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After Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming arrived in France, the first thing Mu Jiuqing took them to do was to worship at Fang Yan’s grave.

Fang Yan’s life was short and full of twists and turns, but not many people really cared about her. She used to be a cinnabar mole in Mu Jiuqing’s heart, but unfortunately, the time they spent together was too short, and there was no time to love her deeply. Mu Jiuqing was hit by the news that she “has a husband”, and slowly digested his feelings for her in his heart. After so many years, rather than saying that Mu Jiuqing still loved her, it was better to say that he missed her as a special friend, because she gave him his adopted son Feng Weiming who was like a treasure for him.

The existence of Feng Weiming was why Mu Jiuqing always remembered her.

And after getting to know what Chen Fu did, Mu Jiuqing felt even more guilty for Fang Yan. It was entirely because of him that Fang Yan was noticed and imprisoned by Chen Fu, a psychopath, and was even forced to give birth to Feng Weiming.

It was a pity that when Mu Jiuqing came to know the truth, he had already fallen in love with Chen Fu. He had fallen in love, and the duration was also extremely long. Fang Yan, who did not become his lover, made him remember her for so long. When it came to Chen Fu, he wanted to leave him countless times, but he still couldn’t let him go. But at the same time, he couldn’t let go of Fang Yan’s guilt, and secretly hated Chen Fu’s deeds for giving him an unmanageable burden—the death of his beloved adoptive son’s biological mother had something to do with him and Chen Fu, and Chen Fu was Feng Weiming’s biological father as well, why was there such a mess?

With Mu Jiuqing’s shrewdness and sophistication, how could Chen Fu have kept him in the dark? So he knew the truth very early, but he was tempted by Chen Fu, so he kept suppressing himself with strong self-control, preventing Chen Fu from fulfilling his wish, and making him feel jealous and sad because of his “love” Fang Yan every time.

This situation of not being able to put aside all scruples and be together had lasted for ten years. It was suffering for both Mu Jiuqing and Chen Fu. Compared with Chen Fu, who was so inferior that he had never expected them to be together, Mu Jiuqing’s suffering was even worse. But this was Mu Jiuqing’s explanation to Fang Yan, even though the other party had passed away for many years.

As for Chen Fu’s small actions against the domestic Mu family, Mu Jiuqing chose to stand on the sidelines. Firstly, the domestic Mu family and the overseas Mu family had always been in a relationship of competition and cooperation, and there were countless enemies both openly and secretly of both of them. Chen Fu didn’t do too much. If Mu Jiurong couldn’t bear this level of calculation, the domestic Mu family might as well go bankrupt. Secondly, Chen Fu’s current psychotic appearance was indeed indirectly related to Mu’s family. He had the ability to retaliate, and Mu Jiuqing did not want to stop him. He even made good preparations for when he would reach out to Mu’s overseas, so that he could fight back fiercely. ——He was looking forward to fighting Chen Fu, the man he had his eyes on was not a weak competitor, and he was willing to accept any challenge. It was a pity that Chen Fu’s ruthlessness turned into cowardice when he met him, which made Mu Jiuqing happy and angry at the same time, and his mood was very contradictory.

Unexpectedly, the result of his laissez-faire attitude was that Chen Fu even hit on Feng Weiming’s idea, so that the things that had basically been put down for so many years surfaced again. The trickiest thing was to face the fact that his adopted son knew the truth. If Feng Weiming couldn’t forgive him in the end, Mu Jiuqing really would have had the heart to kill Chen Fu.

Or was this the real purpose of Chen Fu? His greatest anxiety and fear lied in Mu Jiuqing’s “unforgettable” Fang Yan, and that he loved him even though he had no blood relationship with Feng Weiming, his biological son. He was afraid that maybe he had always hoped that he and Feng Weiming could completely break up?

