DLW Ch. 102: Extra 4

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Mrs. Mu didn’t expect that after many years, she and Hu Qin would meet again under such circumstances.

Under the watchful eyes of the prison guards, she was well-dressed and sat gracefully, while Hu Qin, with iron shackles on his hands and feet, looking unkempt, was brought to her with a dull and slow expression, and made to sit down across from her on a long table.

When Mrs. Mu’s figure was reflected in Hu Qin’s eyes, her eyes filled with hatred, and she suddenly wanted to pounce on Mrs. Mu: “Bitch! Bitch! You robbed my son! You robbed my son!”

Before Hu Qin straightened up, the cops restrained her rudely, twisted her arms and pressed her face on the table.

“Woooooo…” Hu Qin tried her best to resist, but how could her strength match a well-trained man’s?

Mrs. Mu was very calm and composed from the beginning to the end, and Hu Qin’s actions didn’t even make her raise her eyebrows.

“Hu Qin, if you begged me to come here just to say these things, then forgive me, I have to leave.” Mrs. Mu said lightly. Back then, Mu Yixi was abused by Hu Qin’s mother, Hu Li. When he was hospitalized, Hu Qin also made such a fuss, saying that she had robbed her son. After so many years, this woman still hadn’t made any progress, even though she had fallen to this level.

The South Island project encountered policy obstacles, the government order for standardization and rectification came down, and many officials were sacked, many of whom were bribed by the Feng family. The evidence of black-box operations was exposed, and the Feng family and Hongda immediately fell into trouble, the nearly 10 billion yuan invested became a waste of time, and many people folded in, including Feng Kun’s father Feng Kuan and Feng Kun himself. Feng Kuan was pushed out as the scapegoat by the Feng family, while Feng Kun couldn’t be separated from the mess because of his status as Hongda’s legal representative—so he fled abroad with the help of his mother Zhong Ruizhen, and whether he could return to China in this life was a big question. Under such circumstances, no one in the Feng family could take care of Feng Kun’s family. Zhong Ruizhen and Feng Kun thought Wei Anqi, the newly appointed Mrs. Feng Shao, did not exist at all. The Wei family was also unable to protect themselves and were implicated as well.

But in the end, only Hu Qin, who was not surnamed Wei, was imprisoned.

Before Feng Kun and Wei Anqi got married, Wei Dong transferred all 40% of Hongda’s shares to Wei Anqi’s name, so the marriage between the Feng and Wei family could go smoothly, and Feng Kun and Wei Anqi became husband and wife. But on the eve of the wedding, Wei Anqi quietly transferred the shares to Hu Qin’s name, on the grounds that she did not want the Feng family to obtain huge shares through her marriage. Hu Qin felt that Wei Anqi was much more filial, capable and conscientious than Mu Yixi.

Unexpectedly, the South Island issue broke out. Wei Dong immediately took Wei Anqi away, leaving Hu Qin dumbfounded at the people escaping. Soon after, she was put in prison and faced various prosecutions. Only then did she get to know that she had been abandoned by her husband and daughter, who had long had some ominous premonitions.

One moment she was still a popular lady in the social circle, the mother of Mrs. Feng Shao, she exhaled and raised her eyebrows, and walked like a wind, but the next moment she was in jail, and was framed by her husband and daughter to become a prisoner. Hu Qin had experienced countless ups and downs in her life, and she was hard-hearted and selfish enough to be almost driven crazy by this reality.

Not really crazy because she remembered that she also had a son, a son who regarded her as her own and could be used at will.

She asked everyone to contact Mu Yixi for her. She claimed to be Mu Yixi’s biological mother, and she had evidence to prove that the two were mother and child. She also said that Mu Yixi had important evidence about her case. Hu Qin was even smart enough to contact the media, intending to expose her relationship with the Mu family.

