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The forum of Huaxing Art School had already turned upside down, all because of a video. The person who posted this video was a trumpet vest in the Huaxing Art School forum. Before posting this video, no one knew that this trumpet vest belonged to Sun Yi.

In the video, Sun Yi was in the high-level ward of the H City Hospital, still looking pitifully and seriously injured. Facing the camera, his expression was almost numb, and he said slowly:

“This video is scheduled to be sent out by me. If the video is sent out, it means that I am either dead or in jail. Anyway, this life of mine is ruined, and it is ruined by the two brothers of the Si family! Maybe you think I am crazy, I also thought I would go crazy, but in fact I am very calm now. I have never thought about the past twenty years of my life so calmly. Since I entered Huaxing Art School, I have been Si Hua’s lackey. My Erha tag is right, I am a fucking dog in his eyes! I did his dirty work and talked about others, and he pretended to be a good person and a good citizen! It’s nothing, anyway, he also had money in his hands, using other people’s money to help people avoid disasters, I understand this truth! But Si Hua, you son of a bitch, would you throw away people like this when you run out of money? I won’t bother with other things. I’ve said everything, the nurses are waiting outside, and I’m afraid that I won’t even have the chance to say my last words. So, let’s talk about recent events! You’re right, Si Hua asked me to do everything, framed Si Huang, slandered Si Huang, and identified Si Huang. In the past few years, I have been secretly playing around with Si Huang, so it is not surprising that Si Huang suddenly went crazy and fought back, but I worked hard for Si Hua. He even refused to see me when I failed! But I have a way to let him see me, I have already decided, if he doesn’t help me, I will pull him to die together!”

Finally, when it came to these words of death, Sun Yi’s expression finally fluctuated a bit, and he twitched the corners of his mouth, “Hehe, students, I would like to advise you, don’t go to Si Hua’s side if you don’t have enough scheming and skills, and don’t follow in my footsteps just because you want to make money. Also, don’t fight against Si Huang, you can’t fight that lunatic.”

The video ended here.

When a person was about to die, his words were also good. Even if one was not true and kind, it was extremely easy to gain people’s trust.

There was a few minutes of silence in the Huaxing Art School forum, and then the first comment appeared: Go well.

Those two simple words contain endless complex feelings. Then more and more comments appeared later, some expressed that they had forgiven him, some said they expected him to be a new man after he came out and find a city where no one knew him to continue, and some people cursed Si Hua while guessing there was something hidden in it, no matter what. No matter what the comments were, most people actually understood in their hearts that Sun Yi’s life was really ruined, and his hope of being rehabilitated after he went to prison was really slim.

This video was discovered by Fenghua Entertainment not long after it appeared, and then it was completely blocked and removed, but no matter how fast they removed it, many people still saw it, and many people secretly copied and downloaded it.

Because of the appearance of this video, Si Huang was saved from the trouble of being hacked once again, while Fenghua Entertainment was still helping Si Hua solve the mess.

In the “Red Moon” filming encrypted chat room, everyone tacitly didn’t talk about this topic in depth, they were all seriously discussing the filming issue, but Jiang Yajing’s words suddenly broke in.

“Si Huang, did you ask Sun Yi to assassinate A Hua?” She spoke directly, with a pleasant voice and a harsh tone.

Discussions in the chat room stopped.

Si Huang raised her hand to stop Yu Xi who was about to speak, then pressed the voice microphone in the tablet, and calmly said: “No.”

As soon as her voice came out, everyone in the chat room became active again, and rows of characters appeared on the screen.

Huo Yuzhi: You don’t understand the video, don’t you? Sun Yi himself said that it was he who wanted to die with Si Zha.

Bi Xiaotuo: Please, Si Zha was the one who provoked His Majesty first, and he was the villain, so why do you question His Majesty!

Liu Yan: I trust Your Majesty. Also, this is the “Red Moon” discussion group, please don’t bring your personal feelings into it.

Yu Xi: We just talked about the shooting of the first scene, Jiang Yajing, do you have any questions?

Jiang Yajing’s voice came again, “I see. I will be there on time.”

Yu Xi put down the tablet and said to Si Huang who was sitting on the single sofa: “Although she signed such a contract, she is so emotional… …Should we look for another heroine again?”

Si Huang: “Wait until the first scene.”

When Jiang Yajing got acquainted with her in the previous life, the other party was already twenty years old, and she had a deep affection for Si Hua. At the same time, she also had her own standards for judging people and things, and there was no such indifferent questioning as today.

Was it because she was young and impulsive, or had she not yet experienced disappointment again and again?

At this time, Jiang Yajing had arrived at the H City Hospital.

In the advanced ward, Si Hua had already passed the critical period and was lying awake on the hospital bed.

There were special people guarding outside to keep reporters and idlers away.

