SN Ch. 66

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The male lead changed, and the hug scene went very smoothly. After one pass, the director sneakily took a few more seconds of Mr. Huo’s silhouette in military uniform, and she was able to distinguish his identity. He thought that if Mr. Huo allowed it when the MV was launched, she would immediately cut this scene into it.

Affectionate couples with an explosive topic fit together to shoot ancient costumes. If they thought about it, they knew how many repercussions it would have, which was more effective than the most popular niche.

The princess still had a few solo shots to shoot. In addition to the poignant and beautiful appearance of the subjugated country princess, they also had a few scenes which showed the cuteness of girlhood. Huo Yunshen changed out of the armour and looked at Yan Qing’s scarlet face from the side.

She was obviously at a loss and ignorant about the whole world, but she was partial to him.

She instinctively tolerated his shortcomings and gave him pure tenderness.

Huo Yunshen took out his mobile phone to take pictures of her, zoomed in on the camera, and fixed her various vivid expressions.

Just after taking a few photos, a new notification popped up in the notification bar.

It was a text message from an unknown number, with no text, only pictures inside.

Huo Yunshen’s fingers clenched tightly, his eyes darkened, he exited the camera app, and clicked on the text message. Even though he had a hunch, the moment he saw it, he still clenched his teeth tightly, biting a little blood.

“What’s wrong with my husband?”

The little princess had changed into her lotus root pink girly dress, but before she had even played, she found that someone had moved away from her camera.

Huo Yunshen closed his eyes, suppressed the turbulent violence inside him, locked his phone, and rubbed her head with his palm: “It’s okay, the little princess should continue to take pictures, and her husband will accompany her.”

After coaxing Yan Qing back, he looked at the mobile screen again.

It was the same as the email he received when he was in New York. The seven or eight photos were all taken when Qingqing disappeared three years ago. She was injured and bleeding in all of them.

In the last picture, her absent-minded eyes were tearful, and she was looking at the window, as if she wanted to jump off.

In the end, there was a handwritten note scanned into a picture. The content was extremely simple, just two words, “Is it beautiful?”

Huo Yunshen would never forget this handwriting, even if it was a little distorted, it definitely belonged to Huo Linchuan.

He didn’t believe that Huo Linchuan could have foreseen this situation at the beginning, wrote this kind of thing specially to stimulate him, and then planned to send it to him after two or three years.

He believed even more that Huo Linchuan was not dead at all.

During this period of time, he had been hibernating quietly, staying by Qingqing’s side, seemingly indifferent to the Huo family, accepting the board’s questioning of him for missing Bo Lun’s contract, even facing impeachment, and telling Min Jing to “inadvertently disclose” in the group about his depression and indifference to business affairs, this was all just to make the people behind the scenes surface.

Sure enough, Huo Linchuan thought that he had collapsed under the double attack of the group and Qingqing, so he did not hesitate to expose himself to stab him, forcing him to end his life.

Huo Linchuan thought he had a chance to win, but he didn’t know it.

The group had never been out of his orbit for a moment.

As for Qingqing, she had already rescued him from the abyss with the fruit knife and the blood from her palm, giving him the strongest barrier no matter whether she had her memory or not.

Yan Qing was waving an embroidered fan and jumping on the steps of a tower not far away. The sun broke through the clouds and illuminated her brightly. She pursed her red lips and took time to look at him from time to time. She was very charming.

Huo Yunshen smiled at her, and dialled Min Jing’s phone number with his finger: “Huo Linchuan can’t bear it anymore, it’s going to happen soon, get ready.”

“The guys are also showing their heads, our people have already obtained enough evidence, and we will wait for your arrangement.”

Min Jing couldn’t wait to burn incense and worship Buddha every day, begging to get out of this mortal predicament as soon as possible.

Ever since his wife’s memory started to frequently go wrong, Brother Shen had been with her almost every step of the way. Every night, after his wife went to bed, it was his working time. All the loyal senior executives of the group were gathered in the living room on the first floor of Huo Zhai.

Brother Shen used the living room as his office and stayed up every night until dawn. When the sun rose, he would go back upstairs, slept next to his wife for an hour or two, and then supported her all day, helping her understand the world and giving her a new love.

Min Jing asked again: “Brother, how is Dr. He doing? Do we still have no clues about the German doctor? Should we call in more people?”

“No,” Huo Yunshen said calmly, “I’ve found it.”

Min Jing’s phone almost dropped because he was so shocked: “Found it?! Where is he? Has he arrived in China? I—”

Huo Yunshen interrupted lightly: “Dead.”

The receiver suddenly fell silent.

Huo Yunshen suddenly said, “Do what you should do”, and then hung up the phone.

He was informed of the death last night.

The identity of the German doctor was confirmed, and he was the one who set up the barrier on Qingqing’s memory tampering three years ago.

He was found in a hospital in a remote town in Finland. He had been in a coma for a long time, lying in a vegetative state. Dr. He assembled several top colleagues in the industry. When trying to pry into his memory, he didn’t even struggle, and died.

Huo Yunshen was not surprised.

With Huo Linchuan’s character, when he used people to do things back then, they would definitely end up dead. He had guessed that what they would find in the end was either a useless person who couldn’t speak, or a dead body.

When Dr. He came to see him with this news, his voice was trembling: “We can’t ask the answer, and the only person who knows is gone.”

He said: “There is also Huo Linchuan.”

As long as Huo Linchuan was alive, he would definitely appear. He would want to see him throw away his armour with his own eyes, and to see him die.

