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Young people were most prone to passion and impulsiveness. There were students who fought in every school, but now, Nuan Nuan saw the person who was fighting, and it was her fourth brother.

The boy was wearing a thin light blue school uniform, with flamboyant red hair and… that flamboyant personality. He kicked the person opposite him away with a kick, and then grabbed the wrist of another person who was kicked down. He fell over his shoulder, then he stepped on another boy’s neck with his long legs and threw him against the wall, until he was unable to get up.

This series of actions were seamlessly connected, they were as ruthless as they were handsome, Nuan Nuan’s small eyes are so round that she seemed to have forgotten to respond.

A cool, bony palm stretched out in front of her eyes to cover the scene, and Gu Mingli, who was fighting in the alley, finally saw the seemingly inconspicuous little one standing not far away and the strong presence beside her.

Facing Gu Nan’s cold stare, Gu Mingli let out a groan, and was slapped firmly on the shoulder because of this distraction.

He snorted, the expression on his face remained unchanged, but his eyes became more ferocious. He raised his hand to grab the stick that was thrown at him again, twisted his wrist to forcefully grab the stick, and flew up to kneel at the man’s chest. Then he pushed over and knocked the person into the air.

Later, he beat people more and more ruthlessly, and together with his three friends, he beat more than a dozen people to the ground in the shortest time.

During this period, Gu Nan just watched quietly, but had no intention of going up to help at all.

The Gu family’s education for boys had always been to solve their problems by themselves, including fighting, as long as it was not the kind that used knives and guns, they would be responsible for losing or winning themselves, but when it came to that degree of danger, their Gu family would definitely protect their kin.

This kind of fight between students belonged to their children’s world, and the adults would not intervene in it casually, including now, even if he saw Gu Mingli get hit a few times, Gu Nan’s eyes did not change, and Gu An could relish it while adding oil to the side.

Gu Mingli looked at the group of people who were howling on the ground, and the hostility in his eyes did not disappear. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his thumb, then he turned around and walked out.

“Hey? Brother Ming, wait a minute, hiss…it hurts to step on a horse!”


The high-spirited young men who had won had become quails at this moment.


Gu Mingli came over and called Gu Nan, but his eyes fell on Nuan Nuan.

Nuan Nuan’s little hands grabbed her big brother’s palm, and he let go since there was no fight, revealing the little girl’s watery and worried eyes.

“Fourth brother.”

Nuan Nuan yelled the three words softly, and the hostility on Gu Mingli from the fight just now disappeared, and when he met the little soft one’s eyes, only softness remained.

Just before he could raise his hand to rub Nuan Nuan’s head, there was a sound of messy footsteps, and then, the dean and teacher of their school came.

The final result was that all those involved in the fight were taken to the office, um… Nuan Nuan and Gu An also went, standing among a row of young people with bruised noses and swollen faces, the two clean little guys were too conspicuous.

When the teachers scolded Gu Mingli, they couldn’t bear to talk too much after looking at Nuan Nuan’s moist and clear eyes, and their voices unconsciously lowered by a lot.

The corners of Gu Mingli’s mouth raised, he never expected that he could escape the teacher’s loud voice by relying on his younger sister.

Nuan Nuan held Gu Mingli’s hand and stood next to him. As soon as she saw someone scolding her fourth brother, she looked over eagerly. Gradually, the teachers noticed the difference in Gu Mingli when they were lecturing him.

The students who were fighting: “…”

They blamed themselves for not having a sister who cared so much about them…

Gu An held Nuan Nuan’s other hand, completely ignoring what the teacher was saying, his eyes were only on his sister. He was thinking about how to get her to call him little brother more.

As for Gu Nan, he was more like a leader than the dean, sitting in a chair indifferently and listening to the teachers interrogating about the whole incident.

In fact, it was just some young people’s emotional problems. The boss of another group of people liked a school belle, but that school belle didn’t like him, instead she liked Gu Mingli, and gave him various things every day.

But Gu Mingli, a guy who dragged so much, didn’t like anyone. Those little girls’ gifts were either thrown away by him or passed on to other people, anyway, he himself did not keep them.

Knowing this, the boss immediately became unconvinced. It was fine that the person he couldn’t catch liked Gu Mingli. But this guy also threw away the things his sweetheart gave him and made his sweetheart sad, and hence, this fight took place.

Therefore, in the whole matter, it could be said that Gu Mingli suffered a disaster completely out of nowhere.

The teacher was so angry that he punished everyone to write a self-criticism, and finally the other group of people were asked to pay for medical expenses and so on.

After the dean finished speaking, he looked at Gu Nan, and was relieved to see that he didn’t express any opinions.

Fortunately, this boss didn’t care too much, otherwise this group of people would not even be able to think about this school anymore.

After everything was dealt with, the other group of people left dejectedly. Gu Mingli squeezed Nuan Nuan’s little hands, and the next second the soft little person was lifted up in the air, but the person holding her was not him.

Gu Mingli raised his head to meet Gu Nan’s gaze, one was indifferent and cold and the other was rebellious, the eyebrows and eyes of youths and teenagers were somewhat similar, but at different ages, Gu Nan’s aura was obviously more oppressive.

Although Gu Mingli was rebellious, he respected Gu Nan, the eldest brother.

“Brother, when did you come back?”

He secretly regretted that he was a little slow in his actions, and should have picked up the little girl before the elder brother.

Gu Nan: “This morning.”

Walking out of the office, Gu Mingli simply said a few words to Gu Nan, and then he had nothing to say. In fact, no one could say more than a few words to Gu Nan.

Gu Mingli moved to Nuan Nuan decisively, and raised his hand to pinch the soft cheeks on both sides of the little girl’s cheeks.

“Why did you come to see me today?”

Nuan Nuan’s small mouth was pinched and pouting, and she didn’t know how to slap his hand off because of her soft temper, so she answered softly with her big moist eyes open.

“Yesterday, I fell asleep.”

“Fourth brother, do you feel pain?”

Gu Mingli squeezed the little girl’s cheek twice before letting go.

“It hurts a bit.”

He raised his eyebrows and smiled, “It won’t hurt if you blow for your brother.”

Nuan Nuan was so distressed, that she really leaned over and blew softly at the corner of Gu Mingli’s mouth. Then the place where he was hit was blown a few times.


“Nuan Nuan, brother’s face is also hurt.”

After speaking tenderly, she stretched out her little hand and gently touched Gu Mingli’s face.

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