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“Have you seen the preview of the fourth season of “Red and Blue Signal”? Isn’t the introversion of variety shows serious now? It’s so explosive right at the beginning!”

“Are these people really recording a love variety show? Are you sure it’s not to create hype?”

“Sure enough, it hit the hot search, very good, this romance drama has successfully attracted my attention, I plan to chase after it!”

“Red and Blue Signal” was a “male love” variety show jointly launched by Xinghai TV and Xinghai.com, a subsidiary of Xinghai Satellite TV. Among the various “Friendship” and emotional variety shows, it became popular on the Internet with its romantic elements like BL dramas and high-value guests.

The program group probably wanted to keep their status as a legend in the ratings and was also afraid of the audience’s aesthetic fatigue. The fourth season had been held back for almost two years, and now they claimed that this season would be upgraded across the board, and it would definitely become the ceiling for similar variety shows!

In this preview, which was exposed two days before the broadcast, it kicked off with the highlights of the guests. In the rather documentary-style introduction, several guests appeared one by one, but the preview of just two minutes detonated the Internet in an instant.

What shocked the netizens was not the identity of the guests, but the variety of high luxury houses, famous cars, and the “honesty” of several male guests in the tit-bits that made netizens stunned.

The program group: “Why do you want to come to our show? What about it?”

The first indifferent man: “Return favours.”

The second rough man: “I didn’t expect it, the program team came to lobby to me repeatedly. I thought about it later and felt that what the program team said was also reasonable. It was indeed possible for me to be on this show to further promote our company, the audience for our products and the audience of romance dramas do have a high degree of overlap.”

The abstinent third male lead: “The company sent me here, so I can’t not accept it.”

For example, when the program group asked them again: “Do you expect to find true love during this month’s recording time?”

The indifferent male lead [Dead Face]: “As I said above, I’m just here to repay the favour.”

Rough second male lead [smiling]: “I don’t really believe in these love shows, but if you give me the script, I can try my best to cooperate with it.”

The abstinent third male lead [tactful]: “One month? Um… It might be a comparatively low chance…”

As soon as this trailer was released, it quickly became popular all over the Internet with its unexpected content. The fourth season of “Red and Blue Signal” had ushered in a good start.

Reverse marketing! Deliberately cutting out these eyeballs, it must be the route to the crematorium and getting the face slapped!

We can see through the small thoughts of the program group at a glance!

Although it’s old-fashioned, I’m really attracted, the slap in the face is really delicious YYDS!

Hey, who can refuse the scene of slapping Zhenxiang’s face in the crematorium! Can’t wait to see their really fragrant pictures!

Zhai Xingchen was sitting in a taxi and the screen had gone dark, reflecting his crooked and smiling eyes.

He also felt that this was all a routine, and there must be a slap in the face waiting for the Zhenxiang crematorium!

As a veteran Jinjiang fan, he was too familiar with these tricks.

The novel he was writing was called “Red and Blue Signal”, that was, this article was a joint novel on three websites.

Under the same framework and role setting, the author wrote three novels on three different websites from the perspective of the three different male protagonists.

For example, their No. 1 male guest, Pei Xu, was 25 years old and 188 cm in height. His stepfather was the head of the Zhou business empire, and his mother was the famous actress Pei Huanong. Famous for being cold, he won the National Olympiad championship in junior high school, graduated from Columbia Business School, and was currently engaged in the financial industry. He could be called a rising star in the financial industry.

At first glance, he was configured according to the male lead of Jinjiang, and could be summed in one word, “Su[1]“!

For example, their No. 2 male guest, Huo Cheng, 28 years old, 191cm tall, with a defined waist and shark muscles, was a top student from Peking University and the boss of a self-made technology upstart, he had an annual income of nearly nine figures, drove a Rolls-Royce, a Bentley, and even had a private jet. Huo Cheng had first-class four suites and net worth of one billion plus. Although he could only be regarded as a small rich man now, he would be famous all over the world in a year’s time!

Such a “cow”, did it look like a male lead?

As for the male guest No. 3, Yan Zhi, the most handsome guy in the e-sports circle, known in the circle as “Brother Six”, he was famous for his good temper, and for his abstinence and indifference, but when he played games, he was very bloody and brutal. A cold and abstinent gentleman, his shirt was always buttoned on the top. He was extremely clean, but he actually had a “twisted and fiery” heart.

People set up such “desires”, what was it if it is not a Begonia-like hero[2]?

The other guests were also rich second-generations, covering almost all the types of male protagonists in current Danmei novels.

For example, the passionate and unrestrained beauty Queen Shou.

The introverted high-spirited temperament.

Steady, mature, dignified and generous, etc.

After reading the guest introduction, he was so excited that he was about to turn into a groundhog.

He hadn’t finished reading this novel and had only read a small part, where the main plot had not yet arrived, so he didn’t know the plot direction, but he always remembered the introduction of this article.

“The romantic scenes are so sweet that you will lose your teeth, there is a Shura field that stimulates you to scream, the heartthrob battle between a trio of n’s, the real fragrance and bitter crying, passionate kisses and tears, while vowing to carry out the sourness to the end!”

And people who had watched all the love variety shows of China, Japan and South Korea fell into the pit because of this introduction.

A few grabbing ones were going YYDS! Only after eating vinegar do you know how sweet sugar is! Shura Field is the groundhog’s scream field!

He was also very satisfied with the person he had possessed. This cannon fodder male partner with the same appearance and name as himself was tailor-made for him.

