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Hua clan.

Lin Manyu’s mother was begging the patriarch Hua Yanru to catch that person from the Demon Hunters Association and seek justice for her daughter Lin Manyu.

“Hua Yushuang, it was wrong for you mother and daughter to use the entanglement technique to harm people, and you dare to ask the patriarch to kill and catch demon hunters for you.” The person who spoke was Hua Jing, the assistant to patriarch of the Hua clan. His whole person looked like a young man of sixteen or seventeen years old, and he looked extremely handsome.

He already hated this Hua Yushuang mother and daughter very much. The mother and daughter were both not virtuous or high in cultivation, but they loved being vain and used their looks to seduce men everywhere. If there were one or two who didn’t like them, they would use the entanglement technique to restrain the other party, forcing the other party to be inseparable from their fragrance, and finally have to marry them back home. They also had a good name saying that they had committed themselves to human beings for the harmony of the two races. Hua Yushuang’s current husband was already her fifth husband.

“Elder Hua Jing, which eye of yours saw me using the entanglement technique to harm people?” Hua Yushuang refused to admit it. Although she used the entanglement technique to harm people, she did it without leaking anything every time, and rarely left evidence for others to find.

“As for your tricks, no one in the clan doesn’t know about it. It’s just that we don’t want to expose you for the sake of you being our fellow clan members. Now that you have kicked an iron plate, you still have the face to ask the clan leader to help avenge you.” Hua Jing scolded.

“Patriarch, the other party, as a Demon hunter, disregarded the agreement between the two races of humans and Demons, and plundered and killed a half-demon. This is tearing up the agreement of peaceful coexistence between the two races of humans and Demons. If we ignore it, the Demon Hunters Association will think that our demon clan is afraid of them. ” Hua Yushuang tried to make the situation as serious as possible, she knew that as long as the nature of this matter became more serious, Mi Wan would end up being miserable.

Sure enough, as soon as she said this, the face of the Hua clan patriarch immediately turned ugly.    

When Hua Jing saw her like this, he was afraid that the patriarch would really go to the Demon Hunters Association to kill people on impulse, so he quickly persuaded her, “Patriarch, do you know who the demon hunter who killed Lin Manyu is?”

Even though she looked to be in her early teens, the patriarch’s demeanor was as cold as ice: “I also want to know which human being made Elder Hua defend her like this.”

“Patriarch, you have been in seclusion in order to break through these years, so there are some things you don’t know yet.” Hua Jing said hastily, “Recently, news was released about a demon hunter who can cure demon poison, which shocked the entire demon clan. That master is the one who killed Lin Manyu. Patriarch, we can’t offend such a Demon hunter for an insignificant half-demon.”

Hua Yushuang’s face turned pale immediately when Hua Jing said this, and she also knew that a demon hunter who could cure demon poison had come to the city, but she didn’t know that this demon hunter was Mi Wan.

“Can’t offend? Then according to your opinion, we have to greet her with a smile when she killed our clansman. Shouldn’t we just send a pennant to praise her for killing her?” If it were placed five hundred years ago, she could only have been regarded as having just stepped into the threshold of a high-level Demon clan, but now that the Demon clan was withering, she as a seventh-level peak Demon, except for those few big Demons who lived in seclusion, was the top strength of the demons.

Thus, the Hua patriarch had an arrogant and conceited personality, Hua Jing’s words just now should not have easily offended, but it completely offended her. According to her point of view, a little demon hunter who could detoxify demon poison should not be so carefully treated. In this world, strength gave the greatest right to speak. A Demon hunter, if you want to use it, just catch them over directly.

“This subordinate doesn’t mean that. I think we can use this opportunity to let the other party unconditionally cure the demon poison for our Hua clan. Compared with killing the other party, this is more beneficial to the development of our clan.” Hua Jing quickly explained.

Hua Yanru narrowed her eyes, her expression softened, and she said: “This is a solution. If she is obedient, I will spare her life.”

Hua Yushuang heard the words and knew that the situation was over, the patriarch might not do it for her. Thinking about Mi Wan not being killed, she immediately looked unwilling. But after thinking about it, as long as Mi Wan was captured by the patriarch, there would not be any less ways to deal with her.

The several demons were thinking their own thoughts, when suddenly a little Hua demon ran in from the door, holding a letter in her hand, she ran straight to the patriarch Hua Yanru, and handed it over with both hands: “The patriarch has the demon king’s secret order.”

Hua Yanru took it suspiciously, unfolded it, and saw a line written on it: The Demon Hunter Association will not release people, it is better to kill them than to keep them.

Hua Yanru put away the letter silently and said: “It seems that even if I want to spare her life, I can’t.”

What? Hua Jing was surprised.

“Let’s go, go catch people from the Demon Hunters Association.” Hua Yanru got up and walked outside.

All the Demons followed out together, although Hua Jing didn’t know what was written in the secret order, he still hurriedly used his mobile phone to send a message to his friend, the patriarch of the cat clan: there is a secret order from the demon king, asking the patriarch to kill Mi Wan.

