GLR Ch. 15

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The next day, after Su Yemu announced the menu on the platform, he and Xiaonan went out; the first district was located in the eastern corner of Saier Star. There were only 300,000 people in Saier Star, and the first district had gathered 170,000 people, which made it a prosperous place. The degree of prosperousness was far from that of the fifth district.

It took about 20 minutes to reach the first district by hovercar. When Su Yemu got off the hovercar, he was a little surprised. The big house located on the mountainside was hidden in the woods, the large open space was surrounded by a fence, the gate was made of solid wood, and there were three watchtowers in a triangular shape, controlling the entire mountain within a viewing angle.

Su Yemu was a little puzzled, why did such a building look so familiar? Where had he seen it?

By the way, wasn’t this similar to the mountain bandit den in TV series?

“Xiaonan, you are here. The boss is not at home today.”

A loud voice came from mid-air, and Su Yemu looked up. A tall, rough-looking man grinned and waved at Xiaonan. He was wearing an iron-grey military uniform. His top collar button was not fastened, the bottom was buttoned upside down and wrongly buttoned. He was holding a weapon that looked like a sniper rifle, dangling it around like he was playing with a toy.

“Hey, Xiaonan, who is this handsome little handsome guy? Tsk…tsk…, he is quite suitable to be the boss’s wife, hehe!” The man scratched his head and smirked.

Su Yemu said with a straight face, “I don’t mind your boss marrying here.”

The man’s mouth instantly became O-shaped, and his gaze on Su Yemu was like watching a ghost. He took two steps back, and suddenly turned to face the big house behind him and shouted: “Little ones, someone is going to marry the boss.”

Su Xiaonan: “!”

Su Yemu: “!”

Bearded man, looking a little serious: “Xiaonan is here, come in quickly.”

Su Xiaonan pulled Su Yemu, pushed the door and ran in, then she came to an old man, and happily introduced Su Yemu: “Uncle Xu, this is my brother.”

Uncle Xu looked Su Yemu up and down by his beard and nodded: “Go! I’ve been waiting for you for two days, and you only finished half of the homework last time. You were going to finish it today.” Uncle Xu pulled Su Xiaonan up and went away, as he had no interest in Su Yemu: “I’m going back to Neptune in a few days. After today’s class is over, don’t come here.”

If he didn’t know that she supported her idiot brother by repairing machines, Uncle Xu wouldn’t want to see Su Xiaonan in this place.

“I, my brother…”

Uncle Xu glanced at Su Yemu from head to toe: “Aren’t you stupid? Well, that’s good.”

After speaking, he took Xiaonan to the big house in the forest, Su Yemu saw that Uncle Xu didn’t like him and didn’t intend to invite him in, so he didn’t follow him.

Su Yemu turned around, and seven or eight men in iron-grey military uniforms suddenly appeared in front of him. They stared at him with bright eyes and wretched smiles, and said in unison: “I heard that you want to marry our boss?”

Su Yemu twitched the corner of his mouth, stepped back and waved his hand: “I…”

“Haha…, I understand, I understand, no need to explain.”

“Yes, yes, yes, we understand, don’t worry, we will definitely not say it.”

“He looks fierce, but in fact, he is very gentle, even very tender and sweet, and very powerful. In Saier Star, no one has not heard of his name, and no one does not know his deeds. He…”

“Don’t pull me!”

“Um…, did I praise too much?”

Everyone nodded: “Oh!”

Su Yemu: Hey, I’m still here!

Su Yemu decided not to chat with this group of soldiers, and changed the subject: “By the way, do you know how to go to the trading market?”

“Xiao Li.”


“Take Mr. Su to the trading place, remember to be careful, don’t let anyone bump into him.” A bald soldier picked up a small boy from the crowd.

The little boy was called Datou, for which he said that he was named this because he was born with a big head. But his family members were all gone, and when he was very young, he tried to rob Boss Hei, but he brought him back later, and he had stayed here until now.

Datou chattered about his life, giggling, very happy and cheerful.

The trading market was not far away, and it took only three minutes to get there. To Su Yemu’s surprise, the trading market was built underground; when you enter the door, you could hear all kinds of cries, selling antiques, inhibitors, weapons, and everything else.

Su Yemu found the brushes he wanted at an antique stall, bought three of them, and also bought ink, but unfortunately he couldn’t find an ink stand.

After paying, Su Yemu turned to look for datou, but found that the person was gone. Su Yemu stood there for a while, but still did not see anyone, so he decided to leave.

The left side of the trading market was uphill, and the right side was a dark alley. The unfamiliar Su Yemu accidentally walked to the right side.

“Boy, give me some pocket money to spend!”

Su Yemu didn’t expect to be blocked as soon as he turned in. With this luck, he could buy a lottery ticket.

Su Yemu had just left, when Datou appeared at the antique stall.

