GLR Ch. 13

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Su Yemu’s self-made rice wine was for cooking purposes, so the quantity did not need to be very large, but Su Xiaonan said that she wanted to give some wine to Boss Hei, so he could only fill up four wine jars.

The main raw material of southern rice wine was glutinous rice, which made the wine more fragrant but not high in alcohol content. He washed the glutinous rice that was soaked last night, drained the water, steamed it in a pot, let it cool, added the koji, stirred it evenly, put it into the jar, let 033 move it to the storage room, and then sat to wait for a few days for the wine to ferment before proceeding to the next step.

It took at least three months for the rice wine to come out. Su Yemu’s cooking wine couldn’t wait any longer, so he directly used the low-alcohol white wine bought on Xingwang to use as cooking wine.

At this time, the star delivery knocked on the door of Su Yemu’s house, and the ingredients and kitchen utensils he ordered had arrived. He was going to make a few steamed buns today and distribute them to the audience as a thank you for their support. Of course, he would also do today’s live broadcast by the way.

After moving the things into the kitchen, Su Yemu began to organize and clean the ingredients that would be used that day, and called Su Xiaonan that he wanted to borrow 033.

“Hi everyone, I’m Su Yemu, welcome to the [Gourmet Live Broadcast Room].” Su Yemu opened the live broadcast room, and the audience rushed in immediately. They all saw the announced live broadcast time on Su Yemu’s live broadcast platform, and kept waiting here.

Favourite Bobo, love Bobo…

Ah, my wish has come true; raise your hand, the new fan is here, and there is a kiss to Bobo’s face.

Everyone: “!”

Why was the painting style suddenly wrong?

The number of people in the live broadcast room was constantly increasing. In just a few minutes, the number of online users had exceeded 50,000, and the number was still increasing. Su Yemu saw that the number of followers was as high as 500,000. He even gained more than 100,000 followers in one morning, this, the large population was different.

“I’ve worked hard this morning, and I decided to make shrimp steamed stuffed buns today to give back to everyone; but before that, I have to make my own cooking wine.”

Bobo is so handsome and amazing, but, what is cooking wine?

Shrimp buns? I was worried about the fishy smell at first, but after eating fish porridge, I am calm. Daily confession to the anchor, the spicy chicken wings are so delicious, and the fish porridge is even more delicious. Although I couldn’t swallow it in real, I still love the anchor.

The science and technology in the interstellar era was very advanced, but it had nothing to do with cooking. Seafood and freshwater fish were not popular ingredients because of the smell.

“Did the audience who ate the food before taste the faint smell of liquor? That’s because I used liquor to remove the fishy smell of meat, but the smell of liquor was too strong, however the cooking wine has no such smell. The dosage is appropriate and you can completely eat it.”

Huh? Does it smell like alcohol? Didn’t taste it at all. Is it because of the hologram?

This question was followed by many comments. The reason for denying the hologram must be because the anchor cooked so well but they couldn’t eat it.

The audience’s words reminded Su Yemu of what his master described when calling him out for being mean to his food: the emperor’s tongue.

It seemed to be a sensitive tongue problem.

“Then let’s start!” Su Yemu withdrew his gaze from the terminal, put the washed peppercorns, star anise, and ginger slices into a pot, added water to boil, and then added 14-degree low-alcohol liquor; the ratio of water to liquor was 1:5, then he added a little sugar and cooked for ten :minutes, then he let it cool and put it into the bottle.

Finished? So simple? Understood, thank you host.

“Cooking wine is usually yellow rice wine. I couldn’t find yellow rice wine on Xingwang, so I made a few jars of homemade rice wine. However, the yellow rice wine will not come out until three months later, so I can only cook with low-alcohol white wine first.” Su Yemu simply explained a few words, then took out some flour and poured it into a large basin.

The barrage went crazy in an instant, countless messages flashed by, all cheering, basically meaning: Wow, the anchor can even make wine.

Wow, that’s a lot of flour.

Wow, the anchor is going to make a lot of buns today.

Wow, what a treat.

Wow, the marshal bless me in the draw.

He even dared to feel that Marshal He had turned into a koi. Su Yemu laughed secretly. Before Star Net reported that Marshal He was about to make a triumphant return to Neptune, everyone thought that the royal family or the military would announce the specific arrival time, but two days later, the official media of the empire quieted down.

A two-day journey was not long for his earth, but two days was not so simple in this interstellar era; think about different planets from Purcell to Neptune, where items could be delivered in 25 minutes by star delivery, and the speed of the military star-ship must be faster. Now that two days had passed, but the royal family and the military had not released any news about Marshal He and the three-service fleet, this had made the outside world suspicious.