However, Mu Jiuqing’s conspiracy theory met Chen Fu’s humble and calm attitude of “as long as you don’t leave, I will die immediately if you leave”. Mu Jiuqing could torture him however he wanted, he didn’t care. The only thing Chen Fu cared about was that Mu Jiuqing not leave him.

So Mu Jiuqing asked Chen Fu to kneel in front of Fang Yan’s tomb in front of Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming to repent. With his limb amputated below the knee, he couldn’t kneel, but when Mu Jiuqing asked him to kneel, he would kneel, not caring about his embarrassing posture at all.

“I’m sorry.” The apology was also said.

No matter Mu Jiuqing or Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming, they could all hear his insincerity, Chen Fu was just fulfilling an order from his lover, nothing else.

For such a person, even him kneeling was a blasphemy against the dead.

There was no right or wrong in Chen Fu’s conception, the right or wrong that Mu Jiuqing believed in was his right or wrong. However, Mu Jiuqing was not a moral gentleman, he had his own code of conduct, besides that, he was also a person with both righteous and evil styles. On the contrary, after assuming Chen Fu’s moral values, Mu Jiuqing restrained him even more than before. For the two of them, it was not known whether them meeting each other was luck or misfortune.

Looking at Chen Fu’s virtue, Mu Jiuqing was very breathless, but he knew that even if he reasoned with Chen Fu, Chen Fu would not understand, he would not even pretend, and he would not feel guilty because of Fang Yan.

And his motives were also impure, this was done just to show Feng Weiming, trying to make him feel relieved. He didn’t dare to look at his adopted son’s expression, and quietly winked at Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi’s eyes never left Feng Weiming at all, he kept holding Feng Weiming’s hand. He had no feelings for Chen Fu or Fang Yan. Chen Fu once kidnapped Feng Weiming, and his anger still lingered. But for Feng Weiming, one was his biological father and the other was his biological mother. The relationship between his close relatives who were really related to him by blood was so chaotic. Mu Yixi felt sad for Feng Weiming.

Feng Weiming was expressionless from the moment he stepped into the cemetery.

Mu Jiuqing’s embarrassment, Chen Fu’s perfunctoriness, Mu Yixi’s concern, Feng Weiming saw all of them. He looked at the name on the tombstone——Fang Yan didn’t even leave a picture of herself smiling, and the epitaph just read “I left a gift to the world”. The epitaph said his biological mother never regretted having him. Feng Weiming grew up without his mother’s company, and never felt that anything was missing in his life.

No matter how much feelings he had for Fang Yan, the fact that she was his mother would never change.

Between mother and child, there was no need to feel guilty.

Feng Weiming pulled Mu Yixi to kneel down, kowtowed three times according to domestic etiquette, and said lightly: “Mother, he is my lover, Mu Yixi. I brought him to see you, he will take care of me, don’t worry.”

Mu Yixi immediately expressed his loyalty: “Mother, I will take care of Mingming, don’t worry.”

Feng Weiming glared at him lightly and pulled him up again. Mu Yixi bent over thoughtfully and patted the grass off his pants.

Seeing Mu Jiuqing looking at him complicatedly, and Chen Fu still maintaining a five-body posture, Feng Weiming said: “Father, go back.” Don’t think he couldn’t see the reluctance that had begun to gather in Mu Jiuqing’s eyes——towards Chen Fu. The disabled Chen Fu’s body was already trembling slightly from the uncomfortable posture.

Dad couldn’t help it.

Feng Weiming had a strange feeling of “father getting married”. He wondered if Mu Jiuqing felt the same when he saw him and Mu Yixi together? His various dislikes towards Chen Fu were the same as Mu Jiuqing’s dislikes towards Mu Yixi?

There would still be many opportunities to meet each other in the future…

Feng Weiming’s face was almost imperceptibly calm.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Yixi touched his face, and said in a low voice, “Angry? I’ll help you avenge, anyway, there will be plenty of opportunities.”

Feng Weiming thought for a while, the corners of his lips curled slightly, and he tightened his hand, nodding: “OK.”

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