RCFS Ch. 148

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No wonder Brother Zhuang was so happy to follow behind Ye Yunxi. Even a man could hardly have this kind of courage, let alone a little girl?

At this age, it was really rare to be so calm without being afraid of him.

Wang Zaihao smiled: “Miss Ye, you took my brother to film, did you ask me?”

Ye Yunxi glanced at Wang Zaihao, his dark eyes were extremely deep, brother Hao who had been around for so many years only felt his scalp go numb and his whole body turned cold, this little girl was neither humble nor overbearing, she was simply full of courage, not losing to him at all!

What the hell!

Even he would feel scared!

“We’ve been talking about the movie for a long time?”

Ye Yunxi snorted and patted the non-existent dust on her body, she already knew what was going on!

Wang Zaihao was even more curious, did this little girl already know what he wanted to do?

According to his plan, he would scare the little girl half to death at first, and then give the little girl some eye drops, and then she would obediently let him slaughter her because of fear!

But the little girl didn’t show any timidity when she entered the door, and now she had figured out his thoughts, so he may have to work hard to swallow the next fat meat!

Wang Zaihao looked at Ye Yunxi coldly: “It’s for the movie, there is no reason for our people to do it for nothing.”

“Well, that, Miss Ye gave us money, it’s quite a lot… um!”

A slap came down hard, interrupting Brother Zhuang’s words, then Wang Zaihao said angrily with a look of hatred, “Do you dare talk!”

Brother Zhuang swallowed the blood in his mouth, shut up and dared not speak.

Ye Yunxi frowned slightly. Why were the black forces so annoying? Because of this, they didn’t care about other people’s feelings and did whatever it took to achieve their goals.

But it didn’t matter, she would train them well and make this group of people submit to her!

“Then what does Brother Hao mean?”

Ye Yunxi pursed her lips and smiled lightly, her expression was still calm and indifferent, and even her thoughts were extremely clear.

Wang Zaihao admired Ye Yunxi more and more.

At this age, watching Brother Zhuang bleed in front of her, she could still be so calm. This young lady would definitely become a big character in the future!

But that’s for the future, now, what he wanted was money!

“I want labour costs.” Wang Zaihao grinned and raised a finger: “Not much, 100 million is enough!”

Brother Zhuang shivered for a moment, and looked at his boss in a daze.

100 million for labour costs?

Why was the labour cost so much as 100 million?

This was obviously to watch Miss Ye’s movies to make money, and them just wanting to profit from it!

For some reason, Brother Zhuang was a little angry.

Brother Hao was so dishonest!

This was obviously money grabbing!

He looked at Ye Yunxi worriedly, but the eldest lady just nodded slightly, her expression unchanged: “One hundred million? It’s not impossible.”

Wang Zaihao smiled even more. Sure enough, the little girl looked unmoved, but in the heart, the shit had already been frightened, right?

If he knew he would have asked for 300 million!

This money was still less.

Wang Zaihao felt a little regretful.

“But I will give this money to Brother Zhuang. He deserves it for helping me film. It has nothing to do with you, Brother Hao!”

He turned to look at Ye Yunxi.

The brother behind him also stood up with a hua, and the atmosphere became oppressive and silent in an instant, and anyone could see that Wang Zaihao had made a murderous move!!!

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