The patriarch of the cat clan was shocked again when he received the news, the secret order of the demon king? Shouldn’t the demon king try to keep Mi Wan who could cure the demon poison? Why did he let the patriarch of the Hua clan kill her? The patriarch of the cat clan took a few steps back and forth in the house, and soon figured it out.

I’m afraid they couldn’t keep it.

The patriarch of the cat clan sighed, then thinking of Guan Li who had been begging him to save Mi Wan, notified the other party of the news on his mobile phone. When Guan Li received the news, he was eating with Xiang Zhen, and the chopsticks in his hand fell to the ground in shock.

“What’s wrong with you?” Xiang Zhen asked.

“The patriarch of the Hua Clan wants to kill Senior Mi Wan.” Guan Li hurriedly showed Xiang Zhen the message sent to him by the patriarch.

“How could it be?” Xiang Zhen asked with an ugly face, “Didn’t you say yesterday that because Mi Wan can cure demon poison, your demon clan can at most will want to take advantage of it, but you will definitely not kill her?”

“Something must have happened, did you hear any rumors at the Demon Hunter Association last night?” Guan Li asked.

“No, I…” Xiang Zhen was taken aback, and suddenly remembered what Mi Wan told him yesterday that the president was going to kill her, “I’ll go back and have a look.”

After speaking, regardless of Guan Li’s questioning, Xiang Zhen ran out of the hotel to stop a car and went back to the Demon Hunter Association.

In the Demon Hunter Association, Bai Feng was on the phone in his office. So Xiang Zhen couldn’t get in but met his senior brother at the door.

“Brother, what is the president doing inside?” Xiang Zhen asked anxiously.

“It seems to be a very important thing for the president.” Xiang Zhen’s senior brother Yang Jin took out a short sword from the backpack behind him and handed it to Xiang Zhen, “Here, your magic weapon has been repaired.”

“Oh~” Xiang Zhen took it and didn’t seem to care about the fact that his beloved magic weapon was finally repaired.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t you call every three days to urge the master to repair the magic weapon for you? Why don’t you look very happy after getting it repaired this time?” Yang Jin wondered. When he returned to the headquarters this time, the junior brother’s magic weapon had been repaired, so he brought it back along the way.

When Xiang Zhen wanted to answer, the door of the office suddenly opened, and president Bai Feng came out from inside.

“President.” Xiang Zhen stepped up to meet him, “I heard that the demons are going to kill Mi Wan.”

“You are well informed, and you already knew about it even though I just got notified.” Bai Feng knew, it must be that Guan Li of the cat family who must have told Xiang Zhen. For a demon hunter, if he got a little closer to the demon clan, it could be said that the two races were in harmony, but if he walked too close, it would not be a good thing.

“Then our association will protect Mi Wan?” Xiang Zhen asked full of hope.

“I gave her a chance last night.” After leaving this meaningful sentence, Bai Feng turned and left.

Xiang Zhen was stunned on the spot and only felt that the development of the matter was a bit unexpected, he didn’t understand, she just killed a half-demon who harmed people, why must Mi Wan die?

“Brother, I have to leave…”

“Where are you going?” Yang Jin stopped his junior brother.

“Mi Wan killed a half-demon, and now the demons are going to kill her. I plan to go to the hospital to see if I can find any evidence of the half-demon’s entanglement technique from her elder brother, proving that this half-demon was the one who harmed people first.” Xiang Zhen said with a glimmer of hope.

“It’s useless.” Yang Jin persuaded, “Even if you put all the evidence in front of the president, he will not let Mi Wan go.”


“Don’t you understand? Mi Wan killed a half-demon. This is just an opportunity. The fundamental reason is that she used her medical skills to help the demon clan heal the demon’s poison.” Yang Jin saw it much more clearly than Xiang Zhen, “You also said that President Bai once hinted at Mi Wan through you, telling her not to treat demons, but Mi Wan didn’t listen at all. During this period of time, the association has been trying to figure out how to get Mi Wan to close down the pet hospital and prevent her from treating demons in the future. The president should have talked to Mi Wan last night, and she obviously didn’t agree to the conditions of the president.”

“The demons are not stupid, why would they want to kill the demon hunter who can heal their poison, even if the patriarch of the Hua clan wants to kill, why won’t the other patriarchs of the Demon clan stop her? They just know that the association will not let people go, so they want to kill them on purpose.” Yang Jin looked at the pale face of his junior brother and said bluntly, “Since it’s useless to keep it, it’s better to kill it, and it can also show their demon clan’s attitude.”

“The demons and the association want to kill Mi Wan?”

“It sounds cruel, but there’s nothing you can do about it. The last thing she should have done was try to break the balance between the two species.” Yang Jin patted his junior on the shoulder.

“Doesn’t it mean that the two races should live in harmony?”

“Harmony is based on balance. I think the association’s consideration is right. And the Demon race obviously doesn’t want to go to war with us, so they acquiesced to the association’s approach, otherwise they would have already come to rob people.” Yang Jin analyzed.

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