CFCS Ch. 225: Road to Immortality (14)

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The people of the Lan family were all dead, the magic beads had exhausted the immortal power in the Soul Cleansing hall, and it would take many years for them to regroup, so the decline of Heming City was inevitable matter.

However, Jing Yang and Bai Guang did not destroy their entire family. If the descendants of the Lan family could make a difference, it was not impossible to revitalize the Lan family again.

After Lan Manqing returned to Zhu Yang Island, she took the initiative to ask Bai Guang for punishment, and she wanted to retreat in Biyan Cave for three hundred years. Bai Guang knew what she was thinking. Although the things that Lan Daonian and Lan Manzi did had nothing to do with her, they were her father and sister after all. She felt that she should have part of the responsibility for what they did. The main reason for her request for punishment was that she could not fulfil both loyalty and filial piety. Although Lan Daonian was wrong, as a daughter, she could not save her father. The retreat in Biyan Cave was her punishment for herself.

Bai Guang allowed her to go to Biyan Cave to retreat for three hundred years, and asked her to practice seclusion during the retreat, so that she would not go crazy in Biyan Cave.

Bai Guang went to Heming City to help Jing Yang end his hatred with the Lan family. He thought that after Jing Yang had avenged his revenge, he would be able to stay with him on Zhu Yang Island with peace of mind. They would have a long and happy life together. But Bai Guang was very puzzled by Jing Yang’s sentence that once Xiao Ling died, he would leave this world, so he quickly took Jing Yang to Zhu Yang Island to ask what was going on.

When he was on Snow Wolf’s back, Jing Yang was very weak because Bai Guang made him lose all strength. When they reached the outside of Lingfeng Pavilion, Jing Yang was carried in by Bai Guang.

Jing Yang was put on the bed, and Bai Guang immediately pressed on his body. After taking off his pants, he raised his legs and stepped forward.

Jing Yang grabbed the bedsheets, breathing heavily, and the intense pleasure shock made him a little distracted. His body and brain had been controlled by the instinct of desire, and he could no longer distinguish reality from hallucinations.


Jing Yang leaned on Bai Guang’s chest, opened his eyes, was in a daze for a long time, and it took a long time for him to come back to his senses.

After regaining consciousness, Jing Yang immediately remembered what he wanted to ask, “How did you defeat Lan Tongqi so easily?”

“Shang Wang lent me some divine power, and I had to spend some time receiving his divine power, otherwise I could have gone to Heming City to find you earlier.” Bai Guang said.

“The divine power of Shang Wang?” Jing Yang sat up excitedly and asked, “Has Shang Wang appeared?”

Every time Bai Guang saw Jing Yang getting excited when he mentioned Shang Wang, he felt a little unhappy in his heart, but he replied: “He only appeared for a moment and disappeared immediately after leaving his divine power.”

“Then did he leave any words?” Jing Yang looked at Bai Guang expectantly.

“Stay here, and he told me to kill Xiao Ling.” Before that, Bai Guang was very confused, why did Shang Wang want him to specifically kill Xiao Ling, because killing Xiao Ling was an extremely simple matter, and there was no need for a special mention at all. But Jing Yang also said that if Xiao Ling died, he would leave this world, which made him even more puzzled.

“He asked you to kill Xiao Ling? Why?” Jing Yang was also very puzzled, why did Shang Wang specifically tell Bai Guang to kill Xiao Ling.

“Tell me first, why will you leave this world once Xiao Ling died?” Bai Guang asked.

“…I don’t know the specifics.” Jing Yang thought for a while, and explained to Bai Guang in the simplest way, “I have experienced many lives, and the memories of each life are kept in my mind, starting from the last few lives, I have an enemy that must be eliminated in each life, but every time I finish my revenge and my enemy dies, I will leave the world I was in very quickly, and then reincarnated into the next world.”

Bai Guang had lived for tens of thousands of years, he knew all kinds of weird things, but this was the first time he had heard of the things Jing Yang said.

“So I didn’t kill Xiao Ling, I just didn’t want to leave this world so soon. I don’t know where I will go in the next world, but I know that in the next world, you will definitely not remember me.” Jing Yang said.

“Will I be there too?” Bai Guang asked, “The next world you mentioned?”

“Well.” Jing Yang nodded and said, “We have been in love for many lives. Although I don’t know where I will be reincarnated every time, I know that you will wait for me in the next world, but you will never remember the experience of our love in the last life. Just like you now, you don’t remember our love experience in so many previous lives.”

Bai Guang looked at Jing Yang’s appearance, and suddenly felt a little guilty, because he believed what Jing Yang said, and he really had no memory other than this life. He reached out and touched Jing Yang’s head, but he didn’t know how to comfort him, because he couldn’t guarantee that he would remember him in the next life.

“When I first met you in this life, Shang Wang appeared to meet me. He said something to me, but I didn’t understand what he meant at all. So I always wanted to meet him and ask him clearly what he meant by those words.” Jing Yang said, “And what you said, he told you that you have to kill Xiao Ling, I also want to know, does he know that I will leave soon after Xiao Ling dies. Maybe he still doesn’t know that I will leave this world after Xiao Ling dies, so he told you to kill Xiao Ling.”

