TBVSR Ch. 60.2: Double Spring

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Jiang Yu saw the bewildered expression on Liu Wenrui’s face, and she knew that this guy had gradually come to his senses.

Self-worth never needed to be defined by the eyes of others.

The self who worked hard was the best self.

All she had to do was push him one last time, and it was all over.

“Hey, poor guy, are you happy to save the beauty?” Jiang Yu looked at him with a smile.

“It’s not hero saving the beauty.” Liu Wenrui pouted and said, “I just can’t bear to see you bullying your classmates like this.”

“Jump out and complain for yourself?”

Jiang Yu’s words made Liu Wenrui slightly surprised: “You… how do you know?!”

“This is not a secret, you waiting on the saddle with Wang Weiqi at school, everyone is watching, do you know what they say about you behind your back?”

“What, what about me?”

“They say you are Wang Weiqi’s little follower.”

Liu Wenrui’s face flushed suddenly: “I…I am not his follower, he and I are, we are best friends!”

Jiang Yu sneered: “Do you think I regard Chen Wei as my best sister?”

“Of course not, if you treat her as a sister, you won’t order her to do chores for you…”

He said it but before he could finish speaking, he suddenly stopped.

Yes, if they were really best friends, how could they summon and force each other to do embarrassing things.

He realized this later.

Jiang Yu knew that there was no need for her to say anything more, the double reed that she and Chen Wei played and sang was enough to make Liu Wenrui wake up, no one was qualified to define your value, except yourself.

Jiang Yu strolled leisurely, going to school to take the provincial joint exam. After the exam, she received a message from the [Knowledge] app, “Successfully completed the task of [Save the Poor Liu Wenrui] and got the reward 10,000, after the app’s share, 8,000 should have arrived in your account, please check.”

Jiang Yu put down her phone and breathed a sigh of relief.

In the previous life, Wang Weiqi’s name replaced Liu Wenrui’s name on the fate-determining test paper.

Wang Weiqi also replaced Liu Wenrui’s life.

But this time, Liu Wenrui wrote his name on the test paper and regained his life.

This was far more meaningful than the reward of 8,000 yuan, and it made Jiang Yu happier.

The results of the province’s joint entrance examination had come down. There was no doubt that Qiu Li won the first place in the province with a high score that was unmatched by the second place.

This joyful news was directly printed as a banner by the school and hung at the school gate.

Jiang Yu’s grades did not advance or retreat, and she remained in the top 100 of her grade like an old dog.

Such a result, generally speaking, was good for the national key prestigious schools, but they couldn’t let her get into Beicheng University.

Fortunately, she had already passed the art recruitment interview of Beicheng University, and her score in cultural subjects could be reduced appropriately.

Judging from her current grades, plus her art skills points, whether she could enter Beicheng University still depended on her luck, which was not safe.

That’s why Qiu Li was so angry before.

She really didn’t seem to care much about studying, after all, ballet had occupied most of her energy.

Even if she didn’t get into Beicheng University, she still had other choices in Beicheng.

Qiu Li was probably angry with this.

During this period of time, he no longer asked her to come for tutoring lessons, and felt sullen all by himself, going to the library and going home alone every day.

Even when they met on the road, he passed her directly, like a stranger.

Jiang Yu felt guilty, so she decided to take the initiative to reconcile, and went to the library to find Qiu Li after school.

Qiu Li glanced at her from a distance, ignored her, and continued to work on the problem.

At this time, a female student from another class took the test paper of the joint entrance examination, mustered up the courage, blushed and asked Qiu Li for the solution to the wrong question.

Qiu Li glanced at Jiang Yu again, and unexpectedly, he explained the wrong question to the girl.

In the past, Qiu Li could say no without giving any face, not to mention when his classmates asked him questions, even if a dog wagged its tail and begged in front of him, he would not lift his eyelids.

In this world, he didn’t have any compassion or sympathy for people, small animals, or any inanimate objects.

Only Jiang Yu could occupy all his tenderness.

Unexpectedly, today, he patiently explained the wrong question to this girl. His gentle expression and magnetic tone made the girl’s face blush like a pomegranate.

Jiang Yu folded her arms and leaned against the door, looking at him from a distance.

Her boyfriend also learned this trick.

In the past, when Qiu Li gave Jiang Yu lectures, he would be very patient, because her grades were really bad, especially in mathematics.

Qiu Li always repeated it three or four times, or even five or six times, using different ideas and methods, cutting in from various angles, and explaining to her in detail.

He was a person who became easily impatient, but when he was giving a lecture, Qiu Li never lost his temper with her. The degree of gentleness and patience could make the girl feel his bottomless love.

Although Jiang Yu knew that Qiu Li was deliberately making her jealous.

But seeing him treat other girls so tenderly and friendly, she still felt slightly uncomfortable.

Since Qiu Li intended to be angry with her, then she would show him her anger.

She won’t take the initiative to talk to him.

Jiang Yu turned and left.

After she left, Qiu Li’s performance also ended.

While the girl was flattered and continued to search for other topics, and wanted to ask him for more advice, Qiu Li mercilessly issued the “exit order”.

“I’m tired.”


The girl looked at Qiu Li’s face-changing attitude, but she still didn’t come back to her senses: “Student Qiu Li, I…I still have a few questions I want to ask you.”

Qiu Li raised his head and glanced at her coldly: “I said, I’m tired.”

The girl looked at his cold black eyes, quickly put away the draft paper, thanked him, and hurriedly left.

Qiu Li watched Jiang Yu’s leaving back, gritted his teeth and bit the back of his clenched fist.

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