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“What level of demon hunter are you?” Hua Yanru looked at the girl in front of her seriously, as the vigorous spiritual power in Mi Wan’s body actually caused the demon core in her body to tremble faintly.

“I don’t know what level I am now, but it shouldn’t be a big problem to defeat you.” Mi Wan said arrogantly.

If this was said five minutes ago, no, even if it was said two minutes ago, no one in the hall would have believed it, but Mi Wan’s startling sword display just now was too terrifying. Hua Yushuang was standing next to the patriarch of the Hua Yuanru clan just now, even if the patriarch of the Hua clan didn’t care about such a little flower demon of the third rank at all and even if she despised Mi Wan, her not even responding, it was unlikely.

Bai Feng looked at Mi Wan who suddenly looked like a different person, then his face contorted, and he suddenly remembered a few months ago when Mi Wan first came to the Demon Hunter Association. At that time, Mi Wan was still very fat, almost two hundred catties by visual inspection, and he like the patriarch of the Hua Yuanru clan had asked her what level of demon hunter she was. If at that time he knew that Mi Wan had such strength, even if she was taking drugs, even if she was treating demons, he would have still taken her into the association.

On the one hand, Bai Feng regretted that he didn’t try his best to keep Mi Wan a few months ago, and on the other hand, he suddenly understood why such a demon hunter with no background dared to open that pet hospital in spite of the prohibition of the demon hunter association. It was not that she was young and ignorant, or that a newborn calf was not afraid of tigers. This was because she was so powerful.

Moreover, with such strength, it was impossible for her to have no teacher, maybe there was an even more powerful teacher behind Mi Wan. Bai Feng just thought about it this way, and then thinking about what he said last night, he wanted to slap himself.

And Xiang Zhen, the owner of the magic weapon, was opening and closing his mouth at this time, as if his soul had gone out his body. This… what was going on? Did he give Mi Wan the little witch’s transformation stick? Why did it suddenly transform?

“What a big tone!” Hua Yanru jumped up, and the demon power around her also skyrocketed. The ferocious demon power slammed into the barrier that Bai Feng had set up earlier, and it was about to break open.

“The venue here is small, let’s go out and fight.” Mi Wan looked at the overcrowded living room, then turned to ask President Bai Feng, whose distorted face hadn’t recovered in time, “Is there any venue available? Otherwise, we might have to demolish the building.”


The Demon Hunter Association was originally rebuilt from an abandoned school, and there was an abandoned football field behind the administrative building. The football field was overgrown with weeds and very dilapidated. Such that only the rusty frames of the goals on both sides could be seen. Mi Wan and the patriarch of the Hua clan stood facing each other, as they looked at each other from a distance of half a field, the atmosphere was a little tense.

The Demon Hunters Association and the Demon Clan were like cheerleaders on both sides, and they sat in the auditorium on both sides in a tacit understanding. However, it was only natural for the people of the Hua demon clan to sit behind their patriarch, but it was somewhat ridiculous for the group of demon hunters to stand in the auditorium behind Mi Wan.

“Brother, do you think Mi Wan can win?” Xiang Zhen couldn’t help but ask the senior beside him.

“I don’t know.” Even though he was smarter and more knowledgeable than his junior brother, how could such a high-end confrontation have been seen by a little demon hunter who was only over half the third rank.

Xiang Zhen turned his head and glanced at Chairman Bai Feng, opened his mouth, and finally closed it. This guy’s face was as if convulsing, and he didn’t know who he wanted to win.

Bai Feng really didn’t know who he wanted to win, he only knew that no matter who won, it would be miserable for the Demon Hunters Association. Damn, how did things develop like this?

Hua Yanru with her high self-esteem was not a person who talked too much. Once the venue was cleared, the demonic power around her was completely released, and a huge white peony emerged behind Hua Yanru. The peony was just about to bloom, which was exactly what she looked like. As the buds opened slightly, countless white petals, with the momentum of thunder, turned into a rain of arrows and shot at Mi Wan densely. Seeing that it was inevitable, Mi Wan suddenly stretched out her left hand forward, and a golden spiritual power shield appeared out of thin air, blocking the rain of petals all over the sky in front of her.

Looking at it from such a distance, it seemed that Mi Wan was holding a golden umbrella, standing under the rain of flowers all over the sky, and the scene was strangely beautiful.

Mi Wan knew that she was weak in spiritual power, so she couldn’t fight Hua Yanru for a long time. The spiritual power shield was a very exhausting thing. She couldn’t last long, so she had to end the fight quickly. After making up her mind, Mi Wan charged heavily with her right hand and slapped the spiritual power cover heavily, then a powerful energy rushed out, the two energy collided, and the rain of petals all over the sky stopped in mid-air in an instant. This pause lasted only about half a second. Within half a second, Mi Wan removed the spiritual shield and at the same time threw up the magic weapon that Xiang Zhen had lent her.

