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The two apprentice brothers were talking, when suddenly a huge demonic aura swept over, filling the entire Demon Hunter Association in an instant, Yang Jin turned his head to look in the direction from which the demonic aura came, and said, “The patriarch of the Hua clan is here!”

The two hurried downstairs, just in time for Bai Feng to finish setting up the barrier, so as to prevent the Demon power of the seventh-order peak from overflowing and affecting the ordinary people around.

“Patriarch Hua.” Bai Feng faced the group of Demons from the Hua clan, and slightly arched his hands at Hua Yanru who was standing in the middle. For the Demon race, they habitually maintained the ancient etiquette of the Huaxia race, because big demons rarely come out, and their social etiquette had still stayed fixed at hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

“Are you the president of the Demon Hunter Association?” Hua Yanru narrowed her beautiful eyes.

“Exactly, I am Bai Feng, the president of this branch.”

“Swapped again?” Hua Yanru mocked, “You humans have a short life, and every time I come out of seclusion, a president would have died.”

Bai Feng slightly smiled, and without being angry, he raised his hand and gestured inside: “Patriarch Hua, sit inside.”

Hua Yanru raised her chin proudly and walked in slowly. Entering the inner hall, sitting on the seat prepared by Bai Feng for her, without looking at the tea brought to her by others, she said directly: “You should already know the purpose of my coming here, call out the Demon hunter who killed my people to die.”

After the Hua Clan patriarch finished speaking, everyone in the office had different expressions, and the smile on Lin Manyu’s mother Hua Yushuang’s face could hardly be hidden.

“Patriarch Hua, the cause and effect of this incident have not been investigated clearly. Aren’t you being a little too hasty?” Bai Feng didn’t intend to really save Mi Wan, but Mi Wan was a demon hunter after all, and on the surface he still had to say a few words to protect her.

“Why, after investigating the cause and effect, didn’t she kill my people?” Hua Yanru asked.

“Maybe there is a secret.”

“Secret, okay, I will give her a chance, if she can beat me, I will forget about it.” The demon king asked her to kill people, whether there was a secret or not, the result would be the same.

When everyone heard it, they all thought this was no chance. You, a big demon at the peak of the seventh level, are fighting against a twenty-year-old demon hunter, and she still has to beat you. Isn’t this an obvious move to shoot her to death?

Bai Feng just had a phone call with the headquarters, and he knew that the demon king did not directly come forward about this matter, that was to say, the demon clan did not want to rise to the level of destroying the peace between the human and demon races regarding the matter of Mi Wan killing the half-demon. As long as it was not enough to destroy the peace between the two clans, then the matter of Mi Wan was the matter between Mi Wan and the Hua Demon Clan. The Hua demon clan came to ask for someone, and if they wanted to save them, the demon hunter association only needed to find evidence that the half demon had harmed people, and they could actually solve it. But the problem was, they didn’t do that. The demon king had figured out what they were thinking, so he deliberately asked the patriarch of the Hua demon to ask for someone.

With such a commotion, it is even more impossible for Mi Wan to be willing to stay in the Demon Hunter Association for their use.

Bai Feng thought a lot in his heart, but on the surface he still dealt with the patriarch of the Hua demon without any pain, but the ending was known to be unchangeable, and he didn’t delay for too long. After a few words, he said: “Mi Wan is at this time probably having lunch, and I’ll bring her over after she finishes eating.”

“Alright, let her enjoy the last meal of her life.” Hua Yanru was satisfied at this point, then picking up the teacup on the table, she drank a sip.

Hearing this, Xiang Zhen here turned around and ran away suddenly. Yang Jin turned his head and glanced in the direction he left, guessing that he went to the interrogation room to find Mi Wan.

In the interrogation room, Mi Wan was eating lunch, three dishes and one soup, two meat and one vegetarian, it was very hearty, and she was also enjoying it very much.

“Bump!” The door was suddenly knocked open, and Xiang Zhen rushed in.

Mi Wan glanced at him, and greeted him enthusiastically: “Have you eaten yet?”

“You are still in the mood to eat.” Xiang Zhen gritted his teeth, went over and pulled her up, “I transferred the guards outside, you run quickly.”

Mi Wan stopped after taking two steps, and asked: “Why should I run, I haven’t finished my meal yet.”

“The patriarch of the Hua clan wants to kill you, if you don’t run, this will be your life’s last meal.” Xiang Zhen scolded.

“The patriarch of the Hua clan wants to kill me?” Mi Wan was stunned, this was really beyond her expectations. After much deliberation, she realized that with her medical skills, the Demons of the Hua clan would at most want to take advantage of her, and they probably wouldn’t try to kill her. On the contrary, it was more troublesome on the side of the Demon Hunters Association. She thought about it and till now she couldn’t think of any reason to persuade the Demon Hunters Association to let her out. If she couldn’t figure it out, she didn’t plan to think about it anymore. She was about to finish the meal and go out directly. At worst, when the Demons came, she would beat the Demons, and if the people came, she would beat the people.

“That’s right, she just said she wanted to kill you.”

“If she wants to kill, I have to die?” Mi Wan couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Compared to Bai Feng, she preferred this simple and rude patriarch of the Hua clan. Look at others, there was no nonsense, just say kill you as soon as they came, what an upright character. If Bai Feng didn’t say that there was nothing left that he could do yesterday, but also directly said that he was going to kill her, she would have killed him on the spot, why would she be squatting here to eat “prison food”.

“You…she is a peak Demon of the seventh rank, one step away from the eighth rank. In our association, besides the president, only Wei Lao can fight with her. If you don’t run now, you will die soon.” Xiang Zheng looked at the someone who was sitting back to eat silently again, and he wished that he could help her turn the table over on the spot, he just felt that he was the eunuch who was more anxious than the emperor.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, drink some water first.” Mi Wan kindly handed over her water glass.

