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December 2nd.

“Red Moon” was fully prepared and officially started shooting.

The location chosen for the shooting was Huaxing Art School, which was a condition that Si Huang had won from the vice principal early in the morning.

Ding Hong, the heroine of “Red Moon”, was a student who had lived alone since her parents divorced. She was an inconspicuous girl in school, and she didn’t have any particularly good friends around her. She always kept a certain distance from the people around her and didn’t get too close to anyone. Her classmates also seemed to be unaware of her strangeness. They would know her existence by calling her name, but they never paid attention to her carefully. This was in itself a strange sense of existence.

When Jiang Yajing read the script, she said: “It’s like air”, everyone who heard it looked at her in surprise, and suddenly realized: Yes, Ding Hong is like air. People know the existence of air and need air, but they never pay attention to it deliberately.

The first scene took place in the classroom after school in the afternoon.

The camera first shot the class scene showing everyone’s true colors. Some people listened to the class carefully, and some bad students chatted secretly and laughed, while some people cut the hair of the girl in the front seat as a prank, which caused the girl to be unhappy. The teacher heard it and reprimanded the evil boy loudly. The boy pursed his lips, then glared at the girl in front of him.

When the school bell rang, a group of male students carried their schoolbags and ran out of the classroom together. The girls laughed and chatted with each other, leaving the few on duty for cleaning behind.

“Ding Hong, I have something, so I have to leave today, can you help me with my work too? Please, I will help you next time!” the girl said pitifully.

Jiang Yajing, who was holding a broom, smiled slightly at her when she heard the words, “Okay, you can go.”

“Wow! Thank you so much!” The girl cheered in surprise, picked up her schoolbag and left like a happy bird, when she got to the door, she turned her head and blinked at Jiang Yajing, “By the way, I heard that ghosts are very commonly sighted recently, so you should remember to go home early.”

Jiang Yajing looked at her in surprise and found that the girl had disappeared.

The empty classroom quickly became quiet, and the slender figure was busy alone, doing everything in an orderly manner.

This should have been a lonely scene. However, the girl’s pretty face with an inadvertent soft smile and the quiet atmosphere created by the aura made people realize that she was not afraid of ghosts, and she actually enjoyed the relaxing time alone.

When the sun was setting, Jiang Yajing suddenly stopped drawing the curtains, and lay her hands on the window sill, staring at the setting sun with a smile on her face.

The golden sunset glow cast her white and tender cheeks with a layer of platinum-like radiance, and her touching eyes were bright, clear and full of vitality, which made people feel that she was infinitely beautiful.

At this time, the bystanders were quiet, and the girls who were prejudiced against her had to admit that this girl was really beautiful. Her beauty was not only due to her appearance, but also because of her inner temperament.

The beauty of this scene was enough to astonish people, no matter men or women.

Zhou Jian couldn’t help laughing, he felt that if he continued to take care of Jiang Yajing, he would definitely become a gold agent one day.

“What do you mean that a genius like Si Huang is unparalleled in the world, but Yajing cannot do it?” Zhou Jian muttered in a low voice, thinking that if he trained Jiang Yajing for a few more years, maybe she could surpass Si Huang.

As soon as this thought came to him, he was awakened by a sudden scream, and turned his head to look…and showed a stunned expression.

His eyes were fixed on the black figure and he couldn’t look away, only one word appeared in his mind: demon!

In December, the weather in City H had turned cold. Everyone was wearing cotton-padded clothes and trousers, but Si Huang, who was striding forward, was wearing a thin long robe. The black robe was similar to the clothing of the Republic of China period, and many details had been added, so that the clothes were not only not rigid, but also mysterious and handsome, which caught the eye. A high collar, silver coiled dragon buckle, blood-red tasseled agate accessories, and a large lotus-like mandala pattern had been added to the black dress.

Added to that was a wig to her waist. Thin braids were braided at the temples and fastened to the back of her head with tiny hair pins. The exquisite and neat hairstyle did not leave a trace of cover on the face, and a perfect monstrous face was exposed in front of everyone.

Her pair of eyebrows were drawn longer and sharper, the eyelashes were made thicker and longer to match the whole eye makeup, there were the blood red pupils, he had a glamorous aura, but there was a cold tone on her lips under the thick color.

“How was the filming?” He spoke with his mouth opening and closing.

Zhou Jian choked back his own saliva with a “grunt”, and he shook his head in embarrassment. Oh shit! He actually stared at a man’s lips and was dumbfounded! For a moment, he had a perverted idea about how beautiful it would be to bite out the color of those cold lips!

Then he discovered that he was definitely not the only one who was ‘perverted’.

Can you pay attention to the sound of swallowing your saliva? It’s fine for girls, but it’s embarrassing for boys to swallow their saliva as well!

“Cough! It’s very good, why don’t you come and have a look?” Xu Wanjun answered Si Huang’s words.

Si Huang nodded, walked to his side, and watched the replay of the scene that Jiang Yajing just filmed on the small screen.

Because this scene was completely performed by the students, the overall performance was very natural, but what needed to be tested was the skills of the cameramen.

Seeing Jiang Yajing’s performance, Si Huang had a very good sense of the picture, and she thought that after post-processing, this scene alone could earn her countless male fans.

“Well, for the next scene, are you all ready?” She raised her head and asked with a chuckle at the others.

What she got in response was the successive shutter sounds of countless girls “clicking”.

“I regret it! Woohoo! Even if I have to suspend my studies, I should have tried for the heroine! The heroine who is loved by such a majesty! The heroine who can get along with such a majesty! Woohoo Woo–” a certain girl suddenly burst into tears, shouting heart-piercingly.

Although her reaction was too exaggerated and violent, causing other people to laugh and scold but it had to be said that what she said hit the hearts of most girls.

Beep! I really regret what to do!? Sure enough, I’m still very jealous of that Yajing girl!

Everyone was used to the cuteness of girls who always disregarded the occasion and image. All the actors participating in the next scene said that there was no problem, and then everyone moved to the filming building of Huaxing Art School.

The scene was an ordinary room.

This time even a few professors came, and occasionally pointed out things that the students in charge of filming hadn’t noticed.

Accompanied by this, a “Action!” sounded.

Both Jiang Yajing and Si Huang entered the mood.

This time Jiang Yajing’s performance was even better than in the audition.

The time in the play was December 1st, 12 o’clock in the morning. Ding Hong, who was sleeping, was suddenly awakened by severe pain in her heart, as the blood-red moonlight of the blood moon shone on her house.

Jiang Yajing struggled on the bed, her fingers tightly clutching the clothes at her heart, the veins on her forehead were protruding, tears welled up in her eyes but she tried her best not to shed them. As if finally unable to bear it, she raised her neck and screamed: “Ah!”

This expressiveness made the filming staff and onlookers feel their hearts tighten, and even their breathing tightened unconsciously.

Si Huang, who was standing in front of her, looked at her with unfamiliar eyes.

If Jiang Yajing had become Ding Hong, then Si Huang was Yue.

The former was at least an individual when she entered the play, while the latter had already jumped out of the scope of an individual when he entered the play.

How to interpret the evildoer?

How would the world know if they hadn’t seen a real demon?

But looking at Si Huang at this time, everyone’s heart jumped into their throats, and a thought appeared in their minds: If there are really monsters in the world, it would be like this, right?

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