RCFS Ch. 147

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Wang Zaihao’s gaze became more and more vicious. Brother Zhuang was sweating all over his body, but he still had to call Ye Yunxi.


His trembling voice made Ye Yunxi frown slightly.

“What happened?”

It must not be a trivial matter that could make Brother Zhuang tremble with fear.

“That, that, my eldest brother wants to see you…”

Brother Zhuang couldn’t speak at all. He felt that Ye Yunxi would not come. Everyone knew that it was best not to get involved with them. Although he was a gangster, but Brother Hao behind him was not a messy master!

And she was also considered to be from a famous family, the relationship between them was just an employment relationship, you give me money and I will fight for you, and after the job was done, both money and goods would be paid, and no one would have the slightest relationship with anyone!

So no matter how he looked at it, Ye Yunxi would not come.

It was safe if she didn’t come, but Brother Zhuang knew that he couldn’t just get out of the way so easily.

Brother Hao must have a purpose in arresting him. As for why, he didn’t know, some of the brothers were also doing private work outside, so it shouldn’t be just because of this.

Brother Zhuang felt more and more uneasy.

“Well, the address.”

The voice on the phone was always calm, and Brother Zhuang could only stammer and give the address, and then hand the phone to Wang Zaihao respectfully.

Wang Zaihao was in his early forties, with a square, black face and short hair. His eyes were small but fierce, and he was quite imposing.

Brother Zhuang didn’t dare to look at him, so he could only bow his head and pray.

He hoped that he didn’t lack arms or legs by the end of this matter!

As time passed by, Brother Zhuang’s head became more and more sweaty.

Wang Zaihao was a little impatient, and glanced at Brother Zhuang: “It seems that your weight in that young lady’s heart is not worth a lot!”

If no one came after calling, it only meant that brother Zhuang was not important, at best, he was just like garbage, the kind that could be discarded at will.

Brother Zhuang’s expression turned ugly, he wanted Ye Yunxi to come, but he also didn’t want her to come.

Seeing his subordinate acting like a daughter-in-law, Brother Hao snorted and got up to leave.

He knew that the person he was waiting for was not coming.

“Brother Hao asked me to come, but he is leaving. Brother Hao, who is frightening on the road, turns out to be someone who likes to tease the younger generation. Tsk tsk, it really opened my eyes.” The lazy voice made Brother Zhuang look up happily, the eldest lady came, she came for him!

But it’s too dangerous here, why did she come here alone!

Brother Zhuang began to struggle again.

Wang Zaihao paused, looked back fiercely, saw the person coming, and was slightly taken aback.

He thought Ye Yunxi was some kind of person, she was thin and small, she was also pretty, but she was obviously a kid!

Wang Zaihao grinned: “Little girl, you should know the rules if you know my name. Besides, no one taught you manners?”

Brother Zhuang’s face turned green!

Miss! You are my own sister! How can you talk to Brother Hao like that!!

What the hell is going to happen!!

However, Ye Yunxi didn’t take it seriously, she smiled and dragged a chair, calmly settled down, and stretched out her hand to brush her long black hair.

“Differences do not conspire with each other. Brother Hao invited me here, so let’s talk!”

Ye Yunxi didn’t have the time to talk nonsense with him. She knew this group of people very well, so she didn’t get up early. She knew that he detained Brother Zhuang to threaten her. It was just for profit.

Seeing her calm and indifferent expression, which was neither humble nor overbearing, Wang Zaihao was secretly amazed.

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