“What to drink, hurry up, our president will be here in a while.” Xiang Zhen went to persuade Mi Wan again.

“He’s already here.” Mi Wan looked towards the door.

Xiang Zhen froze, and sure enough, he heard faint footsteps coming. He knew that Mi Wan might not be able to run away this time, so he said in despair: “Do you have any last words? I will tell your family for you.”

“Puff~~” Mi Wan seemed to have heard some extremely funny joke, she laughed, and directly lay on the table with her stomach covered.

Xiang Zhen’s face was inexplicable, not only him, but President Bai who had just entered the door was also full of doubts: “Student Mi Wan, why are you laughing so happily?”

“It’s okay, it’s just that I’m in a good mood suddenly.” Then she sat up and asked, “Why is President Bai here?”

Bai Feng glanced at Xiang Zhen who was standing at the door, and said, “Why, didn’t Xiang Zhen tell you?”

“You mean about the patriarch of the Hua clan wanting to kill me? “Mi Wan asked.

“That’s right.” Bai Feng said with some regret, “I wanted to save your life last night, but I didn’t expect that it was the demons who would want you to die.”

“It seems that at this moment, if I agree to the two conditions that the president raised last night, I’m afraid you still won’t protect me.” Mi Wan asked.

“The patriarch of the Hua clan proposed in public that we can only resolve this matter if you win against her. The association has no intention to do anything when things have developed to this point.” Bai Feng shook his head regretfully.

“If I beat her?” Mi Wan’s eyes lit up, “Does that mean I can beat her?”

“That’s right. But the patriarch of the Hua Clan is a peak seventh-level Demon, and it’s almost impossible for you to win against her.” Bai Feng said, “The only thing I can fight for you is to let you finish this meal well. If you have anything else you want, I can…”

“It’s over.” Xiang Zhen couldn’t pull away just now, but Mi Wan stood up from the chair in a second, “Let’s go.”

“Where are you going?” Bai Feng was stunned.

“Aren’t we going to a duel? Finish the fight early, and I’ll go home early.” Mi Wan said lightly.

“…” Bai Feng looked suspiciously at the inexplicably confident Mi Wan. Although he always knew that Mi Wan was much stronger than her peers, no matter how strong she was, she was only a 20-year-old girl. With her current appearance, was she really confident, or was there another way?

“Let’s go, why are you in a daze?” Seeing Bai Feng not moving, Mi Wan couldn’t help urging. Wasn’t this a waste of her time? She promised Butler Ye that she would go home for dinner at night.

“Let’s go.” Bai Feng thought about it and felt that even if Mi Wan had a magic weapon, it would be useless in front of the seventh-level peak Demon, so he stopped thinking about it and turned around to take people out.

Seeing that Mi Wan was walking away with the president, Xiang Zhen gritted his teeth, took out the magic weapon he had just gotten repaired, chased after them and handed it to Mi Wan quietly: “This is my magic weapon, let me lend it to you.”

He remembered that Mi Wan didn’t have a magic weapon on her, and this magic weapon was passed down to him by his master, and it was of a very high grade. Even if he couldn’t change anything by lending it to Mi Wan, it could be regarded as an effort.

Mi Wan lifted the magic weapon to her eyes and couldn’t help but praise: “Eighth grade magic weapon.”

Mi Wan didn’t refuse, she had only recovered 70% of her strength now, because of the Qiankun Vine but the flow of spiritual power was not as fast as before, and an extra magic weapon could really help.

“You… Really have nothing to say?” Xiang Zhen couldn’t help asking again as they were about to walk into the front hall. In his heart he said, you should leave some last words anyway.

“When the holiday is over, I’ll invite you to dinner.” Mi Wan blinked.

Xiang Zhen was taken aback again.

While they were speaking, everyone reached the front hall. Mi Wan raised her head and saw the Hua demon family sitting on the left side of the hall at a glance. She pinpointed the one with the highest demon power among them and asked, “I heard that if I beat you, you’ll just write off the fact that I killed Lin Manyu?”

“That’s right.” Hua Yanru stared at Mi Wan with a condescending gaze.

“Although I don’t think there is anything wrong with killing Lin Manyu, if I have to fight, I don’t mind.” Mi Wan turned around the eighth-grade magic weapon she just got in her hand and looked at Hua Yushuang who was standing beside Hua Yanru. Then she smiled at Mother Lin and said, “However, if I win, can the camellia next to you be made into tea for me?”

Mi Wan was still regretting it now, if she killed this green tea yesterday afternoon, there would not be so many things left behind.

“You…you are still stubborn when you are about to die.” Hua Yushuang thought of her already demented daughter and wished she could kill Mi Wan with her own hands.

“Yes.” Hua Yanru replied.

“Patriarch, you…” Hua Yushuang didn’t expect the patriarch to agree and was about to say something when her neck suddenly felt cold, and then she felt that her demon power was dissipating at a terrifying speed, but she hadn’t had time to figure out what happened before she lost consciousness.

Mi Wan raised her hand, retracted the dagger she had just thrown, and met everyone’s horrified eyes with a smile: “I will take some interest in advance, the patriarch won’t mind.”

Everyone looked at the white camellia that fell to the ground, their whole body turning numb and even the drop of a needle could be heard in the silence of the hall.

“Hua patriarch, where are we going to fight?” Mi Wan stroked the short blade that had just killed a Hua demon with her fingers, and her spiritual power surged.

She hadn’t competed with a big demon for a long time, why was she suddenly feeling excited?

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