But her every move was under Mu Yixi’s surveillance. Hu Qin’s nonsense did not penetrate the prison in the slightest. The reporters who were encouraged by her were stopped early in the morning, but what was brought to Hu Qin was a lot of evidence that “Mu Yixi is definitely Hu Qin’s son”, including experience, including paternity tests, etc. Then the psychiatrist came to the prison to conduct a mental appraisal for Hu Qin and judged that she was over-stimulated and had delusional symptoms. Further appraisal might be needed to confirm whether she needed to be locked up in a mental hospital.

The reporter even contacted Mu Yixi himself with “supernatural powers”. In front of Hu Qin, Mu Yixi said without a trace of emotion on the phone: “I’m now abroad, please don’t let insignificant people disturb my life, otherwise, I will use legal means to protect my own interests.”

Hu Qin said: “Mu Yixi, I am your mother…”

Mu Yixi: “Sorry, I don’t know you. Please don’t do unnecessary things, otherwise, I will be very unhappy.”

The last sentence seemed to be said with the smile, but the cold, ruthless, and warning tone made Hu Qin stunned and shiver. She suddenly thought of the doctor who gave her a psychiatric appraisal and screamed: “It’s you! It’s you! That doctor!”

Mu Yixi: “It seems that this person’s mental condition is really unstable. I don’t think I need to talk about unnecessary things and continue to waste my time. Let’s stop here, goodbye.” After finishing speaking, he hung up the phone.

Hu Qin’s head turned at high speed, and Mu Yixi’s actions over the years went through her mind. She suddenly realized with unprecedented sobriety that it was very likely that Mu Yixi had added fuel to the flames in the situation where they were in today. She was paralyzed.

Was Mu Yixi in her impression the real Mu Yixi?

Did she understand this son clearly?

No, she didn’t.

She had long been deceived by his humility and forbearance, thinking that he really resented the unfair treatment he received in Mu’s house, and instead longed for the “family love” she gave her. So she could rely on her identity as his biological mother to ask for anything from him. Even though they fell out because of Hongda’s shares later, she didn’t take it seriously, thinking that as long as she hooked her fingers, Mu Yixi would obediently return to her and do her bidding, because apart from her and Wei Anqi, Mu Yixi had no other loved ones.

But was that really the case?

How Hongda fell into the quagmire step by step, and what role Mu Yixi played during this period, Hu Qin could see. They thought they had taken advantage of Mu Yixi, but who would have thought that Mu Yixi was doing it all on purpose? They fell, and it didn’t seem to be of any benefit to Mu Yixi, but to the Mu family, it solved many open and dark arrows in one go.

For the sake of the Mu family, Mu Yixi actually did this…

The son who she always thought was in the palm of her hand had no feelings for her, and could be cold-blooded enough to slander her as a mental patient in order to prevent her from causing trouble. The impact on Hu Qin was even stronger than the joint betrayal of her husband and daughter.

She hated it.

She did not hate Mu Yixi, but Mrs. Mu.

She thought: If Mrs. Mu hadn’t snatched Mu Yixi away, if Mrs. Mu hadn’t instigated him, how could Mu Yixi treat her like this? He crawled out of her belly, and she was his biological mother!

Back then, she shouldn’t have handed Mu Yixi over to her so quickly. She should have raised him for a while, made him mature, such that he only recognized her. Then…

Hu Qin bit her finger and wrote “Mu Yixi” on the wall with blood. “Yixi, you killed your biological mother, you will die badly.” She threatened the prison guard with suicide and asked to see Mrs. Mu.

When Mu Yixi got to know of it, he just smiled lightly, and decided to lock her up in a mental hospital and seal her mouth according to the original plan. Hu Qin’s existence was insignificant, but if she was allowed to mess around, the Mu family’s face would not be good. Mu Yixi didn’t want Mrs. Mu to be contacted. He knew very well that Hu Qin would not really commit suicide. She was selfish and afraid of death, and everything she did was to climb up, even at the last moment, she would not give up on herself.

Mrs. Mu got the news from somewhere, and she came before Mu Yixi could do anything.

