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Jing Yang lay on Shang Wang’s chest, then he thought of the time he had been gone, if calculated by the time in the human world, they really had been separated for a long time. And he had no memory of Shang Wang during reincarnation, so he didn’t feel the longing. Now that all his memories were restored, he felt a burst of longing.

Jing Yang buried his face in Shang Wang’s chest, and said sadly, “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you very much too, don’t mess around like this next time.” Shang Wang held his face and kissed his lips. Although in order to bring him back, he went to accompany him for several lifetimes, but the him in those worlds was only a part of his soul, not the complete him, so his longing was stronger than Jing Yang’s who had no memory from before.

“I’m so willful, do you not love me anymore?” Jing Yang looked at him with tears in his eyes.

“My love for you is constantly increasing every moment and has never decreased.” Shang Wang knew that he had entered another sad role, so he coaxed him very cooperatively, and expressed his love to him.

“Then why did it take you so long to find me?” Jing Yang complained, “Do you know that I almost got tired of life because of the repeated reincarnations, and wanted to let my soul fly away.”

Shang Wang hugged him and said, “Listen to me slowly. Let me tell you…”

Why did Shang Wang make Jing Yang reincarnate for so long before looking for him, and what method was used to bring him back, even if it was explained in detail, how much time would it take? If you explain the situation, you cannot finish it in a few words.

But if you want to know the detailed identities of Jing Yang and Shang Wang, the reason why Jing Yang went back to the human world for continuous reincarnation, and how Shang Wang brought him back, you have to start from the beginning.

Jing Yang’s father was the Heavenly Emperor, and his mother was the Heavenly Empress. As the first child of the Heavenly Emperor and the Heavenly Empress, he was born as the Prince of Heaven.

The status of the prince of the heavens was extremely noble, so the birth of the prince of the heavens was naturally not an easy task. The Heavenly Empress carried him for more than 100,000 years before he took shape in her womb. When he was born, the 100,000 catastrophes that were to fall on him were all borne by the Heavenly Emperor and the Heavenly Empress for him.

The Heavenly Empress had already consumed too much vitality because of being pregnant with him and giving birth to him, and because she had endured part of the catastrophe, her body became even weaker. So, the Heavenly Emperor sent her to the Yushen Pool to recuperate, hoping that her body could recover as soon as possible.

Yushen Pool was indeed a sacred place for healing and cultivation of gods, but there was one thing that must be observed, that was, in Yushen Pool, there must be no distracting thoughts, let alone emotional ups and downs, otherwise you will be caught by the sharp energy flowing in the pool and the injury would become even more serious.

Originally, the Heavenly Emperor would spend most of his time with the Heavenly Empress in the Yushen Pool, except for the time he spent handling some of the affairs of the heavens. Although they were the Emperor and Empress of Heaven, emotionally, they were a loving couple who loved each other deeply.

Every 100,000 years, the Heavenly Emperor had to go down to earth and reincarnate ten times to endure the catastrophe. Although he was also injured because of suffering the catastrophe, when the time for the catastrophe was up, he must go down to earth, otherwise there would be another catastrophe.

The Heavenly Emperor had gone down to the mortal world many times before, and the time in the mortal world went much faster than that in the heavenly realm. The couple thought that this time also it would be just a short separation and they would be able to reunite soon, but they didn’t want someone to take advantage of the injury of the Heavenly Emperor.

Heavenly Empress had a cousin, the daughter of the water god, named Yu Ji. Yu Ji envied her cousin who was better than her in all aspects since she was a child. After her cousin became the Empress, there should have been countless concubines in the Heavenly Emperor’s harem. But except for her cousin, the main wife, there was not a single concubine in the harem.

If the emperor’s harem was empty because her cousin was too powerful to allow the emperor to accept concubines, and if the husband and wife did not get along because of this, she might not have been so jealous. However, the emperor and empress loved each other very much, and they could even be described as sticky, which made Yu Ji quite jealous.

Yu Ji originally had the water god as her father and the Heavenly Empress as her cousin. If she wanted to marry, she could marry any immortal, but she fell in love with the Heavenly Emperor while observing the relationship between the emperor and the empress.

Yu Ji felt very painful because the Heavenly Emperor couldn’t love her. She tried to seduce the Heavenly Emperor, thinking that if the Heavenly Emperor fell in love with her, it would be useless even if her cousin objected and her cousin’s favor would be snatched away.

Yu Ji had a beautiful fantasy, but when she really went to seduce the Heavenly Emperor, she was severely punished by the Heavenly Emperor, and she was not killed on the spot just because she was the cousin of the Heavenly Empress.

Yu Ji, who was severely punished, was naturally unwilling, but it was useless for her to be unwilling, she had already done everything. Tens of thousands of years had passed since then, and the water god asked her to marry several times, but she was unwilling because she loved the Heavenly Emperor more and more, and the love was so painful.

When she got to know that the Heavenly Emperor was going to go down to the mortal world to endure calamities after being seriously injured, she decided to get her wish fulfilled in the mortal world. If the Heavenly Emperor was not injured, even if the Heavenly Emperor became a mortal, he would have nothing to do with her. But the Heavenly Emperor came down to earth with a serious injury this time, which meant that she could take advantage of it.

Yu Ji came to the mortal realm where the Heavenly Emperor was and met the Heavenly Emperor in the mortal world. She originally wanted to create a beautiful love story with the Heavenly Emperor, so that when the Heavenly Emperor returned to the realm of Heaven, he might see that they had loved each other in the mortal world and have different feelings for her.

But no matter how Yu Ji tempted the Heavenly Emperor, the Heavenly Emperor never fell in love with her. The Heavenly Emperor only had ten lifetimes of calamity, but even with the passing of several lives, Yu Ji did not achieve her goal of making the Heavenly Emperor fall in love with her, which made her feel sad and unwilling, so she decided to take the risk.

Yu Ji thought, even if she couldn’t fall in love with the Emperor, she still wanted to leave good memories with the Emperor, and it was best if she was to conceive the child of the Emperor, so that even after the Emperor returned to heaven, he would look at the child’s face and not punish her. And from then on, they would have an inseparable bond.

Yu Ji used ecstasy[1] to have relationships with the Heavenly Emperor several times and got pregnant with the Emperor’s child as she wished. Then she found a place to hide in the mortal world, trying to secretly give birth to this child.

Because Yu Ji stayed in the mortal world after she conceived the child, and the emperor who let her conceive the child was also in his mortal body at the time, so she only had to carry the child for more than 30 years before giving birth to the child.

Yu Ji thought that she might be able to escape the catastrophe by hiding in the mortal world to give birth, but it was impossible for the son of the Heavenly Emperor to be born without a catastrophe.

The Heavenly Empress, who was recuperating in the Yushen Pool, suddenly discovered that there was a catastrophe coming for the Heavenly Emperor. She didn’t know how it happened at first, but the catastrophe still came.

In order to find out the situation, Heavenly Empress used the Qiankun mirror to see what had happened. When she saw what Yu Ji had done, she was so angry that she almost vomited blood, and wished to smash Yu Ji to pieces immediately. But the catastrophe had already fallen, if the emperor whose soul had been wounded and while in his mortal body bore it, then the emperor would most probably lose his soul, and her still a baby son would have to inherit the throne of the heavens, but it was impossible for him to bear the successive Heavenly Tribulation, and so his soul would only be scattered.

The Heavenly Empress bore the catastrophe for the Heavenly Emperor with hatred, because the Heavenly Emperor’s catastrophe could only be borne by her, the Heavenly Empress.

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[1] An aphrodisiac.

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