RNMG Ch. 60.2

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Today’s scene only left Si Huang and Jiang Yajing confronting each other in the room – Demon Yue found that his body could be controlled by a weak human being, which made him feel unprecedented humiliation, and even more hatred that he could not hurt this human being. For Ding Hong, tonight’s experience also brought about an unprecedented change in her life which had been similar to plain boiled water till this point, and her mood was indescribably complicated and confused.

The slender girl cautiously looked at the slender mysterious figure from time to time. During this silent minute, it should have been boring. However, the girl’s subtle expression changes and body language, as well as the cold and stern man like an immortal, made people feel that they would not feel bored just looking at him, and even wished to look at him a few more times, which made this minute of silence extremely exciting.    

In the end, the girl let out a sigh of relief silently, turned around and got out of bed and went to the living room. The man standing by the window shook his eyebrows calmly, then his ears trembled, but his eyes were still proudly aimed outside the window.    

“Ahhhh!” Before the panting scream was formed, the people around her covered it with their hands in time, “Hush!”    

“Uhhhh!” The girl who was about to scream nodded quickly, waiting for someone to let go of her hand, then she couldn’t help suppressing her excited howling, “So cute! Your Majesty’s little moves are exactly the same as my family’s Andrew, so cute! How can he make such cute little moves with such a cold and noble face? Beep, beep, beep!”    

“Which one is Andrew?”    

“My cat!”    


After she said this, the eyes of a group of girls turned red instantly. Damn meow! It’s really like it, cat creatures were simply too cute!    

“Hey, if it’s His Majesty, I’d be willing to be a shit-shoveling officer for the rest of my life!”    

“It’s not your turn at all, okay? Stop being so sentimental!”

The first thing girls paid attention to was cuteness and charm, but some of them were serious or sighing. The first thing they felt was Si Huang’s acting skills. How long had it been since he got the script? It was fine to play the demons to the fullest, but even such small details had also been performed. Although the fox was a canine, its arrogance was comparable to that of a cat, not to mention that he was playing the role of a demon king. He was glamorous and noble, and at the same time, the cuteness of a plush creature was also revealed in the details.

When Jiang Yajing walked in with a small medicine box, Si Huang had already noticed it, and turned her gaze away from the window before she realized it.

Jiang Yajing didn’t notice her small movements, and carefully put the medicine box on the table next to her, then looked at her again, moved her lips lightly without saying anything, and turned and went to the living room again.

Everyone who was still laughing because of Si Huang’s petty tricks became quiet because of Jiang Yajing’s back.

It took several seconds for Si Huang to look at the medicine box.

Everyone thought that she would be arrogant but finally accept this kindness.

The result…

Bang— kicked the medicine box away.

Everyone’s heart trembled violently, and a thought came to their mind: this is too unkind!

Si Huang’s eyes were rebellious and indifferent, and then he squatted down by the window, with one foot bent and the other straight, in a lonely and elegant posture. She put her hand to her lips, licking gently. Half of the face was hidden in the shadows, showing a mysterious silhouette and the scarlet tongue, the fish-like sharp fingertips, and the flawless white jade-like wrists.

The picture that was too beautiful made everyone quiet, and there were no girls screaming excitedly.

This scene was so beautiful that it looked like an ancient mysterious ink painting, and this person seemed to be an elf who had come out of the ink painting.

How could they ask a haughty goblin to have human affection, if he was easily tamed, would he still be him? He would rather lick his wound alone than accept the kindness of a stranger. It was so cold that it made people feel cold, and it was so cautious that it made people feel distressed, but it was also so beautiful that people couldn’t wait to conquer and worship it.

When today’s filming officially ended, Xu Wanjun, Liu Yan and others gathered around the small TV to watch the filming effect. Even without post-editing, they were still shocked.    

The laughter of the students in their true colors, the youthfulness of the young people, and the natural confrontation between the two protagonists, Si Huang and Jiang Yajing, did not feel jerky at all. In particular, there were a few scenes that were so beautiful that they could be frozen as pictorials.    

