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He wasn’t the last to arrive.

The characters in the novel suddenly became concrete, and Zhai Xingchen didn’t know which one to look at for a moment.


A boy waved to him with a smile.

Wearing white T-shirt and jeans, one look at his attire and he could tell that it was the fourth male guest from the red square.

This season of “Red and Blue Signal” focused on the style of the rich and small era, probably because it would be too materialistic to pass the review, so two real amateurs were added. One of these two amateurs was him, and the other was the fourth male guest from the red square. He was a pure and poor college student, and the other party was a handsome guy who quit college early to make desserts, and his family background was a little stronger than his.

The other party smiled shyly: “My name is Wen Nuo.”

As the name suggested, Wen Nuo was a warm and shy boy, and Zhai Xingchen was particularly fond of him.

Because he was gentle, pure and sweet.

The sweet type was really a big killer in love dramas, and nine out of ten most popular love dramas were all sweet types. Whether it was BL or BG, sweetness always ranked first, and the tastes of the guests had always been uniform.

He looked at the tall, mature man beside Wen Nuo again.

“Hello, Duan Yihua.” The other party held out his hand politely.

Duan Yihua, the eldest son of a well-known beverage brand family, had the most common style of honesty and generosity seen in romance dramas.

He was a handsome guy, but he was still a bit far from the big handsome guy.

Looking at the love dramas of China, Japan and South Korea, they were always the kind that the audience pitied the most. They were capable, independent, and strong, but they lacked that little pink aura of love.

He shook hands with Duan Yihua, and then greeted Hu Ying, the red second male guest, and Lin Qingning, the third male guest.

Lin Qingning, whose family ran a chain hotel, had a temperament.

He had a quiet personality, was dressed in luxurious men’s clothes, wore black-rimmed glasses, was thin and fair, and had a typical high-spirited image.

Hu Ying, the son of a real estate tycoon, wore a shawl and had long hair, which made him seem glamorous and indistinguishable.

He was an Internet celebrity and a second-generation rich, and he ran his own fashion brand. Even among a bunch of handsome guys, he was still the most beautiful at first glance.

He was the one who was mosaiced most often, and he was also the one who was silenced the most.

It was strongly suspected that he was the show flower.

Of course there was no ugly person in the novel, and all the participants in this variety show were handsome guys, but he didn’t expect these people to concretize the words.

All of them were more fragrant and brilliant than male stars.

A feast of masculinity!

Wen Nuo said: “Just put the suitcase here, we all put it here.”

Zhai Xingchen put the suitcase down and smiled at them.

Wen Nuo covered his mouth and said with a smile, “So handsome.”

“Are you from the blue team?” Hu Ying glanced at the blue bracelet on his wrist with a suspicious tone.

“That’s right.” Zhai Xingchen said.


What’s Hu Ying’s expression? Milky 1 is also 1, okay?

Sister Hu is rare and strange, weak 1 is also 1.

Sister Hu is not uncommon, but Sister Hu doesn’t like this kind of 1. Just go to his video account to see his taste and you will know.

Zhai Xingchen glanced at the four male guests opposite him, all of them wore red bracelets.

But he was not the only guest from the blue party here. He looked at the camera in the living room and saw another person sitting on the sofa.

He was lazily lying on the sofa, his long and straight legs were wrapped in suit pants, and his black shirt made him look even more fair and handsome. His eyebrows were black and sharp, full of an aura that strangers should not get close to him.

“Hello.” Zhai Xingchen took the initiative to greet.

The other party raised his eyelids slightly, nodded lazily, and said politely and distantly, “Hello.”

After speaking, he looked down at the tablet computer in his hand.

Indifferent subwoofer, slender and handsome, lean and fair, with a big nose, big Adam’s apple, big finger joints, and beautiful veins on the back of his hands.

Ah, he had heard that this kind of man was not easy.

As expected of the hero of Jinjiang!

Pei Xu himself was not from the entertainment industry, but because his mother was the well-known big star Pei Huanong, it had added a layer of starlight to their family. Among the wealthy second generation, he was the person who was most often on the entertainment news.

Pei Xu had an enviable family background, outstanding appearance, and an outstanding mind. In the original words of the novel, “He doesn’t have to do anything, just stand there, and a lot of people will fall in love with him.”

However, there was still the second half of the original text, “Probably the creator also felt that this was too unfair, so he gave him such a bad and boring soul. Unless someone was a masochist, no one could love him for more than a month.”