Su Yemu was going to draw a lottery today for 50 shrimp steamed buns. A set of five meant making 250. He was not afraid of kneading dough and making steamed buns, but he was afraid of shelling and gutting shrimps; it was too much work.

So 033, wearing a chef hat, a mask, and the same panda apron as Su Yemu, appeared in front of everyone.

“Today’s production is a bit big, so you can take 033 for helping you, but I’m afraid that 033 will be recognized by its owner, and they would want to take it back.”

Su Yemu was surprised: “Didn’t you pick up 033 from the garbage dump?”

Su Xiaonan said seriously: “Yes! But I have repaired it now, if the owner of 033 sees that 033 has been repaired, maybe he will want his back. 033 is what they didn’t want, I fixed it, and it’s mine now.”

When Su Xiaonan said this, she lacked confidence, and she was still peeking at 033 from the corner of her eyes.

Su Yemu rubbed Su Xiaonan’s head: “Yes, since they don’t want it, it’s Xiaonan’s.”

Su Yemu thought that robots were not precious to the rich people in Neptune, and they would never want to snatch a discarded robot, but Xiaonan wanted to dress 033 like this, just let her!

“Yes Master.” 033 bowed to Su Yemu and faced the terminal: “Hi everyone, I am 0, 033333…”

Hahaha, did you stutter? No wonder Bobo called him 033.

Hehe…, 033 is inexplicably cute.

Su Yemu forgot about 033’s stuttering, so he raised his hand and patted 033’s head, the world was suddenly quiet.

Pfft, this shot by the host was so funny!

Although he is wearing a mask and an apron, the design style is inexplicably familiar. The armour of the royal series?

The one in front is stupid, how could the royal battle armour appear here, it is not the size of the battle armour, how can it be a battle armour.

Royal War frame was a series of battle frames designed and developed by mecha master Reis for the royal family. There were three in total. The two 022TSSs were driven by His Majesty the Empire and Prince Ryan respectively. The official website of the military department had a video of His Majesty driving the armour to attend military exercises, so the people of the Empire were no strangers to the Royal Armor.

Another legendary SS+ armour, ‘King Wing’, was in the hands of Marshal He; as the only SS+ armour in the empire and the Federation, it was delivered directly to Marshal He for the expedition after it appeared in the world, after that it was never seen.

The barrage discussion was in full swing, while at this time Su Yemu had already poured out the shrimp and asked 033 to deal with it. How to operate, Su Xiaonan had entered the program into the 033 system, it just needed to follow the program.

Regardless of the size of 033, there were shrimp peeling tools, and its speed was awesome.

Su Yemu added an appropriate amount of water to the flour, the water contained the yeast that Su Yemu had dissolved in advance, no need to add any more; then he stirred the flour into a snowflake shape, kneaded it into a dough, divided it into three big balls, covered it with a clean cloth and put it aside to let it rise.

Then he chopped cabbage, pork, carrots, etc., into pieces and put them in a bowl, added salt, chopped green onion, minced ginger and other seasonings and stirred it in well. The newly made cooking wine was also in hand, and the effect of removing meaty smell was very good. Su Yemu thought about when he could get some animal meat for cooking, barbecue or hot pot would be a good idea.

After adjusting the filling, he put it aside for later use; kneaded the risen dough then cut it into small balls, and rolled out the dough.

The slender, nimble fingers rotated on the chopping board, and with a few movements, the dough was rolled out thin and round.

I should be admiring Bobo’s handsome movements, but for some reason, I want to lick, Bobo’s fingers are so beautiful.

Add me to the one in front, why didn’t Bobo’s fingers look so good before, I can lick this finger for a year.

The barrage was full of comments admiring Su Yemu’s fingers, even the barrage read out by the terminal system wanted to lick and bite.

Su Yemu, who was rolling out the dough, slipped his hand, and almost pressed his fingers with the rolling pin, and his cheeks were slightly hot. How could these people talk like this!

It’s so cute, have you noticed that every time we praise the anchor for being handsome and tease him, the anchor’s face will turn red.

Whoa, really, really, go on, let’s go on.

“You don’t want to eat buns anymore?” Su Yemu gritted his teeth. It was not that he couldn’t accept compliments, but they said in front of him that they wanted to lick and bite him. He always felt embarrassed.

Ahh…, I understand, I can’t lick the anchor, I can’t bite the anchor, I can only watch.

That’s right, even if we think about it, we have to keep it in our heart, and we can’t say it, that’s right! Bobo, I’m right!

The barrage was extremely cheerful, Su Xiaonan, who was standing outside the kitchen, looked at her brother at a loss, curled her lips in displeasure and thought, hmm, brother is mine.

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