KHSW Ch. 220

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When Xiao Nuo heard the “little princess” request, he thought it was nothing, “Is what you said true? As long as I take off my hat, will you play with me?”

“Do you dare to question what I said?” A sharp voice came from the little girl’s mouth.

Xiao Nuo still chose to believe and took the hat off his head.

When the “little princess” and other children saw that he was a little bald head, they burst into laughter.

“No wonder you want to be a monk, so you are a young monk!”


Seeing them smiling, Xiao Nuo innocently asked, “Will you still play with me?”

“Little Princess” raised her head proudly, “We won’t play with a little bald head.” After speaking, she made a face at him.

Xiao Nuo looked at her aggrievedly, “You just said clearly that you would play with me as long as I took off my hat.”

“I’ve changed my mind now, hum.” She just wanted to tease him deliberately, who wanted to play with him?

The children around looked at Xiao Nuo’s “little bald head” and laughed like crazy.

Xiao Nuo bit his lip, “Your words don’t count, Xiao Nuo won’t play with you.” Putting on his hat again, he slowly lowered his head and turned around amidst their jeers, his thin and weak figure looking a little lonely.

He obviously had long hair, although it was just a little bit… what was wrong with being a monk, the master said, not everyone could be a “monk”.

Just thinking about it like this, he almost ran into a “wall of meat”.

Looking up, he saw a chubby little man a head taller than him.

“I heard you bullied our ‘little princess’?”

There was confusion in Xiao Nuo’s eyes, “Who is ‘Little Princess’? I didn’t bully anyone.”

“I saw you bullying the ‘little princess’ with my own eyes. It seems that I have to show you some color.” The little fatty was gearing up, and he liked to bully people with his fists on weekdays. He was a veritable “little bully” in the class. The children were bullied but did not dare to complain to the teacher.

“Why would you show me the color?” He didn’t understand what the little fat man in front of him was saying.

Little Pang Dun’s face became angry, and he punched out.

As soon as Xiao Nuo saw the fist, he easily avoided his fist.

Little Fatty withdrew his hand in astonishment, and looked at his fist. No one had ever dared to dodge his fist.

The children who were laughing at Xiao Nuo just now came to watch.

Little Fatty was enraged instantly, “You still dare to hide? I will definitely beat you until your teeth fall out.”

Before he finished speaking, his fist had already been thrown out, and Xiao Nuo nimbly rolled over again, but it was Xiao Pang Dun who fell to the ground because of his unstable center of gravity.

The onlookers laughed again, they just thought it was fun and funny.

The little chubby pounced the sand on his face, and when he saw that everyone was laughing at him, he roared angrily: “If anyone laughs again, I will beat him up.”

He got up from the ground and clapped his hands, “Xiao Nuo, you wait for me, I’m going to tell the teacher.”

In the office.

“Xiao Nuo, tell the teacher, why did you bully your classmates?”

“Teacher, I didn’t bully my classmates.” Xiao Nuo blinked a pair of bright and innocent eyes. Even the teacher felt pity when she saw it. It was a pity that Yang Fei’s father is a high official. Her child was bullied in the kindergarten, and she would definitely not let it go, so she could only punish Xiao Nuo.

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