TK Ch. 1: Tianzun

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There was a saying in the heavens, that the vicissitudes of life come and go. It meant that when the sea became a mulberry field, or the mulberry field became the sea, there would be a big change between heaven and earth.

Cangze Mountain on the coast of the East China Sea was filled with clouds and mist all the year round, with green pines and cypresses, full of vitality. It was said that this place was the habitat of the ancient mythical beast Bai Ze, and thus the auspicious light covered hundreds of miles. All the emperors in the world would come here to pay homage when they ascended the throne, parents would bring their sons here before exams, and even hawkers before opening the market came here, hoping to get some auspiciousness.

It was another year of old and new, winter was about to pass, spring had not yet arrived, and the world had ushered in a new year. The lively atmosphere spread to Cangze Mountain, disturbing the dreams of the divine beast Bai Ze.

When Bai Ze woke up from a deep sleep, he felt his ears were cold. He stretched out his paws to scratch them but found that his paws were very light and he couldn’t use any strength. He opened his misty eyes, wanting to see the sky, but in front of him was deep blue, and rows of cyan shrimps swam past in front of him, drawing shallow water lines.

There were shrimps in the cave, it seemed that it needed to be cleaned… Wait, shrimps!

Why did sea prawns appear here? It must be that the cave was flooded! Bai Ze woke up in a jerk and found that his whole body was soaked in water, and even his hair was soaked! He opened his mouth wide in surprise, and the sea water poured into his mouth, bitter and salty, and Bai Ze quickly spit it out, got up and floated to the surface of the water.

Stepping on the clouds with his four feet, Bai Ze stood firmly on the water surface, shaking the water droplets off his body, and looked around. The mountains had been submerged by the sea, and there was only one mountain top left, which formed a three-foot-square isolated island in the sea, on which stood a stone with the word “Cangze” clearly engraved on it.

Drying his fur with mana, Bai Ze stretched out a claw, scooped out a big shrimp from the sea, threw it into the air, and the shrimp turned into a human figure, which was the shrimp soldier of the East China Sea Dragon Palace.

Shocked by the majesty of the ancient mythical beast, the shrimp soldier shivered with fright, and immediately knelt on the sea to salute.

“This was originally a high mountain, why did it suddenly turn into a sea?” Bai Ze was the only divine beast that could speak human words in his beast form, and when he spoke in the form of a beast, his voice carried an unchanging distant and desolate tone.

“Qi, Qi reporting to God, this place has been turned into a sea for many years.” Xia Bing recognized Bai Ze and heaved a sigh of relief. Bai Ze was an auspicious beast, who understood the words of all beasts, expressed the feelings of all things, and was the most kind and benevolent. “It’s just that the area where you sleep has just been flooded.”

The cave where Bai Ze slept was near the top of the mountain, and it was just filled with water when the tide was high today.

He just opened his eyes, it was already a sea of vicissitudes. Bai Ze felt a little emotional, but his face was full of fluff, so others couldn’t see any expression at all. He asked, “What time is it?”

“It’s almost Chinese New Year.” Xia Bing said with a deep expression.

“…” Bai Ze rolled his eyes, he was asking how many years had passed, what did it have to do with the Chinese New Year, “It’s time to eat some fried shrimp for the Chinese New Year.”

The shrimp soldier huddled in horror: “You, you, aren’t you an auspicious beast?” What he said was as terrifying as an ancient beast!

Bai Ze’s whole body was snow-white, with the body of a lion and the horns of a goat. Xia Bing took a peek at him tremblingly. After seeing it, he immediately forgot to be afraid. The legendary mighty and wise ancient animal was actually a big fur ball with horns, a bit like a cat, and a bit like a fox, with a round head, and it didn’t look wise at all.

“You go ahead.” Bai Ze kicked his ears with his hind paws, indicating that the shrimp soldier could leave, while he took a vacant step, with clouds forming under his paws, and flew towards the Nine Heavens.

The left and right caves were flooded, and he couldn’t sleep now, so it was better to go to the heaven to look around. Besides, it was the Chinese New Year, so he had to ask the Jade Emperor for some New Year’s rewards.

He pushed through the thirty-three layers of floating clouds, and saw the ninety-nine layers of heaven.

In the nine heavens, there were thousands of hectares of palaces and gardens, and the treasure pavilions with flying eaves were overflowing with splendor. The place where the crane danced was surrounded by smoke and clouds, and the flowing water was gurgling under the white jade bridge.

It was no wonder that Bai Ze slept so much that he forgot the time, the world of gods was always the same, he slept for thousands of years but the heavens were still the same.

“Hey, Lord Bai Ze, long time no see!” Just after passing the Nantian Gate, he met two acquaintances, one tall and one short.

The tall fairy, with crimson skin and eyes as big as copper bells, greeted him from a long distance. This person was called Qian Liyan, he was born with supernatural powers, his eyes looked very far away, and nothing could escape his eyes.

The other was short, with a gray complexion and a pair of protruding ears as big as cattail leaves. He was his brother born from the same root called Shun Feng and he had large ears, that could hear in all directions, and nothing could escape his ears.

Bai Ze nodded at them, not wanting to talk to the two of them. But the two brothers, who were naturally talkative, didn’t intend to let him go. They ran over in a few steps, and Qian Liyan said with a smile: “I saw that Cangze Mountain was flooded, so I looked at the East China Sea. Just now I saw that your hair was soaked.”

“Oh,” Shun Feng’er’s voice was relatively simple and honest, but the words he said were not simple and honest at all, “I heard the sound of flowing water a hundred years ago, and I was thinking of reminding you.”

