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When Qin Yize went downstairs the next day, his face was full of joy. Li Xin could tell at a glance that he was in a good mood, so he couldn’t help but lean over and ask, “Have you reconciled with Luo Ning?”

When Qin Yize said “Luo Ning must hate me very much”, Li Xin guessed that there must be a little awkwardness between the two of them, but judging from Qin Yize’s expression this morning, the awkwardness should have been resolved smoothly. Thinking this, Li Xin also breathed a sigh of relief.

Sure enough, Qin Yize smiled slightly, and said: “We have always been very good. Thank you for yesterday. When Luo Ning and I officially get together in the future, I will definitely give you the biggest red envelope.”

Li Xin had a question mark on his face: “Aren’t you two already married?”

Qin Yize touched his nose in embarrassment: “Cough, it was a marriage agreement at the time, and the wedding was too hasty, so it’s not considered a formal relationship. In the future, our relationship will be stable and after we have our first child, I will make up the red envelope for you.”

Li Xin laughed and said, “That’s a human saying.” Yize and Luo Ning’s baby would definitely be very cute, and he didn’t know if he would look like Yize or would it still be like Luo Ning? While Li Xin was thinking, just then Luo Ning came out, and Qin Yize immediately took the initiative to walk over, gently help Luo Ning tidy up his hair, and said softly: “I’m going to go downstairs to film later, the crew is full of people. With so many eyes staring at me, I will continue to pretend that I don’t know you well, don’t mind it.”

Luo Ning nodded with a smile: “I understand. You go, don’t let the makeup artist wait for you for too long.”

Qin Yize reluctantly turned around and walked away, turning his head every step of the way, making Li Xin a little speechless–don’t hurt a single dog with such a show of affection!

Luo Ning watched him leave, then looked at Li Xin with a smile, and said, “Brother Li, do you have someone you like?”

Li Xin rubbed his temples helplessly: “I’m still single. Don’t get excited for me.”

Luo Ning said: “Brother Li, you are such a nice person, you must not worry about finding a lover. Besides, Beta men still have a lot of choices. Besides Beta girls, have you ever considered being with an Alpha? Marriage is now free in the empire, and it is very common for Alphas and Betas to be together.”

Li Xin smiled awkwardly, and said: “I don’t like the thought of being oppressed by an Alpha, so I should find a gentler Beta girl. However, I am now not in the mood to think about it at all, Yize still has a lot of things to worry about, so I’ll wait a few years.” He glanced at the time, then turned around in a hurry, “I have something to do, I’m going downstairs first!”

Luo Ning nodded: “Well, Brother Li, go get busy.”

Li Xin had just stepped down the stairs when a figure appeared at the end of the corridor.

The other party was dressed in a neat military uniform, with straight and slender legs striding forward in neat steps and a faint smile on his face, but his gentle eyes kept looking at the direction in which Li Xin left.

Luo Ning shrugged and said, “Did you hear that? He wants to marry a Beta wife.”

Benjamin smiled and said, “You can change your mind. Didn’t you say it when you were young, you would never marry an Alpha after growing up, but after you met Qin Yize, you couldn’t wait to get engaged within a month.”

Luo Ning was not embarrassed, and said frankly: “My family’s Alpha is different, when I saw him, I knew he was the one I was looking for. You are only interested in Li Xin now, I advise you, Li Xin is a very good person, if you just want to have fun, don’t provoke him.”

There was still a smile on the corner of Benjamin’s lips: “He is very cute and interesting, what if I want to provoke him?”

Luo Ning reminded: “He is a Beta.”

Benjamin raised his eyebrows: “So what?? You also said that it is very common for Alphas and Betas to be together.”

Luo Ning looked back at the other party and said seriously: “Don’t forget your identity. Your father is the current head of the Serpent Legion. Will he allow you to marry a Beta back home? So far, the Behe family has never had a precedent for Alphas and Betas being together.”

Benjamin looked indifferent: “Those pedantic concept of family inheritance have long been outdated, Beta’s genes are relatively ordinary, and the male Beta’s fertility rate is also very low. But this does not affect my affection for Li Xin. He is the cutest Beta I have ever seen. He is especially interesting when he whispers non-stop. There is no precedent for Alphas and Betas to be together in our family, so, I can set this precedent.”

When the man spoke, his expression was extremely confident, as if the person he was looking for could not escape.

Luo Ning said helplessly: “Li Xin’s family background is ordinary, you may put a lot of pressure on him. Moreover, he has always wanted to marry a Beta wife. It is not easy for you to change his mind. I think you should give up, really, don’t provoke him.”

Benjamin stroked his chin thoughtfully, and said, “I understand.”

Luo Ning: “What do you understand?”

Benjamin smiled: “I should pursue him more seriously.”

Luo Ning: “…”

When Luo Ning went downstairs, Qin Yize had already gone to the dressing room for styling. Most of the content filmed today were clips of the hero deploying the battle plan with his comrades on the warship. Qin Yize had a heavy task, so Luo Ning didn’t bother him.

At noon, when everyone had lunch together, Qin Yize and Luo Ning passed each other, nodding politely, pretending not to know each other very well.

But at the moment when they passed by, Luo Ning’s hand was lightly held by Qin Yize, and the temperature from his fingers made Luo Ning laugh out loud—the innocent Yize secretly held his hand, he was as childish as a high school student in a relationship.

But his heart felt quite warm. Luo Ning looked up at Qin Yize and asked, “Mr. Qin, did the shooting go well this morning?”

Qin Yize nodded pretending to be calm: “It’s going well, are you still discussing the script with Ms. Xue?”

Luo Ning said: “Yes, there are a lot of things that need to be changed in the script for the live-action shooting later, and I will also learn from it.”

The two chatted briefly, and then went to eat with their lunch plates.

Li Xin had thoughtfully occupied a table in advance, and greeted Luo Ning: “Xiao Luo, come and sit.”

Luo Ning sat down consciously, and just happened to be sitting opposite Qin Yize.

The three tacitly ate together, and at this moment, Major General Benjamin came over suddenly, sat beside Li Xin with a calm expression, and asked with a smile: “You have been at the base for the past two days, are you used to eating and living here?”

Qin Yize didn’t like this “Alpha haunting Luo Ning” very much, so naturally he didn’t have a good face. Li Xin had no choice but to force a smile, and said politely: “General, you have arranged everything very thoughtfully. You don’t have to worry about food and lodging. Everyone in the crew said that the food is very good.”

Benjamin smiled slightly and put the glass of fruit juice he had brought in front of Li Xin: “I remember you like this?”

Li Xin took it, feeling flattered: “Thank you, thank you.”

Benjamin smiled: “You’re welcome.”

Li Xin suddenly thought of something and said: “General, I want to go back to the studio in the afternoon. The management at the base is very strict. Without your permission, no one in the crew can come in and out at will. Look, can you let me go out temporarily this afternoon?”

Benjamin said: “Of course, I will take you out.”

Li Xin said gratefully: “Thank you, General.”

Benjamin smiled without saying a word.

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