The short black blade flew into the air, and under the blessing of the spiritual light, it suddenly elongated and turned into a big sword about three feet long. Mi Wan jumped up, caught the sword, and rushed out.

“This… is this… my magic weapon?” Xiang Zhen couldn’t recognize his magic weapon.

“The magic weapon can still change?” Yang Jin was also surprised.

“A high-level magic weapon can change its shape if it has enough spiritual power.” The more knowledgeable Bai Feng said, “Old Wei’s cloud fan can also change.” But he had only seen it once.

Hua Yanru knew something was wrong, so she formed seals with both hands, and retracted the rain of flowers, the countless petals condensed in an instant, turning into a huge white foil, facing the direction of Mi Wan who was rushing towards her, and she used all her demon power to block it.


The two swords collided, and there was still the roar of two powerful forces colliding. The huge shock wave spread around the two of them, causing the sand and rocks to fly, and at the same time, pieces of white petals were slowly falling from the sword that was held in Hua Yanru’s hand.

Mi Wan’s ferocious spiritual power almost invaded her body through the blade, and the foil she condensed with demon power was withering piece by piece, Hua Yanru was horrified, she had never seen such a cold and murderous spiritual power.

“I’ve always wanted to say… the most fatal shortcoming of your Hua clan is that you love beauty too much, and your moves are always so gaudy.” While speaking, Mi Wan retracted her sword, turned around, and stabbed again with her sword without delay.


The white foil sword was pierced by the black iron sword, turning into a rain of flowers and disappearing, while the black sword mercilessly pierced through Hua Yanru’s chest, and bright red blood gushed out instantly.

The seventh-order peak demon was defeated in a single blow.

“Who the hell are you?” Hua Yanru had also experienced the battle five hundred years ago, and she knew that it was impossible for today’s demon hunters to have such powerful spiritual power and sharp moves.

“Before you came to kill me, didn’t you inquire clearly?” Mi Wan drew back the long sword, and the blood was brought out with the movement of her drawing the sword and fell to the ground. The blood of the seventh-level peak demon was very nourishing. As soon as the blood fell to the ground, the originally withered and yellow weeds returned to their spring color in an instant, and even a small white flower bloomed among them. And with the flowing of fresh blood, more and more small white flowers bloomed beside Hua Yanru.

“The demon race are natural elves. They are born in harmony with nature. Even if the demon race die, their flesh and blood demon power will give back to nature.”

The scene in front of her suddenly reminded Mi Wan of what Fan Chen had said to her. The big demon in front of her, was clutching her chest and lying on the ground, seeing this she swung the big sword again, intending to make up for the last blow. At this time, with a sharp light on the hand, the big sword suddenly shrunk and returned to its original short blade shape. Mi Wan said inwardly that it was not good, she had used too much force in the move just now, and her spiritual power was exhausted.

She was dying.

The familiar dizziness hit, and Mi Wan only saw black and white in front of her eyes. She knew that her soul was going to go out of her body again, and she was waiting for her soul to float upwards, but… eh… why was it still in her body?

Didn’t float up? Mi Wan blinked suspiciously.

The patriarch of the Hua clan opposite her was also puzzled: what was this human doing, why didn’t she kill her.

Mi Wan also wanted to make up for it with a sword, and at the very least, she could slap her back to her original shape. She didn’t have to kill the opponent, but she definitely had to hit until the opponent had no strength to fight back. It was a pity that her body was empty at this time, and she had no spiritual power. She was really powerless.

No matter how many thoughts passed in her mind, she definitely couldn’t show anything on her face. Mi Wan cleverly turned the short blade in her hand that had returned to its normal size, turned around gracefully, and walked towards the exit.

“You won’t kill me?” Hua Yanru covered her wound with an inexplicable expression on her face. It was obvious that Mi Wan just wanted to make another sword move against her, why did she suddenly let her go?

“The ones who offended me were the Camellia mother and daughter. I also killed them and took them to make tea. There is no need to kill you.” Mi Wan turned halfway, determined not to let the other party see that she was a little out of breath, “You dared me to fight? I will accept the challenge, I also hurt you badly, it’s a lesson, just don’t provoke me in the future.”

After speaking like this, without looking back, Mi Wan turned and continued to walk forward.

“Patriarch.” The demons of the Hua Demon Clan saw that the defeat of the clan leader was conclusive and also found that Mi Wan didn’t intend to kill them all, so they all rushed over in a swarm. Hua Jing helped the patriarch of his family up, and channeled demon power to help heal her wounds.

“Okay, since I am defeated today, my Hua Clan will never trouble you again.” After finishing speaking, Hua Yanru turned her head and told Hua Jing to leave, “Go.”

“Yes.” Suddenly, a burst of bright red petals floated by, and all the demons of the Hua clan disappeared in place.

Sensing their departure, Mi Wan silently breathed a sigh of relief. She turned around and looked at the rose petals that hadn’t dissipated in time and couldn’t help muttering: “I just said that the tricks of your Hua clan are too fancy, but you still don’t change them.”

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