“Mr. Huo, what do you mean…”

Facing Dr. He’s horrified face, he said in a low voice: “There is no need to design a method of feigning death. Huo Linchuan will design it for me. He has spent a lot of trouble, but he just wants to take revenge and kill me and also let Qingqing watch it. At the moment of my death, he would restore her memory in order to drive her crazy. Instead of us trying randomly and letting Qingqing take the risk of failure, it is better to wait for his trap.”

Doctor He asked with a pale face: “I understand, this method is indeed true. It can accurately restore your wife’s memory, but in the trap of the other party, there are too many uncontrollable situations, no matter how well prepared we are, you may also…”

“So, you have an extra job,” he said quietly, “If something happens to me, you wash Qingqing’s memory, just ensure that she will live a worry-free life in the future and able to do whatever she wants, and her property was just left to her by her husband who had a business relationship with her and liked to pretend to be loving with her in front of the media cameras. She doesn’t need to shed a single tear for his death, that’s enough.”

Doctor He’s lips were trembling.

He coldly threatened: “Even if I’m not here, someone will take care of you. If you dare to make any mistakes, you don’t even think about living a good life.”

Doctor He refused to accept it for a while: “Mr. Huo, didn’t you say that even if you fail, and madam becomes stupid or she couldn’t wake up, you will take care of her, why would you risk your life.”


Huo Yunshen heard the soft calling voice, woke up, and looked up at her.

The little princess had changed into a foggy blue palace dress again, her jet-black long hair was fluttering behind her, and her ring jingled as she ran up to him, her almond-shaped eyes curved into a smile, revealing the ruddy tip of her tongue: “I’m done filming.”

Huo Yunshen bent down and squeezed her small chin: “The princess is amazing.”

Without the requirements of the script, Yan Qing was too embarrassed to be too intimate with him, so she could only call him back and forth to have fun and peek out of his arm.

She wanted to cuddle a little bit, but she didn’t have the guts.

When she was worried about how she could get closer to him, Huo Yunshen took her hand directly and clasped her fingers tightly: “Go, go change your clothes, your husband will take you home.”

Yan Qing felt the warmth of his palms, her heart jumped in joy, but she tried to maintain a serious face.

On the way to the dressing room, the sky was getting dark and the wind was getting cooler, so she naturally rubbed against him, taking a peek at his expression.

Huo Yunshen suddenly let go of their holding hands.

Yan Qing didn’t wait to feel a loss, he raised his arm, clasped her slender shoulders, and held her with the other hand, so that the little princess was completely in his arms.

Yan Qing was delighted, and felt that her husband was too good to be true, and the two of them were too close together. Her ears warmed up, but she was ashamed to speak her heart, so she changed the subject: “I was so sad during the filming process.”


“The story is too bitter.”

Looking at the sunset in the sky, she slowly told him: “The princess was not favoured by the emperor, and as a reward for his military exploits, she was given to a general who was not valued at home. The general treated her very well. After getting married, he was like glue, holding her up to the sky, and he made up for all the attention she didn’t get in the palace.”

“But the general’s family had been civil servants for generations, and he was only a general, and he also didn’t have a mother with a high family background. But he was very popular. In order to let the princess have a good life, he ignored his family’s opposition, set up a general’s mansion alone, and let the princess do whatever she wanted.”

The yearning in Yan Qing’s eyes turned sad, and a cloud of mist clouded her eyes: “But later when other countries came to attack his country, the general led the troops to the battlefield, the princess was alone at home, and was kidnapped by the younger brother who hated the general, the princess bumped her head while resisting, forgot who she was and the general, so she couldn’t find the way home and let others deceive her.”

“When the general learned on the battlefield that the enemy’s army was pressing down on the border, he vomited blood and died under the siege.”

Huo Yunshen warmed her cold hands with his body.

He asked in a low voice, “What about after that?”

Yan Qing held back her tears and said, “Afterwards, the news of the general’s death and the crisis of the country’s collapse came back to the capital. The princess saw the face of the general in a dream that night. He called her by her nickname, and she cried thinking about him.”

“The scene where I hugged you,” she said with some water stains on her long eyelashes, “is the scene of princess returning to the palace, wanting to wait for the general’s coffin to return, but almost at the same time, there are also enemy cavalry coming, she ran down the steps outside the palace, she rushed towards the coffin like when she married him back then, but she saw his back, standing there waiting for her.”

The sun set, and the orange-red light covered the undulating palace in the film and television city.

Yan Qing was wearing a princess dress, her throat was blocked, she raised her face, looked into Huo Yunshen’s dark eyes, and blurted out to ask: “Husband, I forgot you, will you blame me?”

Huo Yunshen shook his head deeply.

With so many resources, the reason why he was willing to let Qingqing sing this song and make this MV was because of the background of the story.

Although Qingqing couldn’t remember or understand now, but when her memory recovered, she would remember what he said today.

Dr. He asked him why he took the risk.

His answer was simple, he wanted Qingqing to live a good life, his little princess had worked tirelessly to make him live like a human being, and to fill his barren and lonely life with sweetness. She should be well-clothed and well-fed, and she should spend money like water, and be safe for a long time.

What to say about him taking care of her if something went wrong, that was his greed and selfishness towards her in his bones.

What he really wanted to make up for Qingqing was not only her first love, but also her supposedly splendid life.

“It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault for forgetting.”

Huo Yunshen leaned over and hugged Yan Qing and her long skirt wrapped around his legs.

He carried her to walk in the wind, his eyebrows stretched, and his smile was gentle and beautiful.

“Whether it’s the general or Huo Yunshen, they are the happiest people in the world because they are loved by the little princess.”

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