RCFS Ch. 145

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The little heart of the system was about to explode!

And it was blown up by the host!

Damn, the girl is so handsome!

Only when a man could shoulder responsibility could people feel that he was a real man, but a girl with her head held high in the sky, her long hair fluttering, and shouldering the responsibility could only be described as so handsome that it was bursting out!

Therefore, it accidentally exploded +100 Awesomeness XP for the host in one breath!

Really handsome, there was no way, its knees had gone involuntarily soft.

In the study, Ye Jianxing indifferently listened to Butler Wen’s report.

When he heard Ye Junpo wailing loudly, his fingers trembling as he manipulated the potted plants, the good potted orchids were cut to pieces by him.

Ye Jianxing looked at the ruined orchid, wondering what he was thinking.

“Master, should I take this potted flower and throw it away?”

It had been cut and damaged, and it was too difficult to raise it again.

Ye Jianxing smiled, stroking the incomplete leaves with his big hands, and drooping his eyes to remove the color from them.

“Keep it, what if there is a miracle?”

What if there was a miracle?

Ye Junpo’s film was very good, if he was not the heir of the Ye family, it was okay to go to filming.

But Ye Jianxing couldn’t do it himself, he was not just the father of him, he was also the patriarch of the whole family, how could the prosperity of the family be influenced by personal emotions?

Ye Yunxi, it will be best if you can carry it, it will be the best way to satisfy your grandfather’s selfish thoughts. After all, he didn’t really want to make the foundation he had worked so hard for half his life be cheap opportunitities for unrelated outsiders.

“After all, I’m just a selfish person!”

Ye Jianxing snorted.

He was not a saint either!

“Master, you have done a good enough job. Without you, the Ye family would have fallen faster.”

Butler Wen knew Ye Jianxing best, and couldn’t help but comfort him.

The old man put down the scissors and walked slowly back to the desk: “Just wait and see. You will be uneasy when you lose money, and you will be uneasy when you make money. If there is anything, please help Yunxi.”

The old fox was an old fox after all, and understood the family’s thinking clearly, Butler Wen nodded and said, “Don’t worry, master!”

The Emperor’s family was now in complete disarray.

“Latent” was released.

For the sake of his grandson, Di Wei still went to the cinema to watch it. After watching it, he sat on the sofa and sulked without saying anything, and beside him lay a poster.

Di Junxie’s chest was half exposed, the tight tendons were clearly visible, the collarbone was beautifully lined, and the man was full of sex appeal from top to bottom.

He didn’t mind those girls in the movie theatre being crazy about the posters, but he didn’t like them being crazy about Di Junxie!

The old man’s face was not good-looking, and the rest of the people did not dare to speak out.

On the contrary, Di Weiqian ran over, threw herself on the sofa, and hugged the poster with great joy: “Brother is so handsome, I want to hang this poster in my room!”

After speaking, she ran away again.

Di Wei’s voice: “Don’t think about it”, got stuck in his throat, and before he could say it, the little princess disappeared.

The old man’s face became even uglier.

Seeing Di Junxie commanding his servants to come down from upstairs, Di Wei said angrily, “What are you doing?”

“Clean up the room to welcome my fiancée.”

Methodical and very fast.

Di Wei felt his head was going to explode.

He almost forgot that the little girl would live here after school started!!

“Keep her away from my room!”

The old man snorted coldly.

Di Junxie had no expression on his face: “She’ll stay next to me, don’t worry.”


Only when you can rest assured will you see a ghost!

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