TBVSR Ch. 60.1: Double Spring

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On the afternoon of the entrance exam, Liu Wenrui was on his way to school.

He was very nervous and restless, anxiously checking the time and looking at the intersection from time to time, hoping to see his good buddy Wang Weiqi.

However, after waiting for a long time, Wang Weiqi did not show up.

He took out his cell phone and made another call to Wang Weiqi——

“Brother Qi, that…”

“Fuck your fart, my game is about to start. If you delay me, I will break up our friendship.”

Liu Wenrui bit his lower lip and said with difficulty: “Why don’t you come back to take the exam? I heard from the teacher that this provincial joint exam is very important. Every student must take it. The ranking in this exam can determine the ranking of the college entrance examination.”

Wang Weiqi on the other end of the phone was extremely impatient: “Liu Wenrui, just tell me, do you want to help me?”

“Brother Qi, I definitely didn’t mean that, of course I want to help you. You are my best brother.”

“That’s it, just obediently write my name on your test paper. Didn’t you always want to prove that you are useful? I’m giving you another challenge. It’s a good opportunity.”

Wang Weiqi said lazily: “Anyway, your grades are not good, and this exam is of little significance to you, but if you help me, we will be buddies for life. If you have anything to do, you can come to me, and I will help you.”

Liu Wenrui put down the phone, and his father’s distant scolding sounded in his ears: “You trash! You only know how to cry, what else can you do! How did I give birth to such a useless thing like you!”

Since childhood, Liu Wenrui was often scolded by his father because of his weak personality and lack of intelligence.

In addition, there was another “other people’s child” brother who was strong in everything and had good grades in the family, who became his control group when he grew up.

As time passed, Liu Wenrui began to really think that he was useless, a worthless waste.

After he went to high school, he met Wang Weiqi and his group of so-called “buddies”, who told him that the most important thing for a good brother was loyalty.

They took him to play games and asked him to help them run errands to buy cigarettes and water. From these people, Liu Wenrui began to find his “value”.

It turned out that he was also needed by others… It turned out that he was not a waste, and he could do many things for others.

He started enjoying spending time with these buddies more and more.

A good brother was loyal, except if he had any problems in the future, his “buddy” will not ignore him.

Liu Wenrui put down his cell phone and stopped disturbing Wang Weiqi’s game.

Wasn’t it just an ordinary exam, if he didn’t take the exam, he would just miss the exam. If he helped Wang Weiqi, then Wang Weiqi would owe him a huge favour.

Wang Weiqi would regard him as “one of his own” and “brother”.

The brotherhood was so loyal so Liu Wenrui made up his mind, he must help Wang Weiqi this time.

At this moment, Chen Wei riding a lady’s bicycle, stopped beside Liu Wenrui.

The pedals on the bike went empty, the chain had fallen off, and there was no way to use it anymore.

Chen Wei looked at the time on her phone, feeling a little anxious, she squatted down, picked the chain with her hands, and tried to hang the chain on the axle of the pedals.

She tried several times, and her hands were stained with black grease, but it still didn’t work.

Seeing this situation, Liu Wenrui quickly trotted over, squatted beside the bike, skilfully put on the chain for Chen Wei, tried to turn the pedals, and the tires turned normally.

Chen Wei said pleasantly: “Thank you! You really helped me a lot! Otherwise, I will be in trouble if I miss the exam.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Chen Wei saw that his hands were dirty, so she handed him a pack of tissues: “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Liu Wenrui wiped his oily hands with a tissue, and waved his hands embarrassedly: “This is a trivial matter, nothing to worry about.”

“No way!” Chen Wei said very loudly and exaggeratedly: “You have really helped me a lot! No one has ever helped me like this!”

Liu Wenrui’s cheeks felt a little hot when he heard the girl’s unsparing praise: “Really?”

“Yes!” Chen Wei nodded sincerely: “Thank you very much.”

Liu Wenrui finally smiled.

Maybe it was because his  self-confidence was shattered since he was a child, and he had a brother who was strong in everything as his control group, but the approval of others always made him feel extremely happy.

It seemed that he found his greatest life value in the process of helping others. And at this moment, Jiang Yu strolled up to Chen Wei, and asked in a cold voice: “Chen Wei, have you finished writing the notes I want?”

Chen Wei huddled behind Liu Wenrui, and hesitatingly said: “Sister Yu, I… I didn’t write it, because I have an exam today, I… I reviewed my homework until late at night, and I didn’t have time to write notes for you.”

“You trash!”

“Sister Yu” imitated the tone of all the vicious villains, and cursed: “Your grades are so poor, how many points can you get in the exam, I let you write notes for me, that is a respect for you! You should be grateful to me! Why are you still pushing back and forth here!”

Chen Wei blushed, and whispered in a crying voice: “Yes, I’m sorry.”

“Is it useful to say I’m sorry? I need to get my notes before school ends tonight.”

“But I have an exam today.”

Imitating the posture of those big sisters: “It doesn’t matter, I want it anyway, otherwise I will break up our friendship. You trash, without me, you are nothing!”

Chen Wei also cooperated with her acting skills, shrunk and whispered: “Don’t…I…I will try my best.”

Liu Wenrui couldn’t listen any longer, and stepped forward to accuse Jiang Yu: “How could you do this? She didn’t do your homework for you and you call her waste, how can there be such a reason. Why don’t you take care of your own affairs?”

Jiang Yu said with a smile: “It was originally like this, her academic performance is not good, and her family also dislikes her. The only value she is left with is to do my homework and run errands for me.”

“No way!” Liu Wenrui seemed to have aroused the fire of resistance in his chest, and said with righteous indignation: “Pure nonsense! Everyone has their own usefulness, what qualifications do you have to define the value of others.”

Jiang Yu folded her arms and smiled coldly: “But she can’t find her own value at all. In her opinion, doing things for me and calling me sister, this is what makes her happiest, what right do you have to interfere in other people’s lives?”

Liu Wenrui turned around, held Chen Wei’s arms, and said excitedly: “Telling her to help you do things, is not the happiest thing for her, you should find yourself again! Instead of binding your own value as the victim.”

Chen Wei raised her head and looked at Liu Wenrui with red eyes: “Then… how do I get back to myself? Find myself?”

Liu Wenrui thought for a while: “Do you have any hobbies or specialties?”

“I don’t seem to have any.”

“No, everyone has something.”

Chen Wei asked him back: “Then what are your interests?”

Liu Wenrui thought for a while and said: “I am good at mechanics, just like the bicycle just now, I can easily fix it for you. When I prepare for university, I will choose mechanical physics as my major. This is my specialty. So you see, everyone has something they are good at, so they are not useless! Don’t put your life in the hands of others!”

Chen Wei looked at Liu Wenrui for a long time, nodded heavily, and said, “I really envy you, you have found your own value in life, and I will also learn from you.”

After saying this, Chen Wei got on her bicycle and left.

Seeing her going back, Liu Wenrui was stunned.

He…had he found his own life value?

He was just… still very confused, how could he enlighten others about their difficulties?

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