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After getting their hair done, the two walked outside the door, but they couldn’t find Fang Qing, and she didn’t reply to their messages. Lu Rong had experience dealing with Fang Qing, but he didn’t want to share this experience with Ji Wenfeng at all. He proposed to look for her separately, distracted Ji Wenfeng, and then went to the game hall alone. There were crowds of people around the dancing machine in the game hall, Lu Rong had a bad feeling in his heart, pushed through the crowd and squeezed to the front, and it turned out that Fang Qing was wearing high heels and dancing like a golden snake on the dancing machine.

“You are here!” Fang Qing hurriedly stepped on the direction keys, dancing with her hands and feet. She had danced this song five times, and she was very hopeful that she would succeed in breaking through this time!

Lu Rong lowered his voice and said hastily: “Not only am I coming, but your stepson is coming soon too, do you want him to see you like this?!”

Fang Qing was intoxicated by the music, and quickly touched her ears: “You said what, I can’t hear you!!!”

Lu Rong: “…”

After Fang Qing finished the dance, everyone around her applauded, and Fang Qing felt that her life had reached its pinnacle and its climax. The otaku on the machine next door shook hands with her, expressing that he was not worthy of being her dance partner, and she had to fight alone for the next five stars. Fang Qing was very disappointed with him: “What about being Wanda Dance King together?!” She had no choice but to extend an invitation to the onlookers, “Who else?”.

Lu Rong looked away. The onlookers also dispersed. Ji Wenfeng passed by outside, saw the two of them, and walked towards them ignorantly.

Fang Qing said: “Brother Xiaofeng!”

Lu Rong: “…We still have to go to class!”

Ji Wenfeng was suddenly called by his stepmother and stopped in his tracks.

Fang Qing turned a deaf ear to Lu Rong’s sentence: “Can you dance?”

Ji Wenfeng: “… Yes.”

Fang Qing: “Come on, let’s fight Wanda Dance King together.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Lu Rong: “We still have to…”

Fang Qing: “Well, you two brothers really can’t compete with each other.”

As soon as she said this, Lu Rong uttered oh no from the bottom of his heart, and saw Ji Wenfeng take off his clothes, and throw them aside. Then he simply stood on the dancing machine and looked at Fang Qing proudly.

Ji Wenfeng’s school uniform jacket hit Lu Rong’s face, Lu Rong pulled it down, held it in his arms, and spit out the unfinished two words: “…to class.”

No one paid attention to him, Ji Wenfeng and Fang Qing’s eyes showed the dignity of being dancers. At this time, they wanted to cooperate to score points, and at the same time, they also wanted to battle out who was the real Wanda Dance King!

After an hour.

Ji Wenfeng praised from the bottom of his heart: “You dance really well.”

Fang Qing said confidently, “You’re not bad either.”

There was applause from all around, and half of the entire Wanda crowd was applauding around them.

Lu Rong sat on the side holding Ji Wenfeng’s clothes, his empty eyes showing his desire for knowledge.

Fang Qing: “In order to reward this historic moment, I will buy you ice cream.”

Lu Rong came to his senses and said, “Mom, we are already late.”

Fang Qing seemed to suddenly remember what happened last time, then she solemnly promised Ji Wenfeng: “I won’t tell your father.”

Ji Wenfeng nodded politely: “Thank you.”

Fang Qing thought for a while, and then suggested: “Anyway, it’s so late, let’s skip class.”

Lu Rong: “Mom—”

Ji Wenfeng said calmly, “I want to go to an Internet cafe.”

Fang Qing held out a card in one hand: “Let’s go. I have a VIP membership card for xx Internet cafe.”

Lu Rong:”……”

He originally hoped that Fang Qing would behave better so that Ji Wenfeng could try to accept her slowly, but now it seemed that if he went to Ji Tong tonight, he would have to divorce Fang Qing.

The three of them entered the Internet cafe together. Fang Qing used her very superb social skills to persuade the indifferent Internet cafe administrator to allow both Ji Wenfeng and Lu Rong to turn on a machine.

Fang Qing asked enthusiastically, “What game do you want to play?”

Ji Wenfeng put on his school uniform, and calmly pulled back his chair: “Let me see the market.”

Fang Qing: “What market?”

Ji Wenfeng opened the stock market: “Stock.”

Fang Qing: “…”

Fang Qing couldn’t control her stepson and cast her eyes on Lu Rong. Lu Rong’s eyes were like knives, and Fang Qing quickly hid aside: “Okay, mom won’t care about you. You like to watch, what do you see? The takeaway is on my account.”

The three of them chose a machine, which was obviously in a non-smoking area, but the person beside Ji Wenfeng was still smoking.

Ji Wenfeng called the administrator of the Internet cafe and said politely: “Please tell him not to smoke.”

The Internet cafe administrator with dead fish eyes: “He is sitting next to you.”

Ji Wenfeng said lightly: “I don’t want to talk to him.”

The administrator of the Internet cafe patted the shoulder of the man next door, and the person took off his earphones impatiently: “What?”

Pointing at Ji Wenfeng, the administrator of the Internet cafe said, “See this handsome little Bro? He said he doesn’t want to talk to you.”

The smoker: “…huh?”

Ji Wenfeng: “……this is a non-smoking area.”

The smoker: “None of your business.”