“He may not know that after Xiao Ling dies, you will leave, so he asked me to kill Xiao Ling.” Bai Guang didn’t care whether Shang Wang knew about it or not, anyway, he didn’t want Jing Yang to leave this world, even if Jing Yang said that they will meet each other in every life, but he would have no memory of the present, and would not be the him at this moment. Just like Shang Wang, although he knew that Shang Wang was also a part of him, but with the ideological distinction, he didn’t want to hear Jing Yang mention Shang Wang, and wanted him to only think about the him at the moment.

“Is there any way for you to let him appear and answer my doubts?” Jing Yang asked.

“I can convey my consciousness. According to previous experience, he should be able to receive the consciousness I conveyed to him. But he only appears when he wants to appear. If he never appears, it means that what we are doing now is fine.” Bai Guang said.

Jing Yang propped his chin and sighed, “That’s all I can think of. Anyway, as long as I don’t get a detailed explanation from Shang Wang, I can’t let Xiao Ling die.”

Bai Guang hugged Jing Yang into his arms, bowed his head and kissed his forehead, and stroked his back with his hands. He didn’t want to let Jing Yang go, if possible, he wanted to have a positive dialogue with Shang Wang, but how to keep his consciousness from disappearing when Shang Wang appeared, he had to think of a way.

In the following time, everything returned to calm, and the disciples on Zhu Yang Island were also doing what they were supposed to do step by step.

Jing Yang did not continue to practice double cultivation with Bai Guang, but Bai Guang followed him almost every step of the way, and the two of them did not miss the things that should be done.

But they no longer just stayed in the Lingfeng Pavilion. A place as big as Zhu Yang Island had many strange sceneries that could not be found elsewhere. Bai Guang accompanied Jing Yang, admiring every beautiful thing on the island, and then freed himself from the shackles of his body and mind, and they bonded closely together. At first, Jing Yang still couldn’t let his inhibitions go. He felt that it was too embarrassing to do this kind of thing in this open place surrounded by broad daylight, but after a lot of times, he got used to it, and sometimes even took the initiative to talk to Bai Guang.

It seemed that in the blink of an eye, a year had passed. On a fairy island like Zhu Yang Island, a year was indeed not long no matter how you calculated it, but Shang Wang did not appear once.

This day Jing Yang woke up and found himself on the bed in Bai Guang’s room, although before his memory disappeared last night, he remembered that he was being hit hard by Bai Guang in the bathtub. But it wasn’t that he had returned to the bedroom after waking up, he was already used to it.

But in the past year, he woke up in Bai Guang’s arms every time, but today Bai Guang was not by his side, which made him subconsciously feel a little strange.

Jing Yang wrapped the thin quilt on his body and got off the bed, looked around, but didn’t find Bai Guang’s figure, but saw snowflakes falling outside the window.

Jing Yang ran to the window quickly, looking at the thick snow outside in surprise, he remembered what Bai Guang had told him, as long as Shang Wang appeared, Zhu Yang Island would be turned into a world of ice and snow.

The ice and snow outside now was exactly the same as when he first came to Zhu Yang Island, that was to say, Shang Wang had appeared.

Jing Yang quickly put on his clothes, then opened the door and ran out. He stood in the snow and looked around. Zhu Yang Island was so big, he didn’t know where Shang Wang had gone, and he was worried that he would disappear before seeing him, so he couldn’t help feeling a little anxious.

Just as he was about to run down the mountain recklessly, he bumped into someone’s arms.

Jing Yang looked up at the person who was hugging him, and he immediately recognized that the eyes of this person and Bai Guang’s were different, “Shang Wang?”

“Why did you run out with so little clothes on?” Go inside.

“I was looking for you.” Jing Yang said.

“I don’t know how to run, I just went to do some things.” Shang Wang said.

“But why haven’t you shown up for so long, I’ve been waiting for you for two years.” Jing Yang complained, “I still have a lot to ask you, what if you disappear again before I see you?”

Shang Wang put Jing Yang on the bed and wrapped his body with a quilt. “Bai Guang should have told you that this world can’t bear my divine power. I can’t appear often, nor can I appear for too long.”

“Then why did you appear this time? What did you do?” Jing Yang asked curiously.

“I came to kill Xiao Ling.” Shang Wang said.

“You killed Xiao Ling?!” Jing Yang asked with wide eyes, “Why did you have to let him die? I’ll leave this world after he dies.”

“I know.” Shang Wang held Jing Yang’s face and said, “As long as he dies, everything will end, and you don’t need to keep reincarnating anymore.”

“What, what do you mean?” Jing Yang looked at Shang Wang with a puzzled face.

“You don’t need to know that much now. After you go back, you will naturally understand everything. You will remember all the memories and everything that happened.” Shang Wang looked at Jing Yang gently and said.

“Where am I going?” Jing Yang was inexplicably flustered.

“Go back to where you were originally from, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Shang Wang’s eyes were full of longing.

“Then, what about Bai Guang? Will he go back too?” Jing Yang asked.

“Of course, he is a part of my soul just like me in every previous life. When you go back, he will also return to my soul.” Shang Wang said.

“I…” Jing Yang suddenly didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t worry, everything is over, I’ll go back and wait for you first.” Shang Wang pressed a kiss on Jing Yang’s forehead.

Jing Yang suddenly fell into the darkness, and he lost consciousness before he could say anything.

He returned to the system again, and then saw the entire system world spinning continuously, making him dizzy, and then he lost consciousness again.

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