RCFS Ch. 149

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Who was he, Wang Zaihao?

The leader of the Eastern District, whoever saw him didn’t just nod, they all bowed and called out Brother Hao!

Ten years earlier, when the law and order were not so good, all those who offended him would have died in Bohai Bay!

Now that law and order were on the rise, did a little girl think she could ignore Brother Hao in her eyes?

Wang Zaihao stared at Ye Yunxi fiercely: “Haggle with me? You are so brave!”

The last two words were bitten to bloody flesh, as if biting Ye Yunxi’s heart.

The atmosphere became more and more dignified, and those tall and burly brothers stepped forward one after another, as if on Brother Hao’s one word, they would kill Ye Yunxi.

Among this group of big men, the little figure in school uniform looked so weak and helpless, like a little white rabbit surrounded by wolves, it seemed that there was no possibility of survival.

Brother Zhuang hurriedly stood in front of Ye Yunxi: “Brother Hao, Brother Hao, we have something to say, something to talk about!”

“Get out of here!”

He hit her with a slap, Brother Zhuang closed his eyes in fright, but the expected pain did not hit, he bravely opened his eyes to narrowed slits, and saw a section of the cuff of the school uniform with fingertips in front of him, the delicate little hand had accurately blocked Brother Hao’s wrist, and turned it lightly.

Brother Hao staggered a few steps, staring at Ye Yunxi in horror.

This little girl swung him away with a casual movement? What kind of strength was this!

Ye Yunxi hooked the corners of her mouth, could she not be strong? Before coming in, she had exchanged for 30 minutes of physical strength.

Because she knew that if she came to this kind of place, how could she be worthy of Brother Hao’s invitation without a fight?


Brother Zhuang was moved with snot and tears. This was the first time someone had slapped someone for him such a big man. What the hell, this person was still a young girl!!

Miss! This strong son is willing to give birth to a monkey for you!!

System: ………

Crap, this setting…

Forget it, the Awesomeness XP was still given.

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]


Ye Yunxi chuckled, pushed Brother Zhuang’s sticky head away, and stood up slowly.

It was a pity that she was not tall, even if she stood up, she was still a bit shorter than these old men.

But this didn’t stop Ye Yunxi from being in full swing!

“What do you mean? Are you trying to scare me into playing?”

Ye Yunxi tilted her head, squinted her eyes and glanced around, looking up at this group of guys, she just squinted and looked casually.

For a moment, the eyes crossed, and the electric current exploded, making Brother Zhuang’s scalp tingle!

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over!

It must be a big deal today!!

Miss Yunxi, why did you provoke them by going up the pole?

Sure enough, the big men in this circle were the first to stir up pots, and everyone in this business knew that the look in her eyes was looking down on them!

This little girl deserved a beating!

Before Wang Zaihao could make a sound, the men moved, howling and rushing towards Ye Yunxi.

Scaring you to play?

Grass mud horse, just play around!

I’ll let you see if I’m scaring you to play!!

The people who had been beaten on the road were full of hostility, their fists were hard and ruthless, and they drew out knives.

Brother Zhuang stared at Ye Yunxi in horror, for fear that something would happen to her.

He was just a thug at best, but this group of people had always been protecting Brother Hao, and their skills were much more tyrannical than his!

But the little figure remained motionless, only tilted slightly when the fist hit came, grabbed it sideways, pulled it tight, and slashed hard at the elbow with the knife in her hand!


Amidst the screams, the person had already been kicked out, wriggling like mud.

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