The Internet cafe administrator shrugged his shoulders, indicating that this was the case.

Ji Wenfeng stood up holding the table, stretched out his hand to pluck the man’s cigarette, and threw it aside.

The smoker was already on his knees in the game, so he was holding his cigarette irritably. At this time, he got angry, pushed the keyboard in, and stood up: “What the hell are you looking for?!”

Ji Wenfeng also shook his head, putting his school uniform in his trouser pocket, he looked at him provocatively.

Just as the two were about to fight, a high-heeled shoe flew between them.

“Try to touch my son!” Fang Qing aggressively grabbed the 8cm high heels as a murder weapon and stood in front of Ji Wenfeng.

Lu Rong noticed that Ji Wenfeng’s expression was a bit surprised, that domineering face softened, and he stared at Fang Qing with deep surprise in his eyes.

The man looked confused, he had never seen a teenager who came to the Internet cafe and brought his mother with him: “Sister, you are so old and don’t go to square dance, why are you here?!”

Fang Qing said, “Come here to do it! Well?” She glanced at his screen, “Give me the id, let’s do a solo! Whoever loses will take off his pants!”

The man: “…Okay.” Although he verbally humiliated Fang Qing, Fang Qing still was a charming young woman, and as soon as Fang Qing said she was taking off her trousers, he couldn’t help looking obscenely at her legs.

Fang Qing instructed Ji Wenfeng to switch places with her, added friends with that person, played a solo game, and the two kept cursing each other throughout the whole process.

Ji Wenfeng sat next to Lu Rong, watching the market with great interest while also watching the game.

Lu Rong privately sent a text message to old B: Hurry up and come to xx internet cafe.

Old B: What’s wrong?

Lu Rong: My mother is going to fight someone.

Old B: Here we come!

When Fang Qing won all the man’s pants and only one pair of underwear was left, Fang Qing aggressively slapped the table and said, “Call me Dad.”


The man: “…Dad!”

Fang Qing: “Go away. Come here to pick up your clothes at this time tomorrow.” Then she stored the clothes with the administrator of the Internet cafe.

Fang Qing expelled the smoker, kept the pure land of the Internet for her underage sons, so proud as a big rooster, she smiled triumphantly at her two sons. Ji Wenfeng and Lu Rong sat not far away, looked at her and responded to her with a smile.

Ji Wenfeng lazily opened his right hand, put it on the back of Lu Rong’s chair, stared at Fang Qing and turned his head to ask Lu Rong: “Do you know what I’m thinking now?”

Lu Rong lowered his eyes and remained silent: It’s nothing more than “It’s nice to have a mother” or something like that.

Ji Wenfeng whispered in his ear: “I think… Anyway, there is still a long afternoon, you can take the opportunity to go to the barber shop to have your hair done.” He said, gently wrapping his slender fingers around the ends of his soft hair.

Lu Rong: “…?”

Ji Wenfeng was really a man he couldn’t see through.

At this time, Old B rushed in with someone. He was about to say hello to Lu Rong, but Lu Rong cast a stern look and told him not to come over. Old B received the signal and braked on the spot.

Ji Wenfeng looked at old B’s group vigilantly, stood up and said, “Go, I’ll take you there.” This group of people was not easy to deal with, and Lu Rong might suffer a disadvantage by himself.

Lu Rong interpreted Ji Wenfeng’s mental state from Ji Wenfeng’s behavior of escorting him: No matter how low his status was now, he was also a domesticated person, and his belongings and property rights were classified as “mine” by Ji Wenfeng inside. Good. As he expected.

He couldn’t help showing a smile now that he had succeeded in his plan.

Old B watched helplessly as a rich man put his arms on his boss’s shoulders and took him away while looking at him like an eyesore, and the boss was also as well-behaved as a chick. Old B felt that his three views had collapsed.

However, he remembered that today’s task was to protect Fang Qing, and walked up to Fang Qing regardless of the boss, pretending to meet her by chance: “Hey! Great God! What a coincidence! How are you doing recently?”

Old B had been entrusted by Lu Rong to protect Fang Qing in the Internet cafe, but he didn’t let Fang Qing know that he was sent by his son, so in Fang Qing’s eyes, they were just a group of idiot followers she picked up in the game.

Fang Qing patted the position beside her: “Hey, let’s do this. Let’s play a game?”

Old B took the brothers to sit down: “Cheer up and score points! Everyone will hug your thighs today!”

For a while in the Internet café, there was a tense and lively atmosphere.

While Lu Rong took advantage of Ji Wenfeng’s going to the bathroom, he ran back to the Internet cafe with his hair full of curls, and asked the Internet cafe administrator to find Fang Qing’s clothes and pants, took out a pack of cigarettes from the pocket, and handed them to the Internet cafe administrator: “Do you want a cigarette?”

Internet cafe administrator: “…”

Internet cafe administrator: “Ruan Zhonghua 8 sticks for 30 yuan.”

Lu Rong pointed at old B: “See that group of people? From Fangxing Internet cafe. Fangxing Internet cafes charges Ruan Zhonghua 5 yuan a piece.”

Internet cafe administrator: “…Okay.”

Lu Rong spread his hand: “Give me the cash.”

Internet cafe administrator: “…”

In the end, the Internet cafe administrator was drawn in by Lu Rong and gave out forty yuan under his resolute eyes.

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