5BKCM Ch. 30

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It was not a loss that Butler Zhuge was of the same type as Butler Sima. Thus, Butler Zhuge was also very efficient. He quickly prepared a room for Gu Yuan, and Gu Yuan moved in smoothly.

After moving in, taking a shower and having a delicious dinner, Gu Yuan started looking for her son to assign him chores.

When she went to find Nie Yu, Nie Yu was swimming in the open-air swimming pool in front.

As the sun set, the afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on this clear pool, and the sparkling light reflected the bright red glow. The young man swam like an elegant fish in the water, this scene was as beautiful as a painting.

Gu Yuan sat on the rattan chair, admiring Nie Yu’s figure leisurely, and occasionally lowered her head to send a WeChat message to Qisen: “Son, mom won’t be back for a few days, and I will go back on Saturday, touch the dog’s head.jpg.”

JQS: “Are you at school these days?”

Gu Yuan: “No, I plan to live here with Nie Yu these few days.”

There was no reply from the other side.

Gu Yuan raised her head and looked towards the swimming pool.

At this time, Nie Yu had already swam to the edge of the pool and was about to come out. When he raised his head, his neck was neat and slender, and his short black hair was flying in the air. There were splashes of water from his hair, reflecting a colourful lustre. After that, he leaped vigorously, on the poolside, the wet water slid down his body by itself, his chest tightly wrapped by the swimming vest was narrow and strong, and underneath were two impeccable long legs.

This son Nei Yu was really bohemian, yet he was elegant and handsome.

Gu Yuan lowered her head and looked at the WeChat message. Ji Qisen finally replied, but said: “Uh.”

Just one word, without any extra words.

Gu Yuan held her chin and began to ponder, was Qisen unhappy?

Thinking about it, she still replied to him: “What’s the matter, son? Mom will only be staying with Nie Yu for a few days, and I will go back to celebrate your birthday on Saturday.”

JQS: “Does he recognize you?”

Gu Yuan: “Haha…, anyway, he called me mother, as for whether he recognizes me in his heart, who knows? Anyway, he molested me before and I hold a grudge, so I have to take this opportunity to avenge my revenge and educate him along the way. This brat!”

JQS: “He really is owed a lesson.”

Gu Yuan: “Pfft, wait for me to teach him a lesson!”

While happily chatting with Ji Qisen, she felt a shadow in front of her, and raised her head, and saw Nie Yu, who was wearing a swimsuit, standing by the side, arms folded, leaning against the ginkgo tree, holding a piece of dog-tail grass in his mouth, looking at her lazily.

“Are you chatting with your son?” He asked casually, but his tone was very disdainful.

“Yes.” Gu Yan put away the phone, looked at her second son, and shook the phone: “Nie Yu come on, add me on WeChat first.”

“No.” Nie Yu looked disgusted.

Really not adding, won’t she forward a bunch of rubbish chicken soup to him if she had nothing to do. Life os not easy for parents, were you still human if you don’t respect your parents, why are you still eating this kind of thing? It might kill him.

“Really not?” Gu Yuan raised her eyebrows and looked at her son with a smile.

Nie Yu looked at her suspiciously, with a very innocent smile, but with that look, he felt that she seemed to have some conspiracy.

Pulling his wet short hair, he gritted his teeth and said: “Okay, I’ll add you!”

Gu Yuan succeeded in plotting: “Hahaha, bring your mobile phone, hurry up.”

After adding each other on WeChat, Gu Yuan hurriedly wrote a note for Nie Yu: Nie Yu my son.

After making the notes, she started to pull her sons into a group. What should be the name of the group?

After thinking about it, she chose a group name: Genius Baby Little Paradise.

When Nie Yu looked at the name of the group, and then at the people in the group, his face turned green: “What are you doing?”

Gu Yuan: “Aren’t you two brothers? You are both my sons. Of course you have to be in a group, so that everyone can love each other.”

Nie Yu was irritated: “I don’t want to talk to him, don’t mention Ji Qisen to me. I don’t want to see Ji Qisen!”

Gu Yuan: “Why? Is it okay to hate him, is it okay to see him as not pleasing to the eye?”

His wet hair hung on his forehead, his narrowed eyes looked fierce and bad and Gu Yuan was a little frightened: “…Okay, then I will disband this group first.”

Nie Yu suddenly saw her like this and felt helpless.

Annoying, really annoying, why was she so upset?

He pulled his hair again irritably: “Okay, it’s already been made, don’t disband, Ji Qisen will think I am afraid of him after disbanding!”

Gu Yuan: “…then it’s better not to disband.”

Gu Yuan secretly glanced at Nie Yu, sighed lightly, drooped her shoulders, and said helplessly: “If you think I’m annoying and that I’m here to obstruct your eyes, it’s really not good, I’ll leave.”

Nie Yu suddenly froze, he looked at her unexpectedly.

Gu Yuan spread her hands: “I want to correct some of your bad habits, but if you are so disgusted, why should I make trouble for myself? After all, you have grown up, you are not a child anymore, and you have money and wealth. I can’t control you. If it doesn’t work, I’ll go back and live with Ji Qisen. If he doesn’t want me, then I can only sleep under the bridge.”

Nie Yu took a deep breath: “Did I say not to live here?”

Gu Yuan: “Huh?”

Nie Yu: “You are right, honouring my parents is what I should do as a child. Since I call you mother, I should support and honor you. You can stay as long as you want, you can do whatever you want, alright?”