Several professors were also watching, and a female professor suddenly sighed: “Shots of this level should be handed over to professional post-processing, rough editing and post-processing will ruin it.”

After these words fell, the atmosphere changed.    

Many people showed unhappy expressions, but no one refuted the professor aloud, because they themselves agreed with what the professor said.    

After taking off her make-up, Si Huang came out and noticed the strange atmosphere. She came over and asked, “What’s the matter?”    

Several people opened their mouths in silence. In the end, Zhou Jian repeated what the professor said, and then nodded in agreement, “I think what the professor said is very reasonable. This is our Yajing’s first debut work, and her performance is so good. How can we hand over the later stage to a group of students who haven’t graduated yet? It just so happens that Fenghua Entertainment has a lot of professionals… “

He became more and more passionate as he spoke, and was interrupted by Si Huang, “This is not a commercial film.”    

Everyone looked at her.    

Si Huang: “I told you the reason for looking for you at the beginning.”

One sentence made the faces of Huaxing Art School students glow, and she turned to look at the female professor who opened her mouth as if to speak, “I know that the professor said this of good intentions, but I believe that every student will do their best, and we have a special talent that other professionals who have left society do not have.”

The female professor was startled: “What?”    

Si Huang smiled: “Enthusiasm, we are water chestnuts that have not been honed by society, the pursuit of dreams, this simple sensibility is lost by many people in society. I believe that the works shot by us together may not be the most perfect and exquisite, but it will definitely make the audience see something different and feel something different.”

These words silenced the professors, and also silenced all the students of Huaxing Art School present who heard her words. However, unlike the complex expressions of the professors, their young faces were full of smiles. It was already flushed red, and the burning heat shining in the eyes was clear and bright.

Feeling the hot eyes of the students, Si Huang sighed to them: “I believe in you, what about you?”

“Damn it! I will do my best even if I don’t eat, drink or sleep!”

“The group of social elites are different. Did they not grow up in school? Why can’t we do better than them!”

“Your Majesty! As long as you are here, I have confidence!”

The fighting spirit of the students was aroused, the atmosphere was full of fighting spirit and elation, the enthusiasm of the atmosphere made Zhou Jian and the professors stunned. From their smiling faces, they felt a force, and couldn’t help but believe that maybe this group of young people could really create a miracle.

Regardless of whether the result would be really successful or not, the light they emitted now was enough to attract many people to pay attention to them and help them.

The female professor sighed, looked at Si Huang with complicated eyes, then turned around and bowed her head to a group of students, “I’m sorry.”

The elated students were stunned, and the excited shouting stopped at once.

They were all a little at a loss, the professor who was usually high above them bowed her head to them!? Oh my god! Are we hallucinating?    

The female professor said sincerely: “My idea was one which is too eager for quick success. You are the elites selected from the thousands of students in the school. As a professor of Huaxing Art School, how can I not trust you?”

A happy voice came out, “Ahaha, haha, this is the first time I have been praised so much by the professor, I am really embarrassed.”

The female professor also laughed, “You are very spiritual in acting, but who let the character be too rebellious and disobedient, how can I not scold you.”

“Hahahahaha—” more and more people laughed.

Seeing this harmonious atmosphere, Zhou Jian couldn’t believe his eyes.

He couldn’t help but look at Si Huang, but he was caught up with Si Huang’s sweeping glance. The corner of the other party’s mouth was slightly hooked, and his eyes looked at him without emotion, with an unattainable cold stare in the clear.

Zhou Jian shivered and a trace of fear emerged in his heart.

Tonight, neither the Huaxing Art School forum nor their Weibos had any photos taken by “Red Moon” circulating, only Si Huang’s words had been widely spread.

[Enthusiasm, we are the water chestnut that has not been honed by society, the pursuit of dreams, this pure sensibility is lost by many people in society. I believe that the works produced by our joint efforts may not be the most perfect and exquisite, but they will definitely make the audience see something different and feel something different.]

