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At the end of March, a major event was ushered in the Wolf King’s palace.

——Jing Yan’s birthday was coming.

The forest became lively as early as a week before – for seven days in a row, the royal flying cars from the seven orc races passed through the sky above the wolf palace and flew to the forest, shocking the entire palace!

In the past, when the tiger, bear and snake tribes sent over gifts, they were very low-key, so at that time, everyone else in the wolf palace thought that Jing Yan had just bought over some beasts to play with.

But now they probably knew that their private friendship had been exposed, so the few friends didn’t bother to hide it anymore, and directly sent the gifts to Jing Yan in high-profile royal speeding cars, and they even deliberately sent it separately one person a day——in the virtual classroom, they even tossed the dice for whose day of the week it would be!

And Qiao Xi didn’t expect that Prince Xing Luo would also join in…

So the Leopard, Tiger, Lion, Snake, Bear, Fox, and Whale tribes came over one by one. After a whole week, it was said that the queen fell ill.

Everyone in the forest was very calm about this.

Jing Yan liked the gift from the prince of the snake clan the most – after the gift was opened, he blushed and only showed it to Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi looked at the pile of toy-like things inside, with a dazed expression: “What are these for?”

Qiao Xiaoxi was so innocent!!

A sense of guilt arose in Jing Yan’s heart, and he planned to put away the things embarrassingly: “No, it’s nothing, just to show you…”

But Qiao Xi’s curiosity had been aroused, so he pulled Jing Yan’s hand and took a picture of the things and put it on the Internet to search.

After a search…

Qiao Xi’s face also turned red!

Love, love supplies!!

Ye He sent over a batch of koi. They put this batch of koi into the only lake in the forest. After looking at the group of koi on the shore for a moment, Jing Yan commented: “Swimming will be a bit crowded in the future.”

“Maybe he is planning to eat it secretly when he comes here to live in the future, it’s too sinister!” Chris lay on the shore, scooped up the koi with his paws, and said bad things about his boyfriend.

At this moment, the koi in the lake suddenly started to swim quickly, and each tail seemed to have a clear direction.

Everyone: “Huh?”

They all gathered together.

Two or three seconds later, the group of koi actually lined up to form a heart! The sharp corner of the heart was right in front of Chris!

Chris: “!!!!”

He jumped up, staring at the group of koi in shock, his hair exploding!

Jing Yan was in a daze, then turned to the others and said, “That guy gave Chris a gift using my name??? Isn’t it too much?!”

Everyone laughed out loud.

And the time soon came for Jing Yan’s birthday.

Early in the morning, Qiao Xi was pulled up.

He was a little dazed, but Jing Yan had already brought a beautiful white suit for him, and Jiao Yue was messing with his hair.

Qiao Xi yawned, and said doubtfully, “…you should mess with yourself first.”

Actually, Qiao Xi never thought that attending Jing Yan’s birthday party would be so grand. Jing Yan had even secretly prepared a dress for him, but there was no need to take care of him first, right?

Jiao Yue in the mirror glanced at Qiao Xi, and said with a smile, “Us? We just need to do this.”

“?” Qiao Xi was even more puzzled and looked at Jing Yan.

Jing Yan knelt down, held Qiao Xi’s hand, and said in a jiffy, “Qiao Xiaoxi, dance with me at the banquet tonight!”

Qiao Xi was stunned for a while… After he realized what he had said, he was startled and sat up straight: “Ah? But I don’t know how to dance!”

“I don’t know how to dance either.” Jing Yan calmly said, “Anyway, in the tradition of the wolf clan, when a prince chooses a partner, he has to dance with that person in front of everyone. Yes, it doesn’t matter if your partner is a man or a woman!”

Qiao Xi was shocked: “Wait, so are we making this public?”

Jing Yan: “Yes, yes!”

Qiao Xi blushed instantly, and his heart beat faster——Jing Yan wanted to make it public with him tonight!!

What this meant was self-evident, it was no different from getting engaged!