He gave Shun Feng’er a blank expressionless look, flicked his tail and left, ignoring the two of them.

“There is a cat’s nest in the cave where we live. If you have no place to sleep, why don’t you come to our place to make do?” Qian Liyan raised his eyebrows and invited Bai Ze to his house.

Cat’s nest… Bai Ze couldn’t bear it anymore, so he raised his paw, and slapped the cheap Qian Liyan flying away, and Shun Feng’er hurriedly drove his cloud to chase his brother.

White light flashed, then the brilliance of his whole body slowly subsided, now the huge hairball had disappeared, and turned into a slender man. Wearing immortal robe and snow clothes, with wide sleeves and flowing clouds, and an incomparably handsome face, he showed the unique gentleness of auspicious beasts.

Glancing at the backs of the two brothers leaving, Bai Ze sighed and walked towards Lingxiao Hall.

After crossing the Baiyu Bridge and stepping on the Lingshi steps, he saw the magnificent Lingxiao Palace when he looked up. The Jade Emperor handled immortal affairs here every day, met with immortal ministers, and occasionally held banquets. Every time there was fairy music around the beam, it was very elegant. It was just that today, it seemed a little too quiet.

In front of Lingxiao Hall, the jade steps where heavenly soldiers and immortal officials used to stand, were now empty without a single immortal. Bai Ze felt strange, and while walking into the main hall, he looked left and right, and suddenly bumped into a child head-on.

Bai Ze supported the little guy who almost fell, took a step back, and carefully looked at him suspiciously. When did the heaven have an extra child?

The days in the heavenly court remained the same, most of the immortals had been immortal for thousands of years, and even those who had just entered the immortal class had practiced in the mortal world for many years. Although you could change your appearance after becoming a fairy, few people choose to become a child. Even Nezha, the lotus root man who would never grow up, preferred to look like a teenager.

The child was only three feet tall, and he was extremely handsome. He was dressed in a jade-blue fairy robe with wide sleeves and wore an exquisite crown of celestial aura. Bai Ze felt that the child’s eyebrows looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen them.

Bai Ze was an auspicious beast, and he was always very friendly to children, so he smiled and bent down to greet him: “Who are you? My name is Bai Ze, why haven’t I seen you before?”

The child glanced at Bai Ze, then flicking his wide sleeves with a cold expression, he stood with his hands behind his back: “Why are you so rude when you see me?” It was clearly a sweet and glutinous voice, but the words he spoke were mighty and domineering.

Bai Ze was choked immediately, whose child was this, so arrogant!

As an ancient divine beast, and an auxiliary beast that could bring auspiciousness to the world, Bai Ze’s status in the fairy world was still very high. After much deliberation, only the Jade Emperor’s son would dare to talk to him like that. He raised his hand, picked up the child, and strode towards Lingxiao Hall, intending to talk to the Jade Emperor.

“Put me down!” The child in his arms was very dissatisfied with Bai Ze’s behavior of picking him up without authorization and struggled to get down.

“Hey, I’ll eat you for being disobedient!” Bai Ze frightened the child in his arms and stretched out his hand to pat that soft little butt lightly.

The child who had been writhing all of a sudden blushed and looked at him stiffly.

Seeing that the child was not moving, Bai Ze carried him into the hall with a smile, on his arms.

The hall was very quiet, there were no silk drapes or bamboo music, and there were no fairies dancing. The Jade Emperor was sitting on his throne, drinking wine from a jade pot. When he looked up, he saw Bai Ze walking in with a child in blue clothes and wide sleeves. The sip of nectar that he had just drank suddenly spewed out.

Bai Ze took a step back in disgust.

“You, you two…” The Jade Emperor pointed to the child in Bai Ze’s arms, and then pointed to Bai Ze.

Seeing the Jade Emperor’s reaction, he really looked guilty. Bai Ze blew on the beard that didn’t exist when he was in human form, stared into the pair of warm eyes and asked, “Your Majesty has a new son, why didn’t you tell this minister?”

If the Jade Emperor had a new son, he should entertain all gods, and as an auspicious beast, he must be the honored guest. Now that he had been raised so big quietly and arrogantly, if the Jade Emperor couldn’t give him a reason why, hum!

Hearing Bai Ze’s questioning, the Jade Emperor’s face became very exciting, he coughed for a while, and then said quietly: “Don’t talk nonsense, that’s Tianzun.”

Oh, it turned out to be Tianzun… Tianzun!

Among the three realms, there was only one called Tianzun. Fuli Yuanshi Tianzun, the god with the highest mana in the heaven.

Bai Ze turned his head stiffly, looked at the child in his arms, and happened to meet those beautiful eyes. As quiet as a pond, the waves were calm, and the deep eyes contained endless mysterious avenues.

The hairs all over his body stood on end in an instant, and Bai Ze threw the child in his arms.

The sapphire-colored fairy robe automatically turned without causing any wind, and the small figure turned over, stopped steadily in mid-air, and then slowly landed. The three-foot-tall Lord Tianzun cast a glance at the terrified Bai Ze, and then at the Jade Emperor who was deliberately threatening, waved his hands and conjured up a jade mat, and sat down cross-legged. The jade mat floated in mid-air with Tianzun on it, just at the same height as the standing Bai Ze.

Bai Ze squatted down silently, that was Tianzun, even if he turned into a milk doll, he would still be Tianzun! He was not a beast that could be hugged casually! Just now because the child refused to be hugged, he even slapped Tianzun’s butt lightly.

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