Secretary Wang, who was sitting on a chair in the corridor, saw Jiang Yajing’s figure and greeted her by walking her over in person, “Miss Jiang is here to see the Second Young Master?”

“Well, is it convenient now?” Jiang Yajing asked.

Secretary Wang nodded, “The president is still inside, I’ll let them know.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yajing smiled and followed behind him.

When the two of them walked to the door, Secretary Wang was about to knock on the door, but who knew that the door of the ward was suddenly opened from the inside, accompanied by the sound of heavy objects falling to the ground, while Si Hua roared extremely angrily: “I want him to kneel on his knees in front of me in the future. He has to beg my forgiveness, I want his life to be worse than death!”

“Let’s talk about it after you get rid of your bad temper.” Si Zhihan said coldly, then looking up to see Jiang Yajing, his expression changed slightly.

“Boss, I’m here to see A Hua.” Jiang Yajing took the initiative to say hello.

Si Zhihan showed a gentle expression, “Well, Xiaohua is not in a good mood, it’s just good for you to come and see him, go in.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yajing walked in, and the door of the ward closed. She walked quickly into the sunny ward, and came to Si Hua’s bedside, “A Hua.” Looking at Si Hua’s pale face, her expression seemed to be injured as well, her brows furrowed tightly and she showed a pained look.

Si Hua looked at her, his angry expression obviously easing, “Why are you here, aren’t you going to film with Si Huang recently?”

“The filming hasn’t officially started yet, so I came to see you first.” Jiang Yajing said softly, then turning her gaze to his wound she said, “Fortunately, it didn’t hurt the vitals.”

“Heh, I really narrowly escaped death once. I didn’t expect Si Huang to be so ruthless and use Sun Yi to kill me. And I still treat Sun Yi as a brother, so I kindly came to visit him.” Si Hua smiled wryly.

Jiang Yajing explained: “A Hua, you misunderstood. Si Huang said he didn’t do it.”

“You believe him when he says he didn’t do it? Even you believe him over me?”

“A Hua, don’t get excited. The wound will open!” Seeing his impulsive expression, Jiang Yajing quickly comforted him, “I believe in you, I believe in you! I’m just afraid that you will be deceived, maybe someone else said something bad about Si Huang, and you just misunderstood him. I think Si Huang is not that kind… Okay, okay, I won’t say anything, I’m definitely on your side.”

“Jingjing.” Si Hua suddenly held Jiang Yajing’s hand and said seriously: “From the first time I saw you, I knew you were a kind and simple girl, so I didn’t want you to be hurt. I used to think that brother was not that kind of person, but he changed and became unreasonably crazy and ruthless, look at me now, before I went through this period of time, I didn’t know that a person could become like this so fast. Jingjing, you have to believe me!”

Jiang Yajing was silent for a while, then staring at him with clear eyes, she asked, “Do people change?”

“Yes! People change!” Si Hua nodded.

“Then have you changed?”


Jiang Yajing asked bluntly: “A Hua, let me ask you, did you hurt Si Huang first?”

Hearing this, he opened his mouth and panted angrily.

Jiang Yajing’s eyes showed a hint of resentment, “A Hua, as long as you say no, I will believe you.”

Si Hua looked at her firmly, then shook his head and said fiercely: “No!”

“I know.” Jiang Yajing laughed brightly, and held his hand instead, “With me here in the future, no one else will hurt you again!”

Si Hua laughed, “Who will let a girl protect them.”

 More than half an hour later, Jiang Yajing came out of the ward. Secretary Wang outside had already followed Si Zhihan away, leaving other people to see her out, then a man said: “The boss told me, Miss Jiang can come and see the second young master at any time in the future.”

“Yeah!” Jiang Yajing walked away.

Walking out of the H city hospital, she got into Zhou Jian’s car. Zhou Jian, who was driving, was still talking bad things about Si Huang, as he warned her to be careful when filming “Red Moon” in the future, and not to be confused by Si Huang, and become close friends with him.

Jiang Yajing listened without saying a word, but in her mind, she was thinking of Si Hua’s reaction in the ward. A person’s micro-expression couldn’t fool anyone, not to mention that Si Hua couldn’t hide it at all, and his constricted and trembling pupils had exposed him. The inner tension and severe panting were not the anger of being misunderstood by others, but the cover of self-deception, and the ruthless tone was also self-deception.

A Hua lied.

Jiang Yajing took out her mobile phone and sent a message to one of the numbers: No need to check.

After doing this, she continued to look outside with empty eyes.

Zhou Jian in front said he was tired, and when he stopped talking, he raised his eyes and glanced at Jiang Yajing from the rearview mirror in the car.

At this time, Jiang Yajing asked: “Brother Zhou, will it snow in City H this year?”

Zhou Jian said: “It happens every year, and this year it will not be too small.”

“Let’s celebrate the New Year together.”

Zhou Jian moved his lips, and dryly echoed: “Second Young Master will definitely look forward to it.”

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