eat more I made it myself.” Very cute.


After Lu Rong left the dining room, he didn’t go directly to find Ji Wenfeng, but went to the kitchen. The Cooking Auntie was shivering in a corner of the kitchen, facing the kitchen that had been tossed by the new wife to become hell, holding her prayer beads and quickly chanting “Amitabha”. Three pots were burnt, an unknown translucent liquid came out of one pot and overflowed onto the floor tiles, 1/4 of the brand-new range hood was burnt, a set of broken tableware was piled up in the basin, the worst thing was eggplant, there were disembowelled and thrown eggplant everywhere… Where did this evildoer come from, to make her kitchen like this, what a crime! The inside of the trash can was cleaner than the outside of the trash can, how was she going to explain it to the Kitchen God?

Facing the Cooking Auntie, who was on the verge of collapse, Lu Rong said, “…I will try my best to keep her from stepping into the kitchen again.”

The Cooking Auntie seemed to have seen a savior from a poor household, and she clenched his hands tightly in tears: “Thank you!”

Together with her, Lu Rong roughly cleaned up Fang Qing’s bombed kitchen, and said to her, “Cook some normal dishes, Brother Xiaofeng and I need you.”

Knowing that there were normal people in the Ji family mansion, or two developing teenagers who were waiting to be fed, the cooking aunt cheered up slightly and opened the refrigerator. The things in the refrigerator fell out like a hill, drowning the cooking aunt.

Lu Rong struggled to push aside the dead fish all over the floor: “Hold on, I’ll save you!”

The Cooking Auntie: “…”

After Lu Rong rescued the Cooking Auntie, he comforted her for a while and helped her clean the kitchen. After tidying up the mess, he ordered three dishes and one soup after her mood stabilized, took Ji Wenfeng’s new suit and went to the laundry room to iron it, then went upstairs to find Ji Wenfeng.

Ji Wenfeng opened the door and saw that it was him, his eyes were very unhappy. Fang Qing dragged him down and made him downgrade in Ji Wenfeng’s heart. This was something Lu Rong didn’t want to see, but he could just take advantage of this discomfort now.

He handed the new suit forward: “Your father and my mother asked me to bring your suit and tell you to prepare to be a flower boy at the wedding.”

Ji Wenfeng refused straight away: “I can’t be a flower boy.”

Lu Rong: Bingo.

Even if Ji Wenfeng was shaken, within an hour after eating Fang Qing’s meal, he would never agree to help her at her wedding—the food was so unpalatable but she had the nerve to ask him to be a flower boy, haha.

Lu Rong continued to act according to the original plan, shoving the suit into his arms, playing the role of an evil servant who didn’t think about his master at all: “Go and tell them yourself.”

Ji Wenfeng was silent for a few seconds, then he started oppressing him with his eyes: “You go.”

Lu Rong: Bingo.

He knew Ji Wenfeng would say this. Ji Wenfeng was not an uneducated person, especially in front of strangers, he always behaved well, and was sensible, and polite, otherwise he would have overturned the table just now. For the perfect noble son Ji Wenfeng, telling his stepmother that he refused to be a flower boy, he couldn’t bear this loss of face, especially after his stepmother took him to skip class today and protected him in the Internet cafe.

From Ji Wenfeng’s standpoint, throwing this problem to Lu Rong was the best choice.

Lu Rong pretended to be a disobedient little slave: “Why do you want me to go?!”

“Do you want to be a flower boy?” Ji Wenfeng asked back.

Lu Rong bit his lower lip reluctantly.

Ji Wenfeng enjoyed the feeling of forcing Lu Rong to the corner, then leaning on the door frame, he looked at him forcefully, and ordered him to go downstairs immediately to reject the elder with his eyes.    

Lu Rong reluctantly, stubbornly and helplessly turned around, took two steps slowly, looked back at him and asked, “Can you come with me…”

Ji Wenfeng: “Go.”

Turning the corner, his expression immediately became calm, and he went downstairs calmly. Instead of looking for Ji Tong and Fang Qing, he went to the kitchen, where the cooking aunt had already finished cooking three dishes and one soup. Lu Rong sat on the bar outside the kitchen, finished his dinner slowly, took a portion of each, put it on a tray, and knocked on the door of Ji Wenfeng’s room.

Ji Wenfeng opened the door very quickly this time, obviously waiting for his news, seeing the normal three dishes and one soup in his hands, he had a slightly surprised expression on his face.

Lu Rong: “My mother asked me to bring it. She said, I’m sorry that it didn’t taste good.”

Ji Wenfeng remained silent, feeling complicated. He didn’t like Fang Qing’s food, and he didn’t say it clearly, but Fang Qing could tell.

Lu Rong observed him secretly, secretly happy in his heart, since Ji Wenfeng developed an emotion called “guilt”.

“They agreed that we would not be flower boys, but they wanted me to ask you, would you still go?” Lu Rong paused for a second before explaining quickly, “You just said that you were not feeling well…”

“Go.” Ji Wenfeng took the tray, “Of course.”

Lu Rong: The plan was a success.

Lu Rong took care of Ji Wenfeng and went downstairs to inform Ji Tong and Fang Qing: “Brother Xiaofeng can no longer be a flower boy.”

Fang Qing: “Why?!”

“Why?” Lu Rong looked at the plates full of black cuisine on the table and asked back, “You really don’t know why? The dishes you made made him feel sick to his stomach. He resisted not to say anything, because he didn’t want to make you sad.”

Fang Qing had a guilty look on her face: “My God, is he well enough?”

Ji Tong took out his mobile phone to call the family doctor.

Lu Rong said to Fang Qing: “He’s not good.” Then he pressed Ji Tong’s phone, “But it’s not bad enough to need to see a doctor.” He repeated to the two, “He just can’t be a flower boy anymore.”

Fang Qing was full of self-blame: “It’s all my fault… Will he forgive me?”

Lu Rong looked at the nervous Fang Qing and smiled softly: “He told me that he would come to your wedding even with his sick body. And he will be on time and never be late.”

Fang Qing seemed to be pardoned, and she and Ji Tong held each other’s hands tightly with tears in their eyes: What a sensible son!

Lu Rong added a small epilogue to this: “He can’t be a flower boy, and I can’t be a flower boy either, so the flower boy thing is…”

Ji Tong quickly said: “Forget it.”  

As a perfectionist, he didn’t want two flower boys who were 1.8 meters tall. There shouldn’t be flower girls who were 1.8 meters tall in this world. To be honest, he had already found two cute little flower girls to stand behind Fang Qing, Lu Rong and Xiaofeng’s back, but he didn’t know how to say no to his two 1.8-meter big boys.

Now everyone was happy.

“Then it’s settled.” Lu Rong took his thermos and went outside for a daily walk after dinner.

From the window, he saw Ji Tong and Fang Qing holding couple cups and murmuring affectionately, while Ji Wenfeng put on a new suit in front of the dressing mirror, preparing to attend the wedding of his father and stepmother.

A smile of “everything is under control” appeared on Lu Rong’s face. He opened the thermos and took a sip of Ceylon black tea in a relaxed manner.

This was his new home and his new family.

Although they were all weird, as long as he was here, the family would be harmonious and beautiful.

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