Mu Yixi didn’t recognize this biological mother, but Mrs. Mu didn’t want him to be stigmatized for killing his biological mother. She never understood, how could Hu Qin be so heartless as a mother?

Over the years, Mu Yixi and Hu Qin had been secretly in touch. Mrs. Mu knew about it, and she had no intention of stopping it. It was only natural for children to want to see their biological mother. Hu Qin didn’t know the key, but Mrs. Mu believed that the children she had taught had their own judgment.

But from Mu Yiqi’s mouth, she got to know that what Hu Qin after recognizing Mu Yixi never treated him kindly, but as forced labor. Mrs. Mu felt sorry for Mu Yixi. This eldest son had always been a kind-hearted and good boy who knew how to repay his debts. If others treated him kindly, he would return very much. He worked so hard to ease the relationship with his biological mother, even swallowed his anger and only wanted to give, but in the end, Hu Qin still used him recklessly. She couldn’t bear to treat the child badly, but instead he suffered a lot of grievances at his biological mother’s side.

Mrs. Mu met Hu Qin’s resentful gaze frankly: “You lost Xiaoxi because you didn’t cherish him. It wasn’t me who robbed him, it was you who lost him.”

“If it wasn’t for you…if it wasn’t for you…” Hu Qin couldn’t listen at all and murmured like a dream.

“Why deceive yourself? I know you’re not crazy.” Mrs. Mu said: “You have to blame yourself for what happened today, and you can’t blame others. Xiaoxi has done his best to you, he won’t take care of you anymore, and I won’t let him, never mind. My son, I won’t let others ruin it.”

Hu Qin’s eyes cracked: “You! You bitch! You don’t…”

“Shut up.” Mrs. Mu said in a low voice: “If you want to shut up completely, just keep talking.” She didn’t want to hear any foul language coming out of Hu Qin’s mouth again.

Hu Qin met her cold eyes and was shocked.

She never thought that Mrs. Mu, a hypocritical woman in her opinion, could have such eyes, as if she was already a dead thing in her eyes… She was obedient, and had no second thoughts, making Mu Yixi and other outstanding younger generations bow to her, feel filial and close to her, how could she just be a weak and deceitful woman? How could she be a pure soft-hearted and kind Virgin Mother?

Hu Qin dared to provoke her again and again, but she didn’t see her true face clearly. When she realized the difference between the two of them, Mrs. Mu wanted to crush her like an ant. Hu Qin knew very well that women’s methods could be a hundred times more brutal than men’s and without bloodshed. Mrs. Mu could make her life worse than death.

Hu Qin suddenly became frightened, frightened…

“You can take care of yourself.” Mrs. Mu stood up gracefully and nodded to the prison guard.

The guards opened the door and let her out.

Mrs. Mu walked to the door, turned her head and said a last sentence to Hu Qin: “The most correct thing you did in your life was to give birth to Xiaoxi.”

No matter how Hu Qin reacted, Mrs. Mu left this place.

As soon as she arrived at the door, Mu Yixi greeted her with a dusty face: “Mom…” When he heard the news that Mrs. Mu was going to see Hu Qin, he was so scared that he immediately flew back from France.

Mrs. Mu said angrily: “Why are you coming back in such a hurry?”

Mu Yixi looked at her expression carefully, scratched his face and said nothing, pretending to be cute.

Mrs. Mu touched his head as she did when he was a child: “Don’t worry, I’m a mother, and mothers are very capable and can’t suffer. Now that you’re back, come home for dinner tonight, you know?”

Mu Yixi stretched out his hand to hold him. Then he walked towards the car and nodded obediently: “Of course.”

“You came back, does Mingming know?”

“He came back with me.”

“Yes, since you are together, everything must be discussed, don’t put yourself down and hurt each other’s feelings. Let him come home for dinner as well. I’ll ask Wang Ma to add his favorite dishes.”

“Why does he get food added when he comes home, but I don’t?” Mu Yixi asked pretending to be jealous.

Mrs. Mu smiled and said, “Because mom loves Mingming more.”

“Oh, mom…”

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