Gu Yuan nodded suddenly: “Okay! I can just stay for a few days.”

Nie Yu frowned: “Even if you have no place to live, you wouldn’t live on the street and sleep under the bridge, would you? Don’t tell me Ji Qisen didn’t give you any money?”

Gu Yuan sighed: “He gave some, but it may not be enough to stay in a hotel. There is no way, I still have to go to school and pay tuition fees, so I have to save some money.”

Nie Yu suddenly looked down with contempt: “Ji Qisen is too stingy. I will give you a black gold card, you can swipe it as you like, it’s unlimited.”

Gu Yuan: “Really?”

Nie Yu: “Why should I lie to you?”

Was he that kind of stingy person? He must be more generous than that stingy Ji Qisen.

When she got an unlimited black gold card, Gu Yuan suddenly burst into a big smile, and tilted her head to look at her son: “My son is so filial, I feel so touched.”

Nie Yu looked at Gu Yuan defensively: “Why are you smiling?”

Gu Yuan smiled smugly, raised her eyebrows and said: “Actually, my son Nie Yu is quite kind, and he is also a good and filial boy.”

As for being promiscuous, having several girlfriends and molesting girls from good families on the street, these were all minor problems, and could be corrected slowly.

Nie Yu suddenly understood when he remembered just now, and his face turned dark for a moment: “You pretended to be pitiful on purpose!”

Gu Yuan: “Anyway, you agreed, and the black gold card was given to me, and the relationship between our mother and child has developed further.”

As she spoke, she silently put the black gold card into her small pocket.

Nie Yu: “!!”

Routine, all routine!

He would never believe her pitiful appearance again!

Gu Yuan: “Come on, son, sit down first, we mother and son will have a good talk about having a girlfriend first.”

Nie Yu squinted at her, with a face of reluctance: “What are you talking about?”

When it came to business, Gu Yuan suddenly became serious, she coughed lightly, and said: “Actually, you are already twenty-three years old, and I shouldn’t care about you having girlfriends, but I heard that you have changed nineteen girlfriends already, do you think this is appropriate? You play around in the world and change girlfriends at will. What if you meet the girl you really love in the future and the other party can’t accept it? Do you think this is fair to others? And how much do you pay now for these things, if you have a plan for them, that’s fine, if someone really loves you, you’ll be harming that little girl, right?”

Nie Yu was the second eldest in the family.

His father couldn’t take care of these things, why should she take care of them!

Gu Yuan said again: “And last time, did I provoke you? You actually wanted to molest me. Did all your nineteen girlfriends were molested like this? Do you think this is right?”

Gu Yuan continued after taking a sip of water to moisten her throat, “I am your mother, I can forgive you for what you did wrong, but what about others, they will hate you and think you are not a good person, you are going to inherit your father’s property in the future and you’ll have the reputation of a libertine, do you think this is good for your future?”

Nie Yu had a headache, and he regretted it for the thousandth and ten thousand times, what was wrong with his head at that time? He made a mistake and even teased her?

She clearly had a motherly look on her face, not innocent at all, not girly at all, why didn’t he see it at the time?

Gu Yuan said again: “As for the relationship between you and Qisen, it is supposed to be your freedom. You can hate him or not like him. As a mother, I have no right to ask you to like Ji Qisen. But if you hate him, you hate him. Do you think it’s appropriate to target him like this? You deliberately spread photos of me and Qisen on the Internet to make netizens misunderstand the relationship between me and Qisen, do you think this is appropriate?”

Hearing these words, Nie Yu almost didn’t want to live.

He thought of the comments he had posted on Weibo and wanted to slap himself.

At that time, he thought that Ji Qisen had a brain twitch and even made up such a big lie, but now it turned out that he was the one who had a brain twitch, he was talking nonsense, and he was the one who didn’t understand the situation!

Seeing how ashamed her son looked, Gu Yuan couldn’t bear it: “Let’s stop our ideological education today, we’ll continue tomorrow.”

Will we continue tomorrow?

Nie Yu almost choked on his own saliva.

He gave Gu Yuan a difficult look: “Good night.”

Gu Yuan showed a big smile: “Good night, son, remember to think about what I said.”

When Nie Yu heard this, he turned his head and left, almost running for his life.

With a delicate face like a girl, clear and childish eyes, and words like a teacher, my God, what kind of devil mother is this!

But the butler Zhuge, who was waiting outside, looked at this scene and listened to these words, almost to the point of doubting life.

Who was this woman, and why was she calling his young master her son?

Why could she teach his young master with a bunch of great principles, but his young master was not annoyed at all?

He was so familiar with his young master that he even knew how many hairs he had.

The young master was rebellious and unruly since he was a child, so he was often beaten by his father, but it was impossible for him to obey the training obediently.

Not to mention outsiders, even if the master told the young master this great truth, the young master would scoff at him and would not listen at all.

As a result, now, a young girl had been talking nonstop for dozens of minutes, and the young master was obediently listening there?

Don’t look at the young master’s superficial disdain and disgust, but in fact…he knew the young master very well.

If he was really disgusted, he would have let the girl go, or he would have gone by himself, how could he just stand there and continue listening? So the young master said no, but he was looking forward to it in his heart.

So, who the hell was this that could control the young master?

Butler Zhuge picked up the phone stiffly, with trembling hands, excitedly wanting to send a message to his master.

No, he had to report to his master.

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