IHSB Ch. 46

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Nuan Nuan suddenly looked at her big brother eagerly.

Gu Nan lowered his eyes, staring at her with black pupils as deep as an ancient well, “What?” The little girl poked her finger, seeming a little embarrassed.

“Brother, if you don’t grow flowers, can you… can you let Nuan Nuan grow vegetables?”

She planted all the juicy vegetables in Xiaoxi Village. Don’t look at her as a small child, the village’s vegetables grown by the old men were not as delicious as hers.

She had not grown vegetables after returning to the Gu family, but the Gu family had a garden, and she could help water the flowers, but she wanted to eat the vegetables she grew, and also liked the satisfaction of harvesting them after growing them.

Now, big brother had a lot of land here, so she didn’t want to waste it.

Nuan Nuan tapped her toes, she didn’t dare to look at her big brother with downcast eyes, shouldn’t she be a bit ashamed, even after coming home, she thought about growing vegetables.

Just as she was thinking this way, a little weight was placed on her head, and her hair was messed up.

“Yes, you can do whatever you want.”

Nuan Nuan looked up at her big brother with a cold temperament, as he said the most gentle words in the coldest voice.

Nuan Nuan sniffed her little nose, and suddenly hugged Gu Nan’s long legs softly and coquettishly said, “Brother, you are the best.”

The corners of Gu Nan’s mouth rose, and he took her to continue to familiarize herself with the villa, “What do you want to grow? I’ll ask someone to buy seeds for you.”

Nuan Nuan took his finger and followed him with small steps, “Can Nuan Nuan choose the seeds by herself?”


The expression of Nan Feng following behind started turning numb again. Agreed… Boss actually agreed!

He was speechless when the lady said that she wanted to use this place to grow vegetables, and concluded in his heart that it was impossible for the master to agree to this unreasonable request, to grow vegetables in such a high-end villa?

He couldn’t imagine that scene at all.

But he still underestimated the degree of his master’s sister-con. He was afraid it was just that the lady did not want the stars in the sky, or his master would have tried to pick them off!

Nuan Nuan happily made a plan with her elder brother in the vacant yard and left contentedly. When she arrived at her younger brother’s school, it was already over. They came a few minutes late, and saw Gu An looking for them from a distance. The two friends stood unhappily.

“Little brother.”

Gu Nan’s car stopped in front of Gu An, and as the car window lowered to reveal a cute and soft head, Nuan Nuan immediately called Gu An softly.

Gu An, who was originally depressed, heard the familiar milky voice, and his anger gradually subsided, but his expression was as arrogant and proud as ever.

“Why did you come just now? Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you!” His tone seemed impatient, but if he was really impatient, he wouldn’t have been waiting here forever.

Nuan Nuan, who seemed to be shouted at, was not angry at all, and had a soft temper.

“Sorry little brother, Nuan Nuan is late, let’s go home.”

The two brothers following Gu An’s eyes widened when they heard Nuan Nuan softly calling him little brother, what… what’s the situation!

“Okay, for the sake of your sincere apology, this young master, I…”

“Gu An.” A cold voice came from inside the car, and the proud young master could be seen trembling with naked eyes. His expression suddenly collapsed.

He stared wide-eyed and looked into the car, while Gu Nan looked over with indifferent eyes.

Gu Nan: “…”

If he wanted to say who he was most afraid of at home, it wasn’t his grandpa or his father, but the person sitting in the car now, his eldest brother!!!

“Either get in the car or walk back by yourself.”

Gu An got into the car in a hurry, and looked to Nuan Nuan with his eyes full of lovelessness.

‘Why did you come to pick me up with him!’

Nuan Nuan looked at her little brother with big eyes innocently, I don’t know what you are talking about.

Gu An bid farewell to his two good brothers with a sad expression. He didn’t even have time to show off his younger sister to them. His elder brother disrupted all his plans!


After driving, Gu An called Gu Nan sternly.

Nuan Nuan sat in the middle, with her big brother and her little brother on both sides, and she swayed her short legs happily.

“Big Brother, shall we go find Fourth Brother now?”

She tilted her head and looked at Gu Nan with a smile on her face.

“Well, go over there?”

Nancheng Noble Academy was not far from here. They were both noble academies. One taught students from kindergarten to elementary school, and the other taught junior high school students and high school students. They were both on this street itself.

“Yeah, let’s walk there.”

After she finished speaking, she turned her head to look at Gu An, “Do you want to go with me, little brother?”

Gu An cheered up, “Of course!”

Even if the cold elder brother was there, he couldn’t stop him from sucking up to his sister!


Seeing Nuan Nuan and his elder brother holding hands, Gu An was surprisingly angry. When did the relationship between the two of them get so good!!!

Obviously, he was the elder brother who met Nuan Nuan first, earlier there was Gu Mingli, and now there was his elder brother, all of them had better relationship with Nuan Nuan than him, it was unbearable!

Gu An angrily walked over to grab Nuan Nuan’s hand, couldn’t help but cast a provocative look at his elder brother, and then was swept away by his elder brother’s indifferent and sharp eyes, and immediately became as honest as a quail.

Nuan Nuan was of course happier that her little brother could take the initiative to hold her hand, and the corner of her mouth was raised, and the whole group was extremely happy.

“Little brother, you have to hurry up.”

Hearing Nuan Nuan softly calling him brother, Gu An only felt ecstatic.

“Don’t worry, I will never lose you.”

He patted his chest to promise.

Gu Nan thought blankly, his younger brother was getting more and more stupid.

What was the effect of walking on the street when a person with a big face and a small face whose face value was at the ceiling?

“Kang Dang…”

Very well, one girl successfully slammed herself into a tree because of watching them, and several others almost fell because they didn’t pay attention to the road.

What’s more, she raised her mobile phone and took pictures with excitement.

But before they could send out the photos, they saw a bodyguard in a black suit approaching and said politely.

“Miss, would you please delete the photo?”

Gu Nan seemed to have gotten used to it, and walked towards Nancheng Noble Academy with Nuan Nuan and Gu An expressionlessly.

It was just that before they got to school, they suddenly heard a mess of voices, including shouts and screams.

It was coming from a dark alley not far ahead.

“Old labourer, Gu Mingli will kill you!”

Hearing the words Gu Mingli, Nuan Nuan’s eyes widened. Was it brother Mingli?

“Bang bang…”

Gu Nan “…”, he probably guessed what happened, what should he do, he didn’t want to take Nuan Nuan with him?

But Nuan Nuan couldn’t hold back and wanted to go over to see what was going on. Hearing the screams coming from there from time to time, Nuan Nuan was extremely worried.

Helpless, Gu Nan had no choice but to take her there, and what she saw made Nuan Nuan’s eyes widen, and her mouth was wide open.

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