This sentence burnt the heart of young people, evoked the sentiments in their hearts, and made middle-aged people think deeply.

Originally, most of Si Huang’s fans came from young people, and most of them were women under the age of twenty-five. The younger girls were obsessed with him, and the older ones had an extra love for the little fresh meat brother. There were fewer older women. Most of them were already mothers and wives and had lost their enthusiasm and thoughts for star chasing.

How many students from Huaxing Art School returned home tonight, and excitedly said this sentence to their parents, attracting their attention.

“Smelly girl, why didn’t you go to hang out today, and came home so early?”

“I’m in a good mood today, I won’t quarrel with you! I’m going to bed, and I’ll get up early tomorrow to watch His Majesty and their filming. I managed to get the logistics position!”

The single mother, who was already ready to quarrel with her rebellious daughter, was dumbfounded, and she never thought that she would plan to go to bed early and get up early, and also do logistics? This stinky girl would willingly do such tiring and useless things as logistics?

“Hey, smelly girl, are you planning some bad idea again? Let me tell you, if you dare to mess around with the men outside again…”

“It’s so annoying! It’s so annoying! I like His Majesty, I only like His Majesty, no stinky man can compare to His Majesty, who wants to play with them! You adults are like this, you don’t believe in people and you are always suspicious!”

The single mother was stunned. She seemed to hear the cry of her daughter who had always been arrogant and yelling? This made the single mother’s heart ache, but she couldn’t find the right words to explain that she was actually just worried about her, afraid that she would be hurt.    

The single mother stood in front of her daughter’s door in silence for a while, then turned around and went to the living room to turn on her laptop and typed the word “Your Majesty” in Maodu to look it up.    

The search results came out quickly, and the single mother was surprised to see the photos on Maodupedia. It was the first time she had seen such a beautiful child.    

But he looked very young, yet he came out to be a star at such a young age, so his personality should be very flamboyant, would his daughter be led astray after chasing him? With this in mind, the single mother checked all the way.    

Half an hour passed without her knowing, until the alarm clock rang, it was then that the single mother came back to her senses, and then fell silent while watching Si Huang’s latest message.    

She logged on to the Maodu account that she hadn’t logged on for a long time, joined Maodu’s [His Majesty Si Huang] post bar, and then retrieved her previous Weibo account, followed Si Huang, and left a comment: Your Majesty, you are great, please work hard, when the time comes, my daughter and I will watch dramas together.    

Similar situations happened in every household—    

“Mom and Dad! Do you know “Red Moon”?”    

“Ah? What is that?”    

“Hey hey, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know now, you will definitely know in the future. Then you will definitely be proud of your son! Well, that’s it!”    

“Eh? Son, please speak clearly! Hey, don’t go!”    

“Husband, this is the first time I’ve seen him so excited and active! Quick, go check and find out what happened to “Red Moon”!”    

“Mom! I’m going to make a film, and I will do it well, you must watch it!”

“What? What film? Haven’t you not graduated yet? What film are you filming!”

“Your Majesty’s “Red Moon”! Hahaha!”

“Grandpa and grandma, I miss you, come and live with us! Just in time to guide me in music!”

“Ah? Don’t you think we are too strict?”

“Not strict, I I need you very, very, very much now! Grandpa and grandma, come quickly~ I will tell you quietly that I have been selected as one of the music planners of “Red Moon”!”

“Oh~ Sun, just wait, grandma and grandpa are here! What? Wait, what the hell is that “Red Moon”?

The author has something to say:

Er Shui: Your Majesty, you touched my chest yesterday, and you must be responsible for me!

Your Majesty: Is there?

Er Shui: Yes! When you took my ticket!

Your Majesty: Oh, I didn’t.

Er Shui: You still pretend!

Your Majesty: To be honest, to fill the space between your underwear and your chest, at least a hundred sheets are needed, so I really haven’t touched it.

Ershui: …

After three seconds, Ershui: Director! Cut this part off! Not allowed to broadcast! O dish O

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