“I didn’t tell you because I was afraid that you would be nervous,” Jing Yan touched Qiao Xi’s ear, “As for the dance, it’s fine, it’s okay, it’s mainly a ritual.”

He looked up at Qiao Xi, and said: “Qiao Xiaoxi, are you willing?”

… Are you willing?

How could he not be!

Qiao Xi felt that Jing Yan’s sudden move was too sweet!

He was even a little breathless with excitement for a while.

Jiao Yue glanced at them with a smile, finished with Qiao Xi’s hair, and left the room.

Jing Yan had been squatting there, nervously waiting for Qiao Xi’s answer.

Qiao Xi’s Adam’s apple rolled down.

After a while, he reached out and touched Jing Yan’s face, and whispered, “But my brother doesn’t know yet?”

Jing Yan covered Qiao Xi’s hand, and replied obediently, “I have already contacted your brother quietly.”

“…” Qiao Xi was shocked again, “My brother…is he alright?”

“Shouldn’t he be? Xing Luo helped convey the whole process. It is said that your brother’s reaction seemed to be okay?” Jing Yan asked uncertainly.

Qiao Xi: No, Xing Luo must have given a discount when conveying his brother’s emotions!

“It’s a pity that Xing Luo can’t come, he said that he must stay by your brother’s side all day these two days.” Jing Yan explained.

Qiao Xi: No, it’s all because he is afraid that his brother will jump out of the treatment cabin at any moment!!!

The corner of Qiao Xi’s mouth twitched, and he said, “No, I have to call my brother right away.”

Then he picked up the phone.

Jing Yan’s face tightened: “What’s the matter? Is there a problem?”

Seeing the man’s nervous look, Qiao Xi paused, held the man’s face, leaned forward and kissed him, and put his forehead against his forehead, then said with a smile: “Don’t be nervous, of course I would like to dance with you, but I still have to talk about it with my brother!”

Jing Yan breathed a sigh of relief, rubbed the tip of Qiao Xi’s nose, and murmured: “Qiao Xiaoxi, I really want to marry you…”

Qiao Xi: “…”

The speed was so fast.

Jing Yan closed his eyes, and said in a gentle voice, “I will definitely treat you well, and make you happy for the rest of your life!”

Qiao Xi raised the corners of his lips, and also closed his eyes: “Well, I believe in you…”

Qiao Xi called Qiao Yue, and under his asking, Xing Luo finally admitted honestly that since Jing Yan called a week ago, he had had to spend most of his time by the treatment cabin and had not even been able to leave to deal with his official duties.

Qiao Xi was embarrassed, and said weakly: “I’m sorry…”

“There’s nothing to apologize for. You and Jing Yan are seriously in love, so this step is inevitable,” Xing Luo’s voice was still very gentle and patient, “Don’t worry, I will watch your brother, he must grow up too.”

“…” Qiao Xi didn’t dare to imagine what his brother would look like when he “grew up” in this way, so he had to rely on Xing Luo to help him grow up. Xing Luo tried his best to appease his brother, and they didn’t finish talking until noon.

When he came out, some of their friends had already arrived.

In the palace of the Wolf King.

Standing by the corridor, watching the attendants coming in and out of the palace not far away to prepare for the banquet hall, the Queen was expressionless.

The wolf cub beside her looked enviously at the speeding cars flying towards the forest one by one.

A week ago, the seven orc clans had swaggered over to give gifts, and now the princes and princesses of those orc clans must be here. They were all good friends of Jing Yan!

How did Jing Yan get to know them?

He was also often taken by his mother to attend various banquets and meet various people, but those who were willing to make friends with him were from few weak clans, and there were no princes and princesses from strong clans who were willing to talk to him…

No, it should be said that nowadays, the princes and princesses of the several powerful clans were already Jing Yan’s friends. Jing Yan must have spoken ill of him to them, so they naturally didn’t want to talk to him!

Jing Yu was extremely jealous.

At this time, a person came out, and Jing Yu recognized that it was a minister who often walked around with his mother.