Among all the male guests, Zhai Xingchen was the one who had no sense of presence. He did the most work and got the fewest shots. He had never received a text message from the beginning to the end. No guest had ever liked him, and they all liked to use him as a love tool. The other CPs were torn apart, and he was still eating sugar foolishly beside them.

Well, that’s great, he wanted to keep this character setting.

He turned his head and glanced out of the window, his shining eyes exposed on the car window.

He would definitely be a tool man conscientiously.

It didn’t matter whether he was the protagonist or not, it was not about him!

“Zhai Xingchen, get out of the car.”

The words of the staff brought him back to reality.

Zhai Xingchen glanced out the window, and saw several luxury cars parked in front of him.

Bentley, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Ferrari, Maybach.

Ah, the evil smell of money was in the air.

The car stopped slowly, Zhai Xingchen got out of the car, and took his luggage out of the trunk.

“According to our regulations, once you get on the red and blue cabin, your mobile phone must be handed in.” The staff said.

Zhai Xingchen nodded, and took a last look at his phone.

Netizens on the mobile phone were still going frantic: “Wow, this amazing opening, this ceiling-like configuration, this variety show is going to explode, is it going to explode?”


You don’t need this big brother.

He silently turned off the phone and handed it to the staff next to him.

“Our show is very humane.”

Seeing his blushing cheeks, the staff thought he was too nervous, and comforted him, “You just need to be yourself, and we will never interfere with the preferences and choices of our guests. But because we are live broadcasting, there are some precautions that need to be paid special attention to.”

Zhai Xingchen nodded hurriedly: “I have read the check-in manual many times, and I have memorized every item.”

The staff who communicated with him heard the words, smiled and said: “That’s good, but there is one note, which is not written on it.”

Zhai Xingchen looked at the other party.

“Be sure to pay attention to the scale of chatting and physical contact.”

Zhai Xingchen laughed when he heard this, and the other party was stunned by his smile.

Even though they picked Zhai Xingchen who was still in college because of his good looks, he still couldn’t help feeling emotional after getting in touch with him these few days.

This boy named Zhai Xingchen was so fucking beautiful.

Boys could rarely be described as beautiful. Zhai Xingchen was as his name suggested, pure and bright in beauty, his eyes were surprisingly beautiful, as if the sky was full of stars and rivers flowed in his pupils, and when you moved from there, his whole body seemed to be shining with a burst of brilliant vitality which made people feel happy when they see it.

It was purely accidental that their program team found him. At that time, they were looking for a vegan. There were two main requirements. The better looking, the better. They searched and searched, but couldn’t find a suitable one. Finally, a little girl from their program group said that the little brother next door to her house might meet their requirements.

The little girl took out her phone and showed them a short video.

The video was only five or six seconds long. Among the dilapidated tube building, the messy cables, the mottled and dull red brick walls and the slightly gloomy weather, a boy in a white T-shirt, lay on the railing. Everything was messy and dirty, the only things which were cute were the boy and the two pots of green orchids beside him, which looked fresh and out of place, but amazed everyone.

The boy noticed her camera lens, turned his head to look over, stared blankly, and then smiled.

With this smile, the program group passed unanimously.

He alone could support the fragrance and splendour of the whole spring.

Later they got in touch with Zhai Xingchen himself and found that he was also very good-natured.

The person was sweet, and his mouth was even sweeter. In these days, it was rare to see such a sunny and youthful sweet guy!

“Don’t worry, I will be a model of male virtue in this show, and I will never have any unstandard contact with the guests!” Zhai Xingchen said.

He could guarantee that.

He had no intention of falling in love at all!

“Go,” the staff member who was talking to him grinned excitedly: “Enjoy your last amateur days, soon you will become popular with our show!”

Compared with other romance dramas, the biggest difference about “Red and Blue Signal was the recording mode. They would spend a month to go to four different cities to participate in the recording. Their first stop was Nancheng. It was already winter, but the weather in Nancheng was very warm. Zhai Xingchen thanked the staff, pushed the suitcase forward, and a white two-story building appeared in front of him.

He glanced upstairs, his thin figure was vaguely reflected on the bright walls on both sides of the gate, and he turned his head to look at the staff, who stood quietly in the distance, beckoning him to go in.

He glanced at the cameras on both sides of the gate, opened the door and went in, and changed into slippers at the entrance.

He had seen too many romance dramas, and he was already familiar with the routine.

As soon as he appeared, the live barrage immediately became lively: Another one!

Wow, he is too pretty, isn’t it? Where did the show crew find so many handsome guys?

This is a good face, does anyone know which young master he is?

It is said that his family background is very average, and he is still a student, not a rich second generation heir.

Really amateur? It’s over, it seems that he can only be used as a background board. This season’s main focus is obviously the love show of the rich second generation heirs.

It doesn’t matter, it’s enough for him to be a beautiful background board honestly, it’s not about him.

Yes, yes, it was not about him.

He was just a tool man.

They were in the order set in the trailer, he was the fourth male from the blue side, and should be the last batch to arrive.

Just when he stood up, he heard a male voice say, “Someone seems to be here.”

He had just taken two steps with his suitcase, walked around a pot of emerald green spring feathers more than one meter high, when he saw a group of beautiful men in the living room.

They were either standing or sitting, or with arms folded or in pockets, some were enchanting or pure, with gorgeous colours, this was more luxurious and bright than a movie pictorial, and a fragrant masculine feast.

Luxurious and colourful, full of flowers.

The group of people looked at him in unison.

Zhai Xingchen bent slightly: “Hello, my name is Zhai Xingchen!”.

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[1] Reference to Gary Su.

[2] A hero which was cold on the outside but hot on the inside.

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