“Let me ask you, what about the guy who was with me?” Regardless of the size of the big guy, he had a lot of strength, so he immediately lifted the dealer up.

“I, I don’t know! He paid the money, waited for a while, and left.” The peddler was very innocent. The customer just now was brought over by Mr. Hei. Did he dare to cheat him?

Datou threw the peddler to the ground and ran out; he didn’t forget what the captain said, if he didn’t see Su Yemu with him, he would skin him.

“Boss, why are you here?”

Just when Datou was in a state of desperation and was about to rush out, the voice behind him made his scalp tingle, he turned around stiffly, and saluted: “Hello, boss.”

Well, he murmured in his heart: The sun came out from the west today, how could Boss Hei come out here.

“What’s going on? Who allowed you to come down the mountain without permission?” A man with a stern expression beside Boss Hei frowned and looked at Datou.

Datou smiled and told them what happened, but of course, he did not dare to say anything more for fear that he would be beaten by the boss.

“Ah Jun, look for him! This place is messy, don’t let anything happen to him.” Boss Hei stroked his chin and threw Su Yemu out of his mind. His last impression of him was that kid looking at him crying with tears and mucus flowing together.

“Boss, he is in the alley.” Bai Jun glanced at Datou coldly, and then said, “Boss, you go back first! It’s not a good thing for those rats to suddenly appear on Saier Star.”

“Hey, do you think I will be afraid of them? Lead the way.”

Bai Jun opened his mouth, swallowed back the words of persuasion, and told where Su Yemu was. A group of people reached the dark alley in a short while.

In the dark alley, three men were lying on the ground crying, and Su Yemu was standing in the corner with a bag and an innocent face.

“Mr. Su, are you injured?” Datou ran to Su Yemu first, looked him up and down, heaved a sigh of relief because he was not injured.

“Are you that idiot?” It was no wonder that Boss Hei asked this question. Although he and the idiot Su Yemu look exactly the same, they felt completely different.

“Boss, didn’t I say it? He’s not stupid anymore.” Datou secretly glanced at Su Yemu, afraid that he would get angry: “This is our boss, Boss Hei.”

“I’m talking, is it your turn to intervene? Go back and run fifty laps around the village.”


Datou wanted to plead, but Bai Jun glanced at him and he swallowed it back; run away! After offending the boss he had to run fifty laps, but if he offended Bai Jun, he would have no bones left.

“Hi, I’m Su Yemu, Xiaonan’s brother, thank you for taking care of her.” Su Yemu smiled in a friendly manner towards Boss Hei. There was a scar on Boss Hei’s face, from the corner of his forehead to the bridge of his nose, which looked like he had been stabbed by a sharp weapon, the scar gave him a rugged appearance which made him look even more vicious.

“You’re welcome, but speaking of it, you’re a good kid. You used to cry when you saw your mother, and it was so annoying.”

Su Yemu rubbed his nose, laughed twice, and took the blame for the original owner.

“Boss, their mental strength has been exhausted.”

Bai Jun, who went to check on the situation of the three of them, came back, leaned close to Boss Hei’s ear, and whispered, then his eyes swept over Su Yemu, bringing a chill.

Seeing the two of them whispering, Su Yemu said, “I don’t know why they fell to the ground and screamed.”

At that time, he was blocked by these three people, and when he saw that they were about to make a move, the three fell to the ground suddenly. It was all very strange.


Boss Hei suddenly shouted, and the people around him rushed out quickly, while those who stayed in place took out their laser guns and pointed them forward.

“You are…”

Su Yemu finished his sentence, and the few people who were running from Boss Hei to A Sha stopped abruptly, a deterrent force pressed down from their foreheads, and everyone’s faces turned pale in an instant.

“His mental power exploded, retreat quickly.”

Hearing what Ah Jun said, Datou’s first reaction was to block in front of Boss Hei, but Boss Hei pushed him away.

“Don’t stand in my way, I’ll blow him up.”

“Wait,” Su Yemu yelled, rushed towards A Sha, and grabbed his wrist: “A Sha, why are you here?”

Flowing in the dark alley, the oppressive aura disappeared in an instant, and everything that happened just now seemed like an illusion.

A group of people got on Boss Hei’s hovercar, Su Yemu and A Sha sat on the right, Boss Hei sat on the left, as he looked at A Sha with great interest.

“Boss, his spiritual power is at least S-level, and I have never heard of such a person in Saier Star, even if he is a fool.”

A Sha’s mental strength was S rank, tsk, his hands were itchy.

“The latest news is that the fleet of the three armies has stayed at the Poseidon Fortress for three days, and they still haven’t entered Neptune. The military department announced this morning that this is because of a legion repair. Please don’t speculate too much…”

A piece of news shocked the whole empire, everyone was talking about it, but they didn’t know that the imperial palace was already in chaos.

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