The man said: “Including the three beast clans of the Three Meow Alliance and the three beast clans, the four major wolf clans have all been invited to the banquet. The Ruan family and the Lu family seem to want to express their views.”

Jing Yu turned his head and stared at that person.

The Wolf Queen didn’t answer.

The man said again: “Some servants in the palace also feel that Jing Yan has changed.”

He had become less indifferent and daunting than before, faintly as if he had the appearance of a child.

The man continued: “Can I think that some of the changes were brought about by the little bird prince?”

The Wolf Queen’s expression was condensed.

The man turned his head to look at the wolf queen, and said in a low voice: “Can’t we do anything to that little bird prince?”

Jing Yu shouted: “Mom…”

He couldn’t do anything.

That is, they had been trying to do it, but failing.

The Wolf Queen narrowed her eyes slightly, thinking of the platinum-haired captain of the Forest Guard, she turned and left angrily.

In the forest—

Princess Black Bear and her group had already arrived, and when they came to Jing Yan, they wandered around to visit. After all, there were several of them who had not seen Jing Yan’s forest with their own eyes.

“Wow, Jing Yan, these wooden houses were built by your mother?” Princess Black Bear touched the wood, “It’s amazing.”

Qiao Xi knew that Jing Yan came to live in this forest after the death of his mother because this forest used to be his mother’s favorite.

When she was young, his aunt led a group of attendants to build these cabins, and she often slept here with Jing Yan.

Jing Yan touched the wood, remembered his childhood memories, and smiled.

“Hey, so the wedding room will also be here in the future?” Chris’ brother Ed asked.

Qiao Xi was blushing – wedding, wedding room!!

Jing Yan cleared his throat and blushed, “Then, of course!”

“Oh, have you considered a wedding room so early?” Princess Black Bear raised her eyebrows and said, “But this kind of wooden house may not have good enough soundproofing?”

Qiao Xi: “Cough cough cough!!!”

Jing Yan: “Cough cough cough!!!”

The prince of the snake clan who also appeared on the stage today pretended to put his fist on his lips as he said: “…you are too obscene.”

Princess Black Bear looked at the sky: “Am I wrong?”

“You are right,” Hei Yu said on the side, “We have already discussed it. When Jing Yan gets married, we will leave the forest to them.”

Ed: “No, you still plan to stay here until their wedding day?”

Everyone laughed up.

A group of people slowly wandered into the depths of the forest, Jing Yan was at the end, and the platinum-haired guard followed him, and said with downcast eyes behind him: “Your Highness, the banquet hall is ready, you should arrive before six o’clock.”


Jing Yan nodded.

Just as the guard was about to step back, Jing Yan said, “Wait.”

The guard paused and looked up at him.

Jing Yan asked as he walked, “Did that woman come to you?”

The guard was silent for a second, and replied, “Yes.”

Jing Yan turned his head to examine the guard.

This was the person sent by that man, and before him, there were four captains in the guard.

Those four people, who were undoubtedly sent by that man, guarded the forest while also acting as watchers of the forest, and even secretly had contacts with that woman.

So Jing Yan never trusted them.

He turned his head, opened his mouth, and said slowly: “What is your duty?”

The guard replied: “I was sent by His Majesty to protect you, follow you, and obey your orders.”

Jing Yan: “Where is that woman?”

The guard: “All the queen’s wishes and orders have nothing to do with me. At the moment I was sent by His Majesty, Your Highness is the only master I have.”

Jing Yan: “What about Qiao Xi and the others?”

Guard: “His Highness Qiao Xi is your partner, His Highness Jiao Yue and the others are your friends, and it is my responsibility to protect their safety.”

Jing Yan looked ahead and thought to himself.

Four of them had been replaced.

This was the last one.

Seeing that Jing Yan stopped talking, but walked forward thoughtfully, the guard’s face rarely showed confusion, and he didn’t know whether to continue to follow.

Then, a man’s voice came from ahead: “What did you say your name was?”

The guard opened his mouth and said, “…Rhein, my name is Rhein, Your Highness.”

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