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Ji Muye leaned back on the seat, his eyes were very deep, like a waterfall falling into a mountain stream.

Jiang Zheng’s throat was dry, it was as if her throat was stuffed with cotton, and she couldn’t make a sound.

Ji Muye said slowly: “I can’t figure it out, so, Zhengzheng, I am very distressed.”

Jiang Zheng’s three and seven souls barely returned to their positions, and she laughed dryly: “What do you mean by this? Little Gummy, there may be a reason why she can’t show her face, and there should not be some unspeakable secret. As for me, I definitely can’t show my face. So, the only thing we two have in common is that we can’t show our face…”Ah, ah, what am I? She explained like a ghost.

Ji Muye spent his free time staring at Jiang Zheng’s small mouth opening and closing.

He originally thought that Jiang Zheng was lurking into the premiere by pretending to be a reporter, but he asked Jing Meini to carefully check the tickets sent out for the premiere one by one, and found that among the fifty old fans, one named “Brother Mu’s Little Gummy” was very suspicious. This person was dressed in exactly the same clothes as Jiang Zheng, and some fans immediately recognized this person in black clothes and black hat as Little Gummy.

Comparing the hatchback, Ji Muye still couldn’t believe it. Jiang Zheng turned out to be his fan? And that too a ten-year old fan? Too unrealistic and magical.

Jiang Zheng forcibly separated the relationship for a long time, and finally she sighed as if giving up, “Okay. I will tell you the truth.”

Ji Muye immediately sat up straight.

“Mr. Ji, you know that I am very eager to learn. I heard that your film won an award, and I became interested in studying and researching.”

Ji Muye: “…” Edit! You make it up for me!

Jiang Zheng spread her hands: “I asked Han Yi to help me find a reporter with a ticket for the premiere, and used some resources to exchange for the ticket. It’s that simple.”

She smiled at this point, “Mr. Ji, you will never think I’m your fan, right?”

Ji Muye: “…”

“Otherwise, you can ask Jing Meini to make a call now.” Jiang Zheng told him the reporter’s name and work unit very calmly.

How could Ji Muye really call someone, he took a few breaths before returning to normal.

He smiled lightly and said: “Zhengzheng is worrying too much, I’m just a little distressed. Anyway, people hiding in the dark will show their tails one day. Let’s wait and see.”

Ji Muye took Jiang Zheng home with ease. The two were speechless all the way, as if they each had thousands of words in their stomachs, but they didn’t know how to say them.

Jiang Zheng calmly stepped on her high heels and waved goodbye to Ji Muye, then turned around and walked straight through the gate into the courtyard.

With the sound of the door closing behind her, Jiang Zheng’s legs gave way and she almost fell. Then she called Han Yi in a panic.

Listening to Jiang Zheng’s crying voice on the other end of the phone, Han Yi held his forehead and said, “Zhengzheng, take three deep breaths first.”

Jiang Zheng did as he said with red eyes.

“You did a good job just now. If you don’t admit it, Ji Muye doesn’t have any evidence, so we’re not afraid.”

Jiang Zheng whimpered, “Then if I don’t admit it, will he be angry or happy?”

Han Yi choked, at this juncture, this girl was still caring about his mood.

He taught Jiang Zheng the six-character mantra “Don’t be cowardly, don’t admit it”, so that she could sleep peacefully.

Jiang Zheng paced around the room several times, and then remembered that her brother Jiang Ran didn’t seem to have come back yet.

She took out her mobile phone and called, but the other party didn’t answer.

Huh? He wouldn’t tear Director Bai down to the bone, would he?

Forcing herself to take a shower to soothe her mind, she climbed over the wall and logged in to Ji Muye’s fan group with another IP address. Ji Muye had already grabbed the tip of her little tail, so she had to be careful not to get her beautiful head pulled out.

As soon as she entered, her message box beeped non-stop.

A lot of people @ her, telling her to pick up the plane offline, or have a dinner together offline, or let her participate in the list.

There were old fans and new fans in this group. The new fans were very active, and the old fans talked less, but at critical moments, they would throw out even their blood for their elder brother.

Jiang Zheng looked them over one by one, and suddenly Su Yue sent her two private messages. She was asking her what she was doing recently, since she hadn’t seen her show up for a long time.

In the past two months, she had been dizzyingly busy, and she could often see Ji Muye recently, so she rarely came to the group to lick the photos edited by the sisters.

Jiang Zheng sent an emoticon pack of lying down.

Su Yue replied in seconds: [Baby, you are finally here.]

Jiang Zheng: [Too busy during this time.]

Su Yue: [I’ve been holding back recently. Want to talk to someone.]

Jiang Zheng: [You say it.]

Su Yue: [I found that I seem to have developed a slight liking for the Great Demon Jiang!]

Jiang Zheng: […] In fact, you don’t have to be so reluctant.

Su Yue rambled on about the recent changes in her thoughts. She had a bad impression of Jiang Zheng at first. It was not her fault, Jiang Zheng had been surrounded by black rumors all year round, the red was bright, but the black was brighter. People who didn’t know Jiang Zheng naturally wouldn’t like her well.

However, recently, because Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye were acting together in a variety show on TV, Su Yue, who was too lazy to get to know Jiang Zheng at first, discovered that Jiang Zheng was indeed very capable when she was chasing after Ji Muye. And because Ji Muye was in the same frame as her frequently, his topics and discussions had also exploded.

Su Yue: [Jiangye CPs use a magnifying glass to look for clues that my brother likes Jiang Zheng every day. I was very uncomfortable at first. After thinking about it, my brother is also in his 30s. Even I’m in a relationship lately. He’s still single. Sometimes I can’t sleep in the middle of the night thinking he is so pitiful. If he really likes Jiang Zheng, then so be it. I can barely take it.]

Jiang Zheng: […]

After Su Yue finished typing this sentence, she quickly withdrew it cowardly, and sent a silent emoji to Jiang Zheng, [I dare not say these words in the group. I’m afraid they will call me a traitor. So I came to give you a nagging.]

Seeing that Jiang Zheng didn’t reply, she thought that the other party hated Jiang Zheng, so she hurriedly remedied: [I still love my brother forever. You haven’t come to the group recently, do you not love your brother anymore?]

Jiang Zheng: [Love, why not love!]

Su Yue typed a series of hahahaha and sent a like emoji.

Jiang Ran didn’t come home for three days, so his aunt Chen Meiting was anxious and flustered, Jiang Zheng was a little worried, and his mother Chen Jinjiao was in charge of him thought that it would be great if he could bring a wife and child back after spending so much time outside.

Jiang Zheng: “…” In case your dream comes true, don’t be intimidated.

Ever since eating the Hongmen banquet set up by Ji Muye, Jiang Zheng had been restless. Carefully recalling every sentence he said and after repeated reflections, she felt that Han Yi’s words made sense. If Ji Muye had any evidence, he would have slammed it in her face, why bother to lie to her.

It’s so good that I can’t die.

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