A bunch of girls fell in love with him one after another, and left him because they couldn’t stand him.

Pei Xu was a financial genius. He won the National Mathematical Olympiad Championship in junior high school. As a science scumbag, Zhai Xingchen admired this kind of science genius too much. Pei Xu was the kind of financial genius who didn’t love men or women, didn’t have many friends, and only cared about numbers.

After graduating from Columbia University, he did not join his stepfather Zhou’s business, but founded a venture capital company called Huaxu. He quickly became successful, and his offense and defence were all full, just like a cheat. Now the fund he managed had reached a scale of nearly 100 billion, and the majority of people loved to call him Mr. Pei.

In addition, Pei Xu also had the most old-fashioned character design. His mother who was a big star married a top wealthy family carrying a child with a foreign surname, which showed the level of blood. The century-old rich Zhou family had many children, and the disputes between several families were often searched for. The complexity was not inferior to that of an aristocratic family. No one knew how bad the living environment for a foreigner like Pei Xu would have been. In short, he had a dark mind and was not kind to get along with others, but he was just waiting for the destined person to redeem him, warm him, and become his only light.

Was this not the tender redemption stalk that was most familiar in Jinjiang?

Thinking of this, Zhai Xingchen looked at the other four guests from the corner of his eyes.

Well, sure enough, everyone wanted to redeem him.

Netizens who watched the live broadcast also found out.

Sure enough, weak 1 is not attractive.

Milky 1 is not as good as stinky face 1.

It’s been said that Zhai Xingchen honestly makes a beautiful background board, and he didn’t appear in the rich second generation love drama.

Because it was the first time they met, everyone was somewhat unfamiliar and awkward; Duan Yihua and Lin Qingning were sipping coffee while secretly looking at everyone from the corner of their eyes.

Hu Ying was lying on the sofa, stroking his long hair all the time.

Wen Nuo was even more shy, hugging a pillow, curling his fingers up and down a short piece of tassel on the pillow, he kept looking at Pei Xu and him from time to time, occasionally pursing his lips into a smile inexplicably, looking shy and innocent.

It was a sweet and classic scene, laughing at every turn. If you were not familiar with the plot, you might think that he has a crush on both of them. In fact, Wen Nuo just couldn’t dispel the carnival of a CP for a while.

Wen Nuo liked to appreciate CPs, he did it for both men and women, and had a wide range of interests.

But his smile was so sweet and pure.

Duan Yihua next to him asked with a smile, “Why are you always laughing?”

“No, I feel so embarrassed that no one is talking.” Wen Nuo said with a blushing face.

“It’s like this on the first day, it’ll be fine once you get used to it.” Zhai Xingchen comforted him.

“Have you two not been introduced to each other yet?” Duan Yihua suddenly pointed to him and Pei Xu, “Did you exchange your names just now?”

Zhai Xingchen just wanted to say that he knew Pei Xu, so he listened to Pei Xu’s talk. Without looking up, he said: “Pei Xu.”

Indifference was indifference, the voice was really nice, deep and mellow, very sweet. As soon as he spoke, several people all glanced at him shyly and timidly.

This was the bass in the novel that could make people’s ears pregnant.

Green Jinjiang was really rich in such Su Gongs.

Zhai Xingchen hurriedly said, “My name is Zhai Xingchen.”

After mentioning their names, they started chatting.

As written in the original book, from time to time someone would secretly look at Pei Xu, and the admiring eyes could not be suppressed.

But Pei Xu never participated in their chat, and didn’t even give them a look.

After chatting for a few words, they heard someone from outside pushing the door and coming in.

“Someone seems to be here again.” Wen Nuo stood up and said.

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a tall and strong man with short hair came in with a suitcase.

Seeing him, Zhai Xingchen’s eyes lit up.

Huo Cheng, the protagonist of Dianjia, was a handsome northern man with three-dimensional features, well-defined outlines, masculine wheat-coloured skin, and a slightly rough temperament. He had a very masculine appearance.

Unlike Pei Xu, who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, Huo Cheng came from a small northern county. He studied hard and was admitted to a top domestic university. In the past two years, he had successfully gained a firm foothold in the capital. He was not yet thirty years old, and he already owned Tomson’s first-class four suites. He had a lot of famous cars, and he could even fly a plane! He was handsome, had a good figure, loved sports, and had been featured in countless magazines.

Wait for another two years, China would not be able to tolerate him anymore, and their company’s short video app would soon fly out to